Bakun Projects

Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
BakunSinacbatImprovement of Safety Railings and Improvement of Foottrail 200,000.00General Fund CY 2016Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompleted1) Cluster "G" - Pulicay Grandsons Construction 2) Completed on April 8, 2018
BakunBaguImprovement of Barbarit Primary School400,000.00SEF 2016FMC Warriors ConstructionCompletedSuspended on March 17, 2020, due to community quarantine.
BakunDalipeyConstruction of View Deck with Comfort Room at Liwang, Dalipey800,000.00SB #2, CY 2017NAIR Construction & EngineeringCompletedCompleted and usable.
BakunAmpusonganCompletion of Ampusongan Multi-Purpose Building, Ampusongan3,000,000.00General Fund 2017Reasons ConstructionCompletedImages taken on June 18, 2019
BakunGambangImprovement of Cagam-is to Ingaan Farm to Market Road, Gambang, Bakun400,000.0020% PDF CY 2018SRBA General ConstructionCompletedProject Completed on 11-29-2018
BakunAmpusunganRehab of Ay-ay to Cabutotan Farm to Market Road1,000,000.00SB #1, CY 2018Pulicay Grandson's ConstructionCompletedOngoing 1 suspension Recommended for suspension to undergo variation Revised Target Date =04/09/2019
BakunSinacbatImprovement of Macbas-Beyeng FMR1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2018Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompletedCompleted and usable
BakunGambangImprovement of Alam-am - Nasyotean FMR, Gambang1,000,000.00General Fund 2018Drichloui ConstructionCompleted
BakunGambangRepair of Bagtangan Elementary School, Bakun - 3 classrooms at Gambang, Bakun900,000.00N/ADrichloui ConstructionCompletedCompleted
BakunGambangImprovement of Liwang - Bolbolo Farm to Market Road, Bagtangan3,000,000.00SB #3, CY 2019Apaklo Kin Construction & Eng'g ServicesCompleted1.) Original target date of completion: June 25, 2020; Suspended due to community quarantine; 2.) Date resumed: June 24, 2020.
BakunSinacbatOpening of Makbas to Tenglawan Farm to Market Road1,000,000.00SB #03 CY 2019 & 20% PDFFMC Warriors ConstructionCompleted1.) Suspended effective on March 10,2020 due to procurement of ECC; 2.) Original target date of completion: April 28, 2020.
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Flood Control at Sitio Lower Sipitan2,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2019Apaklo Kin Construction & Eng'g ServicesCompleted
BakunGambangImprovement of Sookan - Gambang Farm to Market Road4,000,000.00SB #3 CY 2019Drichloui ConstructionCompleted
BakunDalipeyImprovement along Bengdana - Bao-edan Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2020Apaklokin Construction & Engineering ServicesCompleted
BakunDalipeyImprovement along Sayangan - Toplao Farm to Market Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2020NAIR Construction and EngineeringCompleted
BakunPoblacionInstallation of hand railings going to Mt. Kabunian, Bakun400,000.00General Fund 2020Pulicay Grandson's ConstructionCompleted
BakunAmpusonganImprovement of Riverside Sawmill Access Road600,000.00PDF CY 2020Apaklo Kin Construction & Engineering ServicesCompleted
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Permanent Fence of Alicay-Segundo Elementary School500,000.00SEF CY 2020SRBA General ConstructionCompleted
BakunApusonganOpening and Improvement of Palitay-Kegangan FMR, Ampusongan, Bakun, Benguet800,000.00GF 2017CompletedProject Engineer: Devereux Khyle Heinrich A. Oliano QC: Mosi Geotagged by: JC
BakunAmpusonganConstruction of Concrete Tirepath along Gayabasan to Dalipey FMR650,000.0020% PDF CY 2015Reasons ConstructionCompletedCluster "B" a) Control No. 02-16-00009 b) Control No. 02-16-00010 - Reasons Construction contract clusterd b, a)imp of nursery bldg, bagtangan e/s; b)concreting of maudong-baoy pathway; c)const of concrete tirepath along gayabasan-dalipey FMR
BakunAmpusonganImprovement and Extension of Namagtey - Mabilig Alternate Road500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016safelink builders/ ponciano andisoCompletedCompleted - November 14, 2016, with liquidated damages
BakunGambangImprovement of Nagawa-Ubbon FMR1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Drichloui ConstructionCompletedProject Completed as per Plan
BakunGambangImprovement of Alam-am to Kilong FMR1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Drichloui ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunSinacbatOpening of Pidpid - Lamew FMR2,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016FMC Warriors ConstructionCompleted70.44% Completed with underrun.
