Mankayan Projects

Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
MankayanTaneg, Guinaoang and SuyocConstruction of COMPAC building, Panat area, the tri political boundaries of barangay Taneg, Guinaoang and Suyoc, Mankayan800,000.00General Fund CY 2015Malco ConstructionTemporarily suspended1) Suspended on October 25, 2017 due to site problem 2) Update as of June 2019
MankayanTanegCompletion of Lupa-ac Footbridge900,000.00General Fund - Non Office CY 2017Malco ConstructionCompleted
MankayanTabioImprovement/ Construction along Mankayan - Bato Provincial Road. Tabio, Mankayan, Benguet1,500,000.00SB no. 1 2017Completed
MankayanTanegConstruction of Mabilig - Aquili Footbridge (Additional)880,000.0020% PDF - 2018On Top ConstructionCompleted1 Suspension due to road closure
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Water Tank at Nagawaan, Balili, Mankayan, Benguet200,000.0020% PDFBaldas ConstructionCompletedCompleted, final inspection, March 12, 2019
MankayanCabitenRehabilitation along Baguyos-Maduto FMR1,680,000.00SB #03 CY 2019 GFLayad General Engineering Construction & AggregatesCompleted1.) Suspended 2/24/20 due to closed access road. 2.) Actual date of completion: September 29, 2020.
MankayanSapidImprovement of Marivic to Gravel Pit Road, Sapid Mankayan, Benguet1,000,000.00General Fund CY 2018Eugao ConstructionCompleted
MankayanCabitenConstruction of Clipper Foot Bridge Las-igan, Cabiten, Mankayan, Benguet250,000.0020% PDF - 2018Baldas ConstructionCompleted
MankayanTabioImprovement along Mankayan - Bato Provincial Road5,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2018Donato - Sakiwat Construction (Jerome Stephen Sakiwat)CompletedCompleted
MankayanTabioConstruction of Quarantine Checkpoint/Outpost (Mankayan) Madaymen1,500,000.0020% PDF CY 2018BTCJR Construction & Engineering ServicesCompletedSuspended on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine.
MankayanTabioGround Improvement for Senior High School at Tabio National High School, LepantoGeneral Fund CY 2018Completed
MankayanBedbedRehabilitation of Mankayan - Bedbed Provincial Road3,000,000.00LDRRMF CY 2019Cliff Construction and AggregatesCompleted
MankayanCabitenCompletion of Multi-Purpose Building at Camanpaguey500,000.00SB #1, CY 2019Baldas ConstructionCompleted
MankayanBaliliImprovement of Mogao-Dimoyog FMR1,000,000.00SB #03 CY 2019 - 20% PDF ZMC General ConstructionTerminatedRecommended for termination due to blacklisting.
MankayanBulalacaoSchool perimeter riprapping at Balili National High School-Cabacab annex750,000.00SEF CY 2019 SB# 02Layad General Engineering Construction & AggregatesCompleted1.) Suspended on March 19,2020 due to community quarantine. 2.) Resumed on July 11, 2020. 3.) Completed on August 1, 2020.
MankayanBulalacaoImprovement of Caew (Posdo)- Bulalacao FMR2,000,000.00SB #03 CY 2019 20% PDFSharamelle Construction and EngineeringCompleted1.) Suspended on March 23, 2020 due to community quarantine; 2.) Resumed on October 4, 2020.
MankayanBaliliSchool Perimeter Riprapping at Dagadag Elementary SchoolSEF CY 2019Baldas ConstructionCompleted
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Two-Storey Palpaltogan Child Development Center and Multi-Purpose Hall1,500,000.00SEFLayad General Engineering, Construction and AggregatesCompleted
MankayanColaloConstruction of School Building at Ampontoc Elementary School1,000,000.00SEF 2019Ampsleo ConstructionCompletedOriginal target date of completion: April 24, 2021.
