Municipality Barangay Project Title Project Type Appropriation Bid Amount Contractor Source of Fund Date Started Target Completion Date Status Remarks
TubaYagyaganImprovement along Yagyagan-Ampusa Provincial RoadRoad Pavement and Riprap3,500,000.003,355,654.43Pulicay Grandsons20% PDF 20192019-10-082020-08-01Completed
SablanBananganImprovement of FBB AWASAI Water Works SystemWater Works2,500,000.002,492,167.26Anas Construction20% PDF CY 20182019-10-212020-03-14Completed
KapanganLomonImprovement of Lomon - Kapangan Provincial RoadRoad4,600,000.004,563,281.7820% PDF CY 20192020-03-112020-07-27Completed
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of FMR at Pasiday-Tocod-Sigsiglay, Ampucao, ItogonFMR1,000,000.00931,078.8320% PDF 20192019-08-082020-10-01Completed
La TrinidadWangalImprovement of Existing Cold Chain Building at the Benguet Cold Chain ProjectBuilding Improvement2,000,000.001,910,419.00Anitos Construction20% PDF CY 2014 Resolution No. 2017-742020-01-292020-08-05CompletedCompleted with change order.
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Guardhouse at Itogon District HospitalBuilding180,000.00179,358.73Bemada ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 2015 & 2015 20% PDF2018-07-262018-08-29Completedcompleted and usable
La TrinidadWangalReconstruction of Walkway Shed from Main road to Benguet National High School, Benguet Sped Center and Benguet Sports Center Multi-Purpose GymRoad Side1,500,000.001,497,847.32Sharamelle Construction & Gen. Eng'g20% PDF CY 20152018-05-182018-07-28Completed1) Completed with Liquidated Damages 2) Revised Target Date of Completion is on September 12, 2018
BokodAmbuklaoConstruction of Comfort Rooms at Patadan, Banao, Ambuklao, Bokod, BenguetSemi-permanent Structure400,000.00394,797.91Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionGeneral Fund - 20152018-07-062018-08-15Completed
AtokCalikingCompletion of 4-classroom two-storey building in Atok National High School - AnnexBuilding2,000,000.001,957,532.66Rigne ConstructionSEF-20152020-02-242020-09-21CompletedSuspended due to community quarantine.
KapanganLabuegConstruction of Labueg Barangay HallBuilding 500,000.00 498,830.86GENERAL FUND - NON OFFICE CY 20152015-07-080000-00-00Completed
KapanganDatakanImprovement of Datakan Multi-purpose Building (Barangay Hall) DatakanBuilding 700,000.00 698,254.90GENERAL FUND - NON OFFICE CY 20152015-11-110000-00-00Completed
BuguiasSebangCompletion of Sebang Barangay HallBuilding300,000.00298,817.56On Top ConstructionGeneral Fund Non Office CY 20152017-08-152017-09-25Completed
KibunganTacadangConstruction of Toilet at Batangan Elementary School, TacadangBuilding800,000.00799,670.06Akip Construction and Enterprises/ Bobby wayanGeneral Fund - Non Office 20152016-12-122017-11-15Completed
MankayanTaneg, Guinaoang and SuyocConstruction of COMPAC building, Panat area, the tri political boundaries of barangay Taneg, Guinaoang and Suyoc, MankayanBuilding800,000.00797,768.20Malco ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20152017-10-252018-02-01Temporarily suspended1) Suspended on October 25, 2017 due to site problem 2) Update as of June 2019
TubaPoblacionConstruction of Police sub-station at Sto. TomasBuilding1,200,000.001,198,742.58Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-010000-00-00TerminatedMutually terminated due to site problems
TubaTwin PeaksOpening of Dalabi FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,130.76Aguinsod ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 2015 - Capital outlay2017-04-032017-02-20Completed
TublayTuelOpening of Degwey-Deg-ong FMRRoads650,000.00566,144.84General Fund - Non Office CY 20152017-04-192017-06-22CompletedProject with underrun, needs additional fund for additional works for the road to be completely usable
La TrinidadBetagCementing and Fencing with-in the PHO CompoundFence1,700,000.001,644,516.47Summerlin ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 2015 PHO2017-07-132018-02-22CompletedCompleted on February 18, 2018