BakunBaguImprovement of Ca-ang Waterworks System500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Toclo ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunGambangCompletion of Sookan Multi-Purpose Building500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016drichloui construction/ roy balay-odaoCompletedCompleted as per plan
BakunAmpusonganCompletion of Multi-purpose Gym2,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Reasons ConstructionCompleted
BakunGambangImprovement of School Nursery Building, Bagtangan Elementary School650,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Reasons ConstructionCompletedCluster "B" - b) 02-16-00010 c) 02-15-00002 Reasons Construction clustered B projects, a)imp of school nursery bldg, bagtangan E/S @ Gambang, bakun; b)concreting of maudang-baoy pathway, pob, bakun; c) const of concrete tirepath along gayabasan to
BakunPoblacionConcreting of Maudang-Baoy Pathway650,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Reasons ConstructionCompletedCluster "B" a) Control No. 02-16-00009 c) Control No. 02-15-00002 - Reasons Construction
BakunAmpusonganImprovement of Drainage Canal150,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan Clustered, construction of catwalk shed from bakun nhs to bakun cs; b) improvement of drainage canal, ampusongan, bakun, benguet
BakunGambangImprovement of Alibacong Child Development Center150,000.0020% PDF CY 2016srba general construction/ ray anglubenCompletedCompleted as per plan. contract under cluster c: a) imp of kayapa fmr @ kayapa, bakun; b) imp of alibacong child development center @ gambang, bakun Total payment = 542,854.14
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Tanod Outpost200,000.0020% PDF CY 2016NAIR Construction & EngineeringCompleted1) Cluster "D" - NAIR Construction & Engineering 2) Completed on February 13, 2018 with liquidated damages. cluster d: a) const of tanod outpost, dalipey, bakun; b) imp of alam-am-nasayotean fmr, gambang, bakun
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Waterworks System, Dalipey, Bakun150,000.0020% PDF - 2016SRBA General ConstructionCompleted
BakunDalipeyImprovement along Sipitan - Palidan Provincial Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Completed
BakunDalipeyRiprapping of Sipitan Health Clinic Ground200,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Apaklo Kin ConstructionCompletedCompleted on September 29,2016
BakunDalipeyConcreting of Masalin Footpath, Dalipey, Bakun100,000.0020% PDF CY 2016NAIR Construction & EngineeringCompletedCompleted on February 19, 2018
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Catwalk Shed, Talbino Elementary School, Dalipey Bakun Benguet150,000.0020% PDF CY 2016NAIR Construction & EngineeringCompletedCompleted on February 15, 2018
BakunKayapaImprovement of Kayapa FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017SRBA General Construction / Ray AnglubenCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Catwalk Shed from Bakun National High School to Bakun Central School500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan with liquidated damages.
BakunGambangImprovement of Alam-am Nasayotean FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017NAIR Construction & EngineeringCompleted1) Cluster "D" - 2) Completed on January 24, 2018
BakunAmpusonganImprovement along Ampusongan to Nakanga Road500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Reasons ConstructionCompleted
BakunSinacbatImprovement of Ba-ey - Cangaw to Dalingoan FMR1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Reasons ConstructionCompletedCompleted
BakunBaguImprovement of Maliteng - Saddle FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompletedCompleted(97.19%) on March 4, 2018 with underrun.
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Conacon Footbridge200,000.0020% PDF CY 2017 20% PDF CY 2016NAIR Construction & EngineeringCompleted1) Construction of Conacon Footbridge (additional) - 20% PDF CY 2017 (Php 150,000.00) 2) Construction of Conacon Footbridge - 20% PDF CY 2016 (PhP 50,000.00) 3) Completed on February 19, 2018.
BakunKayapaImprovement of Kayapa to Bulisay FMR2,000,000.0020% PDF 2018SRBA General Construction /Ray AnglubenCompleted98.92% accomplishment; completed with underrun
BakunPoblacionTirepathing of Limosan-Tenging FMR500,000.0020% PDF 2018Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompleted96.04% completed with underrun and liquidated damages.