MankayanBaliliSlope Protection and Fencing at Balili National High School1,500,000.00SB # 3 CY 2019Eugao ConstructionCompletedDate completed: June 7, 2021
MankayanColaloImprovement of Bonie - Salingay Farm to Market Road1,000,000.0020% PDF, CY 2020DIPAS BuildersCompleted
MankayanGuinaoangConstruction of Riprap (9 meters high by 45 meters long) on the Side of Guinaoang National High School Gymnasium1,000,000.00SEF CY 2020Apwaltz Construction Services and SuppliesCompleted
MankayanBedbedRehabilitation of Longlong-Payeo Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2020Layad General Engineering Construction and AggregatesCompleted
MankayanBedbedConstruction of Concrete Pavement along Degway-Payeo Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2020Layad General Engineering Construction and AggregatesCompleted
MankayanBaliliImprovement of Pasna-an - Ayosep Community / Barangay Road1,000,000.00General Fund CY 2020Baldas ConstructionCompleted
MankayanPoblacionConstruction of Panad Multi-Purpose Building, Panad West (Phase II)1,000,000.00PDF CY 2020Eugao ConstructionCompletedActual date of completion: February 1, 2020.
MankayanPacoCompletion of San Roque Child Development Center1,500,000.0020% PDF 2020Malco ConstructionCompletedActual date of completion: April 15, 2021.
MankayanBedbedConstruction of Lepaak River Spillway500,000.0020% PDF CY 2020Dipas BuildersCompleted
MankayanTabioImprovement of Posdo 1 & 2 Domestic Waterworks2,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2020Eugao ConstructionCompletedDate completed: May 5, 2021.
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Balili National High School Gymnasium (Phase I)2,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2020Donato - Sakiwat ConstructionCompletedDate completed: April 30, 2021
MankayanBaliliImprovement of Classroom Building of Ayosep Elementary School500,000.00General Fund CY 2020CompletedDate of completion: May 23, 2021
MankayanColaloRehabiltation of Colalo Main Waterworks System500,000.0020% PDF CY 2021CompletedDate completed: May 5, 2021.
MankayanTabioConstruction of Road Rail Guard along Lengyatan - Belentian Barangay Road500,000.00General Fund CY 2021Baldas ConstructionCompletedDate completed: May 12, 2021
MankayanColaloConstruction of Drainage Open Canal1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2021Completed2021
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Slope Protection at Cabacab Elementary School1,500,000.00SEFCompletedDate completed: July 1, 2021
MankayanGuinaoangRehabilitation / Improvement along Guinaoang - Suyoc - Gambang Provincial Road2,000,000.00LDRRMF CY 2021Rocky 5G BuildersCompletedDate completed: July 12, 2021
MankayanTabioImprovement along Mankayan Bato Provincial Road5,000,000.0020% PDF 2019Layad Gen. Engineering, Construction & AggregatesCompleted
MankayanBulalacaoConstruction of Senior Citizens Building (Phase II), Bulalacao, Mankayan1,500,000.00SB # 01-2017, GFSharamalle Construction & Gen. EngineeringCompleted
MankayanSapidImprovement/Extension of Senior Citizen's Multi-Purpose Building Sapid, Mankayan, Benguet500,000.00SB # 1-2017, GFSandstream ConstructionCompletedCompleted
MankayanGuinaoang, Suyoc, GambangRoad upgrading and improvement of Guinaoang - Suyoc - Gambang Provincial Road (Phase II)44,000,000.00CMGPRodekom General ConstructionCompletedCompleted and usable, Geo-tagged on October 30, 2019.
MankayanGuinaoangConcreting of Guinaoang Elementary School Access Road, Guinaoang400,000.00 (Clustered)20% PDF CY 2016malco construction/ malote copiteCompletedCompleted as programmed and usable, need additional fund clustered H project a)imp of brgy road bedbed, mankayan; b)concreting of guinaoang elem school access road
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Old Concrete Perimeter Fence Balili Elementary School, Balili, Mankayan900,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Eugao ConstructionCompletedCompleted as programmed and usable, need additional fund clustered R project - a)riprapping of biwak gueweng, cabiten; b) const of old concrete perimeter fence balili E/S; c) brgy suyoc FMR Side riprapping @ Mankayan, Benguet
MankayanCabitenConstruction of Cabiten Elementary School Stage800,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Malco ConstructionCompletedCompleted as programmed and usable, need additional fund
MankayanTabioImprovement along Mankayan - Bato Provincial Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Donato Sakiwat ConstructionCompletedCompleted on September 30, 2017
MankayanPoblacionImprovement of Rural Health Unit (RHU) Building, Poblacion, Mankayan500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017CompletedCompleted on January 22, 2018
MankayanBedbedImprovement / Construction of PCCP along Mankayan - Bedbed Provincial Road5,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Donato Sakiwat ConstructionCompletedCompleted on December 24, 2017
MankayanTabioImprovement of Baguingey to Piled Panad Road,Tabio,Mankayan,Benguet300,000.0020% PDF - 2018Dipas BuildersCompleted Completed on 10-23-18
MankayanBaliliRehabilitation of Water Works System, Balili E/S, Balili, Mankayan500,000.0020% PDF - 2018Donato-Sakiwat ConstructionCompletedCompleted as programmed and usable.
