Sablan Projects

Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
Municipality Barangay Project Title Appropriation Source of Fund Contractor Status Remarks Actions
SablanBananganImprovement of FBB AWASAI Water Works System2,500,000.0020% PDF CY 2018Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBananganConstruction of Keddeng - Batag Footpath150,000.00SB #5, CY 2015Anas ConstructionTerminatedSuspended as of October 2018. Mutual termination.
SablanBananganContinuation (Extension) of Keddeng Footpath400,000.00 ClusteredGeneral Fund - Non Office CY 2015Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBanengbengConstruction of Barangay Hall (Additional), Banengbeng1,000,000.00General Fund CY 2015Guardian Construction - Ruben B. Pacheco Jr.Completed
SablanBalluayA) Completion of Public CR Beside Multi-Purpose Hall, Balluay; B) Construction of Public CR at Balluay Barangay Hall, Balluay, Sablan (Additional)450,000.00General Fund 2015 & General Fund 2017Guardian ConstructionTemporarily suspended1 suspension. Suspended as of December 28, 2018
SablanBagongConstruction of Palva Footbridge Connecting Asin, Pappa to Sadul1,500,000.00General Fund CY 2016 - TourismGuardian ConstructionCompletedCompleted on July 10, 2018 with revised target date of completion changed to August 11, 2018
SablanBayabasRiprapping of a portion along Sawili-Boliweng FMR500,000.00General Fund - Non Office CY 2017Sangin ConstructionCompleted"Cluster" contract under cluster q: a) const of deep well with jet matic at matal-og, poblacion, sablan; b)riprapping of a portion along sawili-boliweng fmr at sawili, poblacion, sablan
SablanBagongImprovement of Asham-Cayapes FMR,500,000.0020% PDF 2018GuardiansCompleted
SablanBayabasBulala warehouse ground improvement, Agri-eco farm, Bulala1,500,000.0020% PDF 2018Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasConstruction of Reception Building and CR with Lavatory, Bulala Agri-Eco Farm, Bulala3,000,000.00General Fund 2018AnasCompletedCompleted
SablanBayabasConstruction of Agri-Eco Farm Cottages at Bulala Agri-Eco Farm,Bulala,Bayabas5,000,000.00General Fund-2018Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPappaCompletion of Barangay Hall at Pappa800,000.00General Fund-2018Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasImprovement of Nursery Site Access Road at Agri-Eco Farm, Bulala1,500,000.0020% PDF CY 2018Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPoblacionConstruction of Multi-purpose Building at Sitio Sabdang2,000,000.0020% PDF - 2018HGW=3 Engineering & ConstructionTemporarily suspendedSuspended on July 17,2019 due to site problem.
SablanBayabasPerimeter fencing at Agro-Eco farm (Phase IV)1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2018Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBananganRehabilitation of Calot - Wassit FMR600,000.00General Fund CY 2019Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasConstruction of Waiting Shed at Calamay200,000.00General Fund CY 2019Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasRehabilitation of Tamaan - Bayabas Farm to Market Road1,200,000.0020% PDF CY 2019Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPoblacionConstruction of Multi-Purpose Gym, at Poblacion Elementary School, Sablan, Benguet4,000,000.1020% PDF CY 2019Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPoblacionConstruction of multi-purpose gym @ Poblacion Elem. School4,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2019Anas ConstructionOn goingSuspended on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine.
SablanBagongConstruction of Riprap along Bito - Cayapes Farm to Market Road300,000.00LDRRMF Trust Fund CY 2017Bolos ConstructionCompleted
SablanBagongConcreting of Footpath with Railings along Bito to Tofil Footpath500,000.00General Fund CY 2020Bolos Engineering and ConstructionCompleted
SablanBananganConstruction of Historical Marker at Dakis Viewdeck ,Sablan100,000.00SB # 05 - 2015, GFAnas ConstructionCompletedCompleted
SablankamogConstruction of Retaining Wall Along Balluay-Bagong FMR (Peril Section), Bagong, Sablan1,700,000.00LDRRMFBolos Eng'g and ConstructionCompletedProject Engineer: Santos Asan QC: Engineer Lacaden Geotagged by: JC
SablanBagongConstruction of Foot Path and Railing Stallation along Depuac, Buyagan, Bagong, SablanAlong Depuac500,000.0020% PDFBolos Eng'g and ConstructionCompletedProject Engineer: Santos Asan QC: Engr. Teofilo Lacaden Geotagged by: J G. C
SablanBayabasConstruction of Greenhouse at Agri-Eco Farm, Bulala300,000.0020% PDF CY 2015anas construction/ dionisio anasCompleted
SablanBananganConstruction of Socung Footpath 150,000.0020%PDF-2016Anas ConsructionCompleted
SablanBananganRehabilitation of Keddeng Tramline1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanKamogConcreting of Lower Tinekey FMR, Kamog, Sablan350,000.0020% PDF 2016Guardian ConstructionCompletedlustered "A" projects a.) concreting of lower tinekey fmr, kamog sablan, benguet b.) const of footpath and installation of hand drills at sitio botot
SablanBagongCluster "S" a.) Riprapping and Installation of Footpath Railings from Sitio Depnac - Cayapes350,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Guardian ConstructionCompletedCLUSTERED - b) Control No.: 02-16-00138 - Guardian Construction
SablanBayabasconst of footpath and installation of hand drills at sitio botot350,000.0020% PDF 2016Guardian ConstructionCompletedCLUSTERED - a) Control No.: 02-16-00137 - Guardian Construction clustered "A" projects a.) concreting of lower tinekey fmr, kamog sablan, benguet b.) const of footpath and installation of hand drills at sitio botot