BakunAmpusonganImprovement of Ampusongan to Nakanga Road1,000,000.0020% PDF - 2018Pulicay Grandson's ConstructionCompleted
BakunGambangImprovement of Liwang - Bolbolo FMR, Gambang1,000,000.0020% PDF 2018Drichloui ConstructionCompleted
BakunGambangImprovement of Sookan-Gambang Barangay Road, Gambang1,000,000.0020% PDF 2019Drichloui ConstructionCompletedImages taken on June 18, 2019
BakunKayapaConstruction of Box Culvert at Kayapa-Bulisay FMR, Kayapa, Bakun1,200,000.0020% PDF 2019SRBA General ConstructionCompleted
BakunAmpusonganConstruction of Multi-purpose Building (Additional)4,500,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2015 & 20% PDF CY 2016Reasons ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Beyeng Barrio School1,110,000.0020% PDF CY 2016 SB No. 1 2017Reasons ConstructionCompleted1)Completed on February 20, 2018 2) 20% PDF CY 2016 (PhP 1,000,000.00) SB No. 1 CY, GF (PhP 110,000.00)
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Sinacbat Public Toilet with Shower Room500,000.00SB No. 4 CY 2015FMC Warriors ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunBaguImprovement of Benggekan Road, Bagu500,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2015FMC Warriors ConstructionCompletedCompleted on October 10, 2016
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Footpath at Sinacbat to Bolibo150,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016NAIR Construction & EngineeringCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Galvanized Water Tank at Bakun National High School - Extension50,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Sandstream ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunPoblacionConstruction of School Gymnasium5,000,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Reasons ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunGambangConstruction of Kil-ingan Communal Forrest Nursery at Yago200,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Sandstream ConstructionCompletedCompleted with underrun.
BakunGambangImprovement of Waterworks System at Cagam-is300,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016 Sandstream ConstructionTerminated
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Senior Citizen's Multi-Purpose Building, Poblacion Bakun1,000,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompleted
BakunPoblacionImprovement of Bagiw Foottrail Phase I300,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompletedCompleted on March 17, 2018 with underrun
BakunPoblacionImprovement of Bagiw Footbridge280,000.00SB No. 1 CY 2017Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompleted1) Cluster "G" Pulicay Grandsons Construction 2) Completed on February 22, 2018.
BakunPoblacionImprovement of Bagiw Foottrail500,000.00SB No. 1 CY 2017Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionCompleted1) Cluster "G" Pulicay Grandsons Construction 2) Completed on February 6, 2018
BakunGambangConstruction of Slope Protection as Batanes Primary School900,000.00LDRRMF CY 2015Drichloui ConstructionCompletedCompleted as per plan
BakunPoblacionRehabilitation/Improvement of Poblacion Canal System2,903,000.00LDRRMF CY 2015 Trust FundCompletedCompleted on July 18, 2016 with liquidated damages
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Concrete Drainage Canal & Footpath at Wagangan, Poblacion, Bakun350,000.00LDRRMF CY 2016-Trust FundNAIR Construction and EngineeringCompleted
BakunAmpusonganImprovement along Tongey Farm to Market Road5,000,000.00LDRRMF CY 2016Completed
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Drainage Canal and Riprap at Bacung350,000.00LDRRMF 2016SRBA General ConstructionCompleted
BakunGambangCompletion of School Building for Tingbaoen - Galisen Elementary School at Gambang, Bakun500,000.00PSBF CY 2016SRBA Gen. ConstructionCompletedCompleted with LD
BakunBaguImprovement of Barbarit Primary School Building400,000.00PSBF CY 2016Apaklo ConstructionTerminated
BakunDalipeyOpening/Improvement of Dagadangan-Copcopit Road32,000,000.00PAMANA 2015MAKJAY Construction and Bakun ConstructionTerminated1) 85.94% completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 27,587,513.54 2) Project terminated for default as of December 2018 3) Length - 4312 meters
BakunKayapaConstruction of Water Works System for Cadsi-Amoy Elementary School in Kayapa, Bakun400,000.00SEF CY 2016 COSRBA General ConstructionCompletedCompleted on March 5, 2018
BakunBaguConstruction of Slope Protection, Bagu, Bakun, Benguet15,500,000.00PRDP FB Bantales Engineering ConstructionCompletedCompleted on February 21, 2018 with 2 suspensions
BakunAmpusonganConstruction of Consolidation Facility3,222,000.00GOP,PLGU,DA-PRDP-TRUST FUNDReasons Construction and SuppliesCompletedCompleted and usable