Itogon Projects

Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of FMR at Pasiday-Tocod-Sigsiglay, Ampucao, Itogon1,000,000.0020% PDF 2019Completed
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Shed Leading Towards the Emergency Room1,000,000.00General Fund - All Offices CY 2016Reko Gen. KonstructCompletedCompleted on June 7, 2018.
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Guardhouse at Itogon District Hospital180,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2015 & 2015 20% PDFBemada ConstructionCompletedcompleted and usable
ItogonUcabConstruction of 2 Classrooms at Goldcreek E/S Aleb2,000,000.00General Fund CY 2015 Non Office CY 2017WDG Construction and SuppyCompleted1) Needs additional funding (cluster) 2) Contract under cluster a: a) const of 2 classroom at goldcreek e/s, b) const of 2 classroom at goldcreek e/s at ucab, itogon. Total amount paid includes the additional fund of Php 100,000.00 3) Completed on April 1, 2018
ItogonViracConstruction of Virac E/S Gymnasium (Phase II)2,600,000.00General Fund - Non Office CY 2017ICO ConstructionCompleted1) 100.00% Completed 2) 1 suspension
ItogonUcabConstruction of two (2) Classrooms at Goldcreek Elementary School Aleb2,500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017WDG Construction and SuppyCompletedCLUSTERED - a) Control No.: 01-17-00005 - WDG Construction and Suppy
ItogonPoblacionInstallation of Gate and Road Improvement Going to Sitio Suyo, Poblacion150,000.0020% PDF 2017Bemada ConstructionCompletedUpdate as of October 9, 2018
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Senior Citizen's Building (phase II) Dalicno, Itogon500,000.00GF-2017 Renton Eng'g Services/Enrique WaldoCompleted1.) Inspection was done on March 19, 2019. There is a contract variation from tiles to riprap. 2.) Post-inspection was done on June 27, 2019.
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Waterworks System Binga Riverside, Tinongdan500,000.0020% PDFAljune BuildersCompletedCompleted and usable as to the final inspection on March 22, 2019.
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Water tank at Kawadan, Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aljune BuildersCompleted
ItogonTudingConstruction of three classroom building with basic facilities at Pacalso Elementary School6,500,000.00CSR Program Mitigation Fund, SN AboitizCompass Rose BuildersCompleted
ItogonUcabCompletion of Two Classroom at Goldcreek E/S at Aleb1,200,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Reko Gen. KonstructCompleted
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Access Going to Mt. Pigingan, Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet500,000.00GF 2018 - TourismSRBA General ConstructionCompletedCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Basketball Court at Pasiday400,000.00General Fund CY 2018 and General Fund Non Office CY 2015BABECOR BUILDERSCompleted
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Comfort Room, Barangay Hall, Dalupirip, Itogon600,000.00GF 2018Aljune BuildersCompleted
ItogonTudingRehabilitation of canal and ripraping along upper Mangga - Luneta Road500,000.0020% PDF 2018ARJY ConstructionCompletedInspection was done on March, 26, 2019
ItogonLoacanRehabilitation of Loacan Elementary School Building, Itogon1,000,000.00GF-LDRRMFReko ConstructionCompletedcompleted
ItogonTudingRehabilitation of Tuding - Manga - Luneta Road1,000,000.00LDRRMF Trust Fund 2019ICO Construction ServicesCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of Ground and Construction of Basketball Court, Upper Camp, Ampucao1,500,000.00GF CY 2019Babecor BuildersCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of drainage canal, Dontog, Dalicno1,000,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016renton engineering and services/ enrique waldoCompleted
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Laurencio Fianza NHS Annex TLE Classroom at Bantic, Dalupirip, Itogon1,000,000.00SB # 1-2017, GFSRBA General ConstructionCompletedCompleted.Revised Target Date = 26/03/2019
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Vermi Compost Shed, Bantic, Itogon, Benguet220,000.00SB # 1-2017, GFSRBA General ConstructionCompletedCompleted and Usable.
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Comfort Room at IMH500,000.0020% PDF CY 2015Jessie Construction ServicesCompleted
ItogonUcabConstruction of Pathway at Sitio Midas200,000.0020% PDF CY 2015MK ConstructionCompletedCompleted on February 13, 2018
ItogonLoacanConcreting of Mangga - Luneta Alternate Road1,050,000.0020% PDF 2015WDG ConstructionTerminated
ItogonTinongdanImprovement of Delivery Room,Laboratory Room,Operating Room Complex1,000,000.0020% PDF-2015Boyet BuildersCompletedcompleted and geotag on October 2, 2019
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Waterworks System at Calew650,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Jessie Construction ServicesCompletedCluster "C" - Control No.: 02-16-00068 Jessie Construction Services
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Sayo Waterworks System650,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Jessie Construction ServicesCompletedCluster "C" - Control No.: 02-16-00067 Jessie Construction Services a)imp. of waterworks system @ calew b)imp. of sayo waterworks system @ dalupirip
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of foot trail from Dam3 going to Viewdeck of San Roque Dam in Ampucao500,000.020% PDF CY 2016Babecor BuildersCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of riprap at PLDT-Cruz road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Aljune BuildersCompleted
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Karil FMR800,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Jessie Construction ServicesCompleted
ItogonGumatdangConstruction of Orengao-Muyot Footbridge500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Compass Rose BuildersCompleted
ItogonPoblacionImprovement of Diversion Road from Batuang - Poblacion Carantes Road (Provincial Road)1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Babecor BuildersCompletedCompleted on March 2, 2017
ItogonUcabImprovement of Tram - Ucab Provincial Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016wdg construction and supply/winson galangcoCompletedCompleted on October 27, 2017
ItogonTudingConstruction of Vehicular Bridge, Mangga-Luneta 3,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Ico Construction Services/ Jerico A. PalangdanCompleted
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Bleachers at Tinong's Gym1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016WDG Construction and Supply/Winson D. GalangcoCompleted
ItogonLoacanRoad Improvement along Beda FMR1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016WDG Construction and Supply/Winson D. GalangcoCompleted
ItogonTudingImprovement of Abeo - Duclos Road, Tuding500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Bemada Construction/ Benny M. DalilingCompleted
ItogonTudingImprovement of Bua-Cemetery Road500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Gacoscos ConstructionCompleted
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Togi - Ayosip FMR1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016babecor builders/ marcos bakoyCompletedCompleted and usable
ItogonTinongdanImprovement/Phase III Of X-Ray Completion Of Multi-Purpose Laboratory Complex500,000.0020% PDF - 2016Reko General ConstructionCompleted
ItogonLoakanConstruction of waiting shed at Dampingan, frontage of Lipma Office150,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aljune BuildersCompleted
ItogonLoakanConstruction of waiting shed at Sabkil (in front of UCCP)150,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aljune BuildersCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of Pasiday-Tocod FMR Ampucao500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aljune Builders / alma domagtoCompletedCompleted on January 19, 2018 contract under cluster c: a) imp of pasiday-tocod fmr, ampucao, itogon; b) concreting of road portion and canal along upper mangga road, tuding, itogon
ItogonTudingConstruction of Road Portion and Canal along Upper Mangga Road300,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aljune Builders / alma domagtoCompletedCompleted on January 6, 2018 contract under cluster c: a) imp of pasiday-tocod fmr, ampucao, itogon; b) concreting of road portion and canal along upper mangga road, tuding, itogon
ItogonTudingRoad Protection along Lower Mangga Road, Tuding (Phase II)200,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Completed
ItogonGumatdangRehabilitation of Besil - Narba Footbridge, Gumatdang500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aljune BuildersCompletedCompleted and usable cluster h contracts at itogon : a) rehab of besil-narba footbridge, b)const of waiting shed @ dampingan, c) const of waithing shed @ sakbil
ItogonLoacanConstruction of Public Toilet at Geweng,Loacan,Itogon,Benguet200,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aljune BuildersCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of footbridge at Sitio Limingaling2,000,000.0020% PDF 2018HGW=3 Eng'g & ConstructionCompletedCompleted with underrun.
ItogonAmpucaoConcreting of Lumbag Road,Ampucao,Itogon,Benguet500,000.0020% PDF - 2019Queges Builders & EnterpriseCompleted
ItogonViracImprovement along Provincial Road Construction of Diversion Road - Batuang Provincial Road873,000.0020% PDF CY 2016, SB No. 2. CY 2016 GFICO ConstructionCompletedCompleted on May 22, 2017 clustered a) improvement along baguio - balatoc - itogon provincial road; b) const of diversion road - batuang prov'l road @ virac, itogon
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Footrail at Sitio Tivang Pigingan, Dalupirip75,000.00SB No.1 CY 2015jessie construction and services/ jessie palangdanCompletedClausters project construction of waiting shed at tenedy, itogon, benguet and improvement of foottrail at sitio tivang to mt. pigingan at dalupirip, itogon, benguet.
ItogonAmpucaoEstablishment of Botanical Garden at Ampucao150,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2015MK ConstructionCompleted cluster c: a) concreting of bito-pasiday fmr (phase II) in apmucao, itogon; b) establishment of botanical garden at ampucao, itogon
ItogonTudingConstruction of Day Care Center (Phase II), Lucnab990,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2015Ico Construction Services/ Jerico A. PalangdanCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Basketball Court (Phase II) at Cruz500,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2015, General Fund (Non Office)Aljune BuildersCompletedCompleted on March 6, 2018
ItogonLoakanConstruction of waterworks system of purok II, Barangay Loakan500,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Completed
ItogonAmpucaoSlope protection-Sinco, Ampucao1,000,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016MK ConstructionCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoConcreting of Bito-Pasiday FMR (Phase II)250,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016MK ConstructionCompletedcontract under cluster c: a) concreting of bito-pasiday fmr (phase II) in apmucao, itogon; b) establishment of botanical garden at ampucao, itogon
ItogonLoacanConstruction of footpath with railings at Anteg-in200,000.00SB No. 2 CY GFBEMADA ConstructionCompletedCompleted on January 5, 2018 contract under cluster c: c) const of footpath with railings at anteg-in, loacan, itogon
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Ambowet Footbridge at Sitio Domolpos300,000.00SB #1 2017YKJ - LHAT General ConstructionCompletedCompleted and usable.
ItogonLoacanCompletion of Perimeter Fence at Loacan National High School150,000.00SB #1 2017YKJ-LHAT General ConstructionCompletedCompleted
ItogonTinongdanImprovement of the Hospital Building and Cottages at Itogon District Hospital at Itogon,Benguet2,500,000.00SB # 01-2019Tepanlu Construction and SupplyCompleted
ItogonTinongdanA) Construction of Garage and Morgue and OPD CR; B) Construction of Hospital Morgue Garage, Outside Male and Female CR; C) Upgrading of Facility, IDH1,800,000.00SB # 2 - 2014 / 20% PDF-2015WDG ConstructionCompletedCompleted and usable.
ItogonTinongdanA)Construction of Garage and Morgue and OPD CR ; B) Const.of Hospital Morgue Garage, Outside Male and Female CR; C) Upgrading of the Facility, IDH.1,800,000.00SB # 02 - 2014 / 20% PDF-2015WDG ConstructionCompletedCompleted .Revised Target Date=26/10/2018
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Guardhouse Itogon Hospital ; Construction of Guardhouse at Itogon Hospital (Add'l.) 180,000.00SB # 02 - 2015 & 20% PDF-2014Bemada ConstructionCompleted
ItogonViracRehabilitation along Baguio - Balatoc Provincial Road8,016,454.94LDRRMF Trust FundCompass Rose Builders/ Daniel T. SibeliusCompletedCompleted on June 6, 2017 with liquidated damages
ItogonViracImprovement along Baguio - Balatoc Provincial Road2,000,000.00LDRRMF CY 2016ICO ConstructionCompletedCompleted on January 2, 2017
ItogonViracDiversion of Batuang Road (Rehabilitation along Baguio - Balatoc Provincial Road)3,000,000.00LDRRMF CY 2016ico construction services/jerico palangdanCompleted
ItogonViracImprovement of Kias - Padcal - Philex Provincial Road1,500,000.00LDRRMF CY 2017ICO ConstructionCompleted36.42% Completed with 8.51% slippage- Total Cost Incurred PhP 545,502.79 as of April 13, 2018
ItogonAmpucaoRehabilitation of Manganese Elementary School Building400,000.00LDRRMF TrustfundAljune BuildersCompletedcompleted on April 18, 2018
ItogonBalatocRehabilitation along Baguio - Balatoc - Itogon Provincial Road500,000,000.00LDRRMF TF 2019A.L. Sagandoy Construction (Agapito L. Sagandoy)Completedby JC
ItogonDalupiripRehabilitation of Fianza Memorial National High School Waterworks System285,000.00PSBF CY 2017SFF EnterpriseCompletedCompleted on March 2, 2018
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Stage at Lawigen Elementary School500,000.00PSBF 2017Compass Rose BuildersCompletedCompleted and Usable
ItogonGumatdangRehabilitation of Gumatdang Elementary School Building in Gumatdang, Itogon800,000.00Special Education Fund 2016 MOOECompass Rose BuildersCompletedCompleted as of May 23, 2018
ItogonDalupiripBantic Water Works Systems20% PDF 2016Compass Rose BuildersCompleted
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Walk with Shed for Manganese E/S Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet250,000.00SEF 2016, SB #3ICO ConstructionCompleted
ItogonViracRehabilitation of Drainage Canal along Baguio - Balatoc - Itogon Provincial Road980,000.00SLRF CY 2015ICO ConstructionCompleted
ItogonLabilABConstruction of one-room kinder School Building Labilab1,200,000.00GF 2018Reko General KonstructCompletedCompleted, Geotagged by JG. C
ItogonTudingConstruction of Covered Court Phase II AMPHS Bua, Tuding, Itogon, Benguet3,000,000.00GF 2018AMSLEO Construction CompletedGeottagged by J G. C
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of of Multi-Purpose Open Gym at Simpa, Ampucao (Phase II), Itogon4,000,000.0020% PDF 2018Jessie Construction ServicesCompletedwith suspensions