KibunganTacadangConstruction of Multi-Purpose Pavement with Complete Bleachers at Batangan Barrio School300,000.00298,853.75Safelink Builders/ Ponciano AndisoGeneral Fund - Non Office 20152016-03-162016-09-15Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionConstruction of additional cell rooms at the Benguet Provincial Jail, Construction of 3 cell rooms at the Benguet Provincial JailBuilding Repair2,000,000.001,984,623.56Almond Engineering and ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 2015 PGO, General CY 2014 PGO Jail2016-12-050000-00-00CompletedDate of project completion
SablanBalluayA) Completion of Public CR Beside Multi-Purpose Hall, Balluay; B) Construction of Public CR at Balluay Barangay Hall, Balluay, Sablan (Additional)Construction of Comfort Room450,000.00447,622.02Guardian ConstructionGeneral Fund 2015 & General Fund 20172018-11-282019-01-20Temporarily suspended1 suspension. Suspended as of December 28, 2018
BakunSinacbatImprovement of Safety Railings and Improvement of Foottrail Roads200,000.00190,384.91Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20162017-11-292018-04-08Completed1) Cluster "G" - Pulicay Grandsons Construction 2) Completed on April 8, 2018
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Equipment Shed at PEOBuilding1,000,000.00999,950.63anitos construction/ marty manayosGeneral Fund CY 2016 - PEO2016-04-152016-07-15Completed
La TrinidadWangalImprovement of PEO Perimeter FenceFence700,000.00698,403.42EaJr De Leon Construction - Edwardo De Leon JrGeneral Fund - All Offices CY 20162016-06-132016-12-05CompletedCompleted
La TrinidadBetagExtension of Provincial Water Analysis Laboratory, Phase I; PHO, La Trinidad BenguetBuilding Repair700,000.00698,986.39RNAA BuildersGeneral Fund CY 20162018-04-032018-06-26Completed
BokodKaraoImprovement of Karao FMRPCCP and Slope Protection1,000,000.00938,724.88MALCO ConstructionGeneral Fund 20162018-07-062018-09-17Completed1) 1 Suspension 2) Completed; Revised Target Date of Completion = 11/13/2018
KabayanPacsoImprovement of Mankeo FMRPCCP600,000.00598,400.90QPJ General Engineering Const. & SupplySB #2, CY 20162018-10-302018-12-06Completed
BuguiasSebangAbatan - Kabayan - Gurel National Road to Alapang Elementary School road openingRoads500,000.00494,998.10JYP ConstructionSB #2, CY 20162018-09-252018-10-21Temporarily suspendedTemporarily suspended due to the procurement of CNC
BuguiasNatublengConstruction of CR (with PWD room) and ramp with handrail at PakpakitanConstruction of CR1,000,000.00996,621.74Dipas BuildersGeneral Fund 20162018-07-242018-11-03Temporarily suspended1) 1 Suspension 2) Temporarily suspended pending resolution of boundary dispute between barangays natubleng and amgaleyguey which had affected the proposed site where the project will be constructed.
KibunganTacadangImprovement of foot rail and provision of hand rail at Mt. OtenFoot rail698,290.71Malco ConstructionGF 2016 - Tourism2019-01-172019-04-22Completed
AtokPaoayConstruction of Comfort Room Station with water works system at Paoay, AtokConstruction of comfort room1,000,000.00998,769.88Haight's ConstructionGF-2017 Tourism2019-02-042019-04-23CompletedCompleted with LD
KibunganPalinaConstruction of toilet and water works system at Mayos, PalinaWaterworks System700,000.00688,064.21Four Brothers ConstructionGF-20162019-01-172019-03-18CompletedCompleted
KabayanBashoyReconstruction of Mt. Pulag Elementary School Building (3 Classroom)Building3,000,000.002,879,039.72Jamil Sean ConstructionTrust Fund LDRRMF 20162018-12-122019-09-08Completed
AtokNagueyRehab. of Naguey - Pasdong Vehicular Bridge, Naguey (Abutment), Atok, BenguetBridge2,000,000.001,958,897.14EMNAR Construction and Engineering ServicesLDRRM TRUST FUND 20192020-02-202020-06-24Completed
KibunganPoblacionConstruction of Polis Barrio School Cottage BuildingBuilding1,000,000.00980,081.81Ebtitiwa General Engineering and Construction Services20% PDF CY 20162019-12-012020-03-21Completed1.) Suspended on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine; 2.) Actual date of completion: October 26, 2020.
BakunBaguImprovement of Barbarit Primary SchoolBuilding and Ground Improvement400,000.00398,513.37FMC Warriors ConstructionSEF 20162020-03-042020-10-21CompletedSuspended on March 17, 2020, due to community quarantine.
La TrinidadPuguisConstruction of Box Culvert at LamtangBox Culvert200,000.00187,739.55General Fund CY 20160000-00-000000-00-00Completed
TubaNangalisanConstruction of Water Tank at Sitio PayacpacWater tank200,000.00198,931.34JNMR General Construction20% PDF CY 20162021-06-092021-07-13CompletedActual date of completion: July 21, 2021
AtokPaoayFencing of Benguet-Kochi Sisterhood Park at Haights PlaceFence1,000,000.00967,960.52Compass Rose BuildersGeneral Fund-All Offices CY 20172017-07-132017-10-02Completed
AtokCalikingImprovement of Caliking Proper - Anapol FMRRoads500,000.00499,174.95Sangin ConstructionGeneral Fund - Non Office CY 2017 Capital Outlay2017-12-012018-03-11Completed
AtokTopdacImprovement of Powal - Nalseb Barangay RoadRoads500,000.00499,135.26Drichloui ConstructionGeneral Fund - Non Office CY 2017 Capital Outlay2017-12-012018-01-24CompletedProject Completed on January 8, 2018.
AtokPaoayConstruction of Footpath at Half Tunnel to OsokanRoads500,000.00499,366.55General Fund - Non Office CY 2017 Capital Outlay2017-12-012018-03-05Completed
ItogonUcabConstruction of 2 Classrooms at Goldcreek E/S AlebBuilding2,000,000.001,997,309.22WDG Construction and SuppyGeneral Fund CY 2015 Non Office CY 20172017-07-312018-06-28Completed1) Needs additional funding (cluster) 2) Contract under cluster a: a) const of 2 classroom at goldcreek e/s, b) const of 2 classroom at goldcreek e/s at ucab, itogon. Total amount paid includes the additional fund of Php 100,000.00 3) Completed on April 1, 2018
ItogonViracConstruction of Virac E/S Gymnasium (Phase II)Building2,600,000.002,479,706.84ICO ConstructionGeneral Fund - Non Office CY 20172017-11-222018-04-01Completed1) 100.00% Completed 2) 1 suspension
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Perimeter Fence, Wangal, La Trinidad, BenguetFence995,000.00993,591.16Sangin ConstructionGeneral Fund All Offices CY 20172017-10-282018-03-30CompletedCompleted with liquidated damages
BokodNawalPerimeter fencing and ground improvement of Nawal Day Care CenterFencing and Ground Improvement300,000.00297,293.77Efler Construction and Enterprise20% PDF CY 20172021-03-152021-05-04CompletedActual date of completion: May 4, 2021.
La TrinidadPoblacionConstruction of Capitol Building II, 4th FloorBuilding15,000,000.0014,994,969.02Buganheirs Engineering ConstructionGeneral Fund Non Office CY 2017 CO2017-12-012019-02-01Completed1) Ongoing with 78.06% completion as of January 2019 2) 1 Suspension 3) On Going w/ LD. Revised target date= 03/03/19.
MankayanTanegCompletion of Lupa-ac FootbridgeBridge900,000.00897,290.03Malco ConstructionGeneral Fund - Non Office CY 20172017-10-022017-12-10Completed
TubaTaloy SurImprovement along Taloy - Bayacsan Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,940,107.74hdg construction and enterprises/Hanivall GuilandoGeneral Fund Non-Office CY 20172017-07-292017-10-31Completedpartial accomplishment, re:imp along Taloy-Bayacsan Prov'l Road @ Tuba, Benguet
KapanganDatakanConstruction of Extension and Comfort Room Station of the SLT Training CenterBuilding300,000.00295,699.67Vanket Engineering and ConstructionGeneral Fund All Offices 20172018-02-152018-04-08Terminated
La TrinidadWangalExtension/Improvement of PEO BuildingBuilding Repair3,500,000.003,496,981.27Buganheirs Engineering ConstructionGeneral Fund All Offices CY 20172018-01-112018-09-09Completedcompleted on September 5, 2018
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement of Capitol Main BuildingBuilding Repair3,000,000.002,909,706.01Sharamelle Construction and General EngineeringGeneral Fund CY 20172018-02-152018-08-18Completed1) 1 Suspension 2) Revised Target Date of Completion is on October 12, 2018
KibunganMadaymenImprovement of Tagpaya-Vemayoca FMR, Madaymen, Kibungan, BenguetRoads2,000,000.001,893,998.35SB No. 1 20172018-05-112018-07-05CompletedCompleted: July 9, 2018 Revised Target Date of Completion: July 26, 2018
ItogonUcabConstruction of two (2) Classrooms at Goldcreek Elementary School AlebBuilding2,500,000.002,497,309.22WDG Construction and Suppy20% PDF CY 20172017-07-312017-12-29CompletedCLUSTERED - a) Control No.: 01-17-00005 - WDG Construction and Suppy
BokodPitoConstruction of Quarantine Checkpoint Along Bokod Viscaya Road, Bokod, BenguetBuilding450,000.00444,807.92BLDY Engineering & Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-05-082018-06-24Completed
MankayanTabioImprovement/ Construction along Mankayan - Bato Provincial Road. Tabio, Mankayan, BenguetRetaining wall1,500,000.001,384,927.30SB no. 1 20172018-05-102018-07-02Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionUpgrading of Provincial Jail Electrical SystemElectrical400,000.00398,167.33Organic ConstructionGeneral Fund - 2017 All Offices2018-05-202018-07-01CompletedCompleted
ItogonPoblacionInstallation of Gate and Road Improvement Going to Sitio Suyo, PoblacionRoad Side150,000.00149,044.06Bemada Construction20% PDF 20172018-07-282018-08-17CompletedUpdate as of October 9, 2018
KibunganTacadangImprovement of School Ground and Fencing, Tacadang, Kibungan, BenguetConcreting of school ground and fencing500,000.00498,755.44Malco Construction20% PDF 20172018-07-062018-10-24Completedcompleted on 9/11/2018
La TrinidadBetagImprovement of Pharmacy and Installation of Cooling System and VentilationBuilding Repair1,100,000.001,047,130.34ADL Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-08-022018-10-03Completed
TubaAnsaganImprovement along Kias-Ansagan FMR (Lumandi Section)Construction of PCCP500,000.00497,759.00Reasons Construction and Supplies20% PDF CY 20172018-09-302018-08-31Completed
La TrinidadWangalA.)Construction Of PCL-LNB Multi-Purpose Building(Phaseii), Wangal; B.) A.)Construction Of PCL-LNB Multi-Purpose Building(Phaseii), Wangal, La Trinidad, BenguetBuilding14,000,000.0013,987,577.85RNAA BuildersGeneral Fund (GF) 2018 / GF 2016 / GF 2017 Non-Office 2018-07-062019-08-11CompletedUpdate as of January 24, 2020.
BakunDalipeyConstruction of View Deck with Comfort Room at Liwang, DalipeyBuilding800,000.00798,078.53NAIR Construction & EngineeringSB #2, CY 20172018-07-292018-08-20CompletedCompleted and usable.
KapanganPudongConstruction of Loading Platform and Waiting Shed at Tadayan ProperWaiting Shed500,000.00474,998.69Ebtitwa General Eng'g & ConstructionSB #1, CY 20172018-10-032018-12-19Completed
La TrinidadPuguisImprovement of Lamtang FMRBox Culvert, Parapet, and PCCP500,000.00459,530.40Pulicay Grandson's Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-10-312018-11-27TerminatedFor Termination
La TrinidadBaliliConstruction of Drainage Canal with cover, Central BaliliDrainage Canal with Cover150,000.00139,970.00Pulicay Grandson's Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-10-282018-11-21TerminatedFor termination
KabayanLusodImprovement of Proper Lusod-Landing FMRExcavation, PCCP, Grouted riprap1,000,000.00984,315.96Jamil Sean ConstructionSB #1, CY 20172018-05-090000-00-00Temporarily suspended1) 1 suspension 2) Suspended since May 9, 2018 up to present (awaiting for CNC) 3) Update as of July 2019
MankayanTanegConstruction of Mabilig - Aquili Footbridge (Additional)Footbridge880,000.00874,206.27On Top Construction20% PDF - 20182018-10-162019-01-03Completed1 Suspension due to road closure
BokodTickeyConcreting of Camanggaan - Liboong FMRRoads300,000.00293,603.97SRBA General ConstructionSB #1 CY 20172018-11-072018-11-24Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement and upgrading of Electrical System (PGSO)Electrical System1,000,000.00994,972.88On Top ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20172018-11-142019-04-26Completedcompleted
KibunganTacadangConstruction of Barangay Hall with Tourism Information Center of Barangay Tacadang, Kibungan, BenguetReconstruction of Building1,000,000.00997,276.15Malco ConstructionGF 2017 All Offices 2018-11-082019-04-18Completed
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Water Tank at Nagawaan, Balili, Mankayan, BenguetWater Works200,000.00199,359.70Baldas Construction20% PDF0000-00-002019-03-12CompletedCompleted, final inspection, March 12, 2019
BokodBobok-BisalCompletion of Comfort Room, Bobok-Bisal, Bokod, BenguetComfort Room400,000.00397,730.55SRBA Gen. ConstructionN/A2019-01-292019-04-02Completed
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Senior Citizen's Building (phase II) Dalicno, ItogonBuilding500,000.00499,408.08Renton Eng'g Services/Enrique WaldoGF-2017 2019-02-142019-06-26Completed1.) Inspection was done on March 19, 2019. There is a contract variation from tiles to riprap. 2.) Post-inspection was done on June 27, 2019.
La TrinidadBeckelConstruction of drainage canal at sitio sapsingCanal497,958.15494,866.13Haight's ConstructionSB#2 20172019-02-042019-04-11CompletedStill ongoing as of April 30, 2019
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Waterworks System Binga Riverside, TinongdanWaterworks system500,000.00460,489.83Aljune Builders20% PDF2019-02-172019-03-07CompletedCompleted and usable as to the final inspection on March 22, 2019.
BokodBobok-BisalConstruction of Bisal Waterworks SystemWaterworks System500,000.00495,080.17QPJ General Eng'g Construction and Supply20% PDF CY 20172018-12-122019-04-29Completed
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Water tank at Kawadan, Dalupirip, Itogon, BenguetWaterworks system500,000.00498,872.58Aljune Builders20% PDF CY 20172019-03-222019-05-15Completed
ItogonTudingConstruction of three classroom building with basic facilities at Pacalso Elementary SchoolBuilding6,500,000.006,437,049.71Compass Rose BuildersCSR Program Mitigation Fund, SN Aboitiz2018-04-272019-07-06Completed
BakunAmpusonganCompletion of Ampusongan Multi-Purpose Building, AmpusonganBuilding3,000,000.002,889,372.50Reasons ConstructionGeneral Fund 20172019-06-072019-12-14CompletedImages taken on June 18, 2019
ItogonUcabCompletion of Two Classroom at Goldcreek E/S at AlebBuilding1,200,000.001,194,018.70Reko Gen. Konstruct20% PDF CY 20170000-00-000000-00-00Completed
BuguiasCatlubongCompletion of Closed Gym, Bot-oan, Catlubong, Buguias, BenguetGymnasium2,000,000.001,997,809.96Mel-Soc ConstructionSB #1, CY 20172018-11-102019-06-15Completed
BokodTikeyConstruction of Domestic Water System for Tikey ProperWaterworks System668,000.00668,000.00YKJ-LHAT General Construction20% PDF CY 2017 and Brgy. counterpart2019-04-032019-12-27Completed
KabayanBashoyImprovement of