SablanBalluayCompletion of Building: Sablan National High School700,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Guardian ConstructionCompletedCompleted on February 27, 2018
SablanPoblacionImprovement along Sablan - Sablan Old Presidencia Provincial Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Completed
SablanKamogImprovement of PCCP along Calot - Kamog - Pappa Provincial Road1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPappaImprovement of Balingew - Taya FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Completed
SablanPoblacionImprovement of Tinekey Waterworks System, Lower Poblacion500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016HGW=3 Engineering & ConstructionCompleted
SablanBananganConstruction of Pasalubong Tourist Information Center, Viewdeck Banangan500,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Anas ConstructionCompleted100% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 469,972.82 as of April 30, 2018
SablanBananganConstruction of Banangan Footpath,Ambacuag200,000.0020% PDF-2016Anas ConsructionCompleted
SablanBagongConcreting of Barangay Clinic Grounds, Depnac, Bagong, Sablan150,000.0020% PDF 2016GuardianCompleted
SablanBanengbengImprovement of Japos-Botot FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanKamogImprovement of Doddo-Kamog FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Anas ConstructionCompletedCompleted on January 18, 2018
SablanBayabasPerimeter Fencing at Agri-Eco Farm (by phase)1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aguinsod ConstructionCompletedResumed on August 3, 2018 with a revised target completion date of August 10, 2018
SablanBananganImprovement of Ambacuag, Oring FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Aguinsod ConstructionCompletedCompleted on March 12, 2018
SablanBagongImprovement of Bagong FMR500,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Guardian ConstructionCompletedCompleted on April 2, 2018 with Php 498,828.15 total cost incurred
SablanBayabasConstruction of Waiting Shed, Pidawan, Bayabas330,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPalaliConstruction of Septic Tank and Site Improvement of a Quarantine Checkpoint along Naguilian Road150,000.0020% PDF CY 2017Anas ConstructionCompletedCompleted on February 4, 2018
SablanBayabasConstruction of Barn House, OPAG, Bulala1,000,000.0020% PDF - 2017Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBagongConstruction of waiting shed, Cayapes250,000.00SB #1, CY 2017Guardian ConstructionCompleted
SablanBalluayImprovement of Balluay - Perrel FMR500,000.0020% PDF 2017Guardian ConstructionCompleted1 Suspension Revised Target Date=3/4/2019
SablanKamogImprovement of Multi-Purpose Hall at Central Kamog, Sablan1,200,000.0020% PDF - 2018Guardian ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasConstruction of Multi-Purpose Building at Agri-Eco farm2,000,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2012 and SB No. 5 CY 2013CompletedCompleted and usable
SablanBagongCluster 'HH' Construction of Duban-Tufil Footpath at Bagong Sablan600,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2015Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasConstruction of Multi-Purpose Building at Bayabas1,200,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2015Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasCluster "Q" a) Construction of Deepwell with Jet matic at Sitio Matal-og217,798.41SB No. 3 CY 2015Sangin ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasRiprapping along Bekes - Talete FMR300,000.00SB No. 5 CY 2015 GFCompleted
SablanPoblacionConstruction of Deepwell with Jetmatic (Phase I) Exploration at Matal-og81,100.00SB No. 4 CY 2015Completed
SablanBagongCluster "HH" a.) Construction of Footpath at Cayapes, Bagong, Sablan600,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanKamogCluster 'HH' b.) Riprapping and Construction of Pavement Along Lower Tenekey FMR in Kamog, Sablan600,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanKamogConstruction of Walkway Shade in Sablan NHS100,000.00SB No. 2 CY 2016Sangin ConstructionCompleted
SablanBalluayImprovement of Talwan - Peril FMR800,000.0020% PDF CY 2016Guardian ConstructionCompletedOngoing, 70% completed
SablanBananganCompletion of Oriyao Footpath700,000.00SB No. 1 CY 2017Anas ConstructionCompletedCompleted on February 2, 2018
SablanBagongRepair and Painting of Gonzales Elementary School Library490,000.00SB No. 1 CY 2017Guardian ConstructionCompleted
SablanProvincial Road Sablan (for updating)Rehabilitation along Sablan -Sabalan old Presidential Provincial Road1,000,000.00LDRRMF 2016CompletedFor updating
SablanBayabasConstruction of Slope Protection at Agri-Eco Farm, Bulala, Bayabas, Sablan1,300,000.00LDRRMF 2016 Trust FundHGW = 3 Eng'g & ConstructionCompleted
SablanBayabasConstruction of Multi-Purpose Building (Phase II), Agri-Eco Farm1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 2015 Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPappaCompletion of Senior Citizen's Building, Pappa500,000.00PSBF CY 2016Anas ConstructionCompleted
SablanPoblacionRepair of Damaged HE and Industrial Arts Building, Walk Shed and Flag Pole of Palali Elementary School in Palali, Sablan800,000.00SB No. 1 CY 2017-PSB, SB No. 1 CY 2017- GF PEOHGW=3 Engineering & ConstructionCompletedCompleted on March 28, 2018
SablanKamogRehabilitation of Drainage Canal along Calot - Kamog - Pappa Provincial Road1,960,000.00SLRF CY 2015Anas ConstructionCompleted