MankayanSuyocRehabilitation of Gueday Waterworks System, Suyoc, Mankayan800,000.0020% PDF - 2018MALCO ConstructionCompleted
MankayanGuinaoangSlope Protection at Ambabag - Poy-oc FMR, Guinaoang, Mankayan, Benguet1,000,000.0020% PDF 2018Completed
MankayanCabitenConstruction of Waiting Shed at Poked Las-igan, Cabiten, Mankayan350,000.00SB No. 05 CY 2015Baldas ConstructionCompletedCluster "G" b) Control No. 03-15-00028 c) 02-16-000122 - Baldas Construction
MankayanTanegTaneg Road Opening, Baayan, Sabian, Mankayan500,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016 GFEugao ConstructionCompleted
MankayanColaloConstruction of Quarantine Checkpoint at Colalo, Mankayan, Benguet550,000.00SB No. 2 2017EUGAO ConstructionCompleted
MankayanSuyocConstruction of FMR Riprap, Suyoc, Mankayan500,000.00SB No. 1 2017A.L Sagandoy ConstructionCompleted
MankayanBulalacaoConstruction of Concrete Pavement along Halsema Junction-CotCot-Bulalacao FMR, Bulalacao, Mankayan600,000.00SB #1 CY 2017 GFNair Construction & EngineeringCompleted
MankayanGuinaoangConstruction of Retaining Wall at Guinaoang767,000.00LDRRMF CY 2016 Trust FundSharamelle Construction and General EngineeringCompletedCompleted on May 19, 2018, with 748,224.05 total cost incurred.
MankayanTanegConstruction of Vehicular Bridge at Sitio Kil-ingan9,265,000.00LDRRMF CY 2017Compass Rose BuildersCompletedSuspended on March 5, 2018 due to change order (inclusion of pedestrian lane). Resumed on April 30, 2018. And Actual Date of Completion is May 16, 2018.
MankayanGuinaoang, Suyoc, and TanegConstruction of Two Terraced Retaining Wall along Guinaoang-Suyoc-Taneg Provincial Road1,600,000.00LDRRMF, Trust FundDicay Construction Supply and ServicesCompleted
MankayanTabioConstruction of Building Phase II for Lepanto National High School, Palatong Annex in Palatong Mankayan (additional)1,200,000.00PSBF CY 2015Donato Sakiwat ConstructionCompletedNeed additional fund
MankayanBulalacaoCompletion of Caew Elementary School Building611,000.00PSBF CY 2016Completed
MankayanGuinaoangImprovement of Ambabag FMR500,000.00PSBF CY 2016Malco ConstructionCompleted
MankayanCabitenConcreting of Cabiten - Kamantaki Road at Cabiten, Mankayan20,000,000.00PAMANA 2016Rocky 5GTerminated1) 58.19% completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 11,626,938.36 2) Project terminated for default
MankayanBulalacaoCompletion of Ca-ew Elementary School Building in Bulalacao, Mankayan611,000.00SEF CY 2016Completed
MankayanPoblacionConstruction of Shed for Lepanto National High School in Mankayan (additional)1,000,000.00SEF CY 2016Completed
MankayanGuinaoangImprovement and Upgrading of Guinaoang - Suyoc Gambang Provincial Roads56,838,685.91KALSADA - DILG 2016Anitos Construction / STAY Construction JVCompleted79.43% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 45,116,764.83 as of April 13, 2018
MankayanGuinaoang-SuyocImprovement and road upgrading of Guinaoang-Suyoc-Gambang Provincial road11,500,000.00PRDPBuganheirs Eng'g & Construction (Allan Fuchigami)Temporarily suspendedSuspended as of June 7, 2019
MankayanSuyocConstruction of Retaining Wall Along Suyoc-Gambang Road, Mankayan, BengeutCSR-ABOITIZ FUND 2017Malco ConstructionCompletedCompleted and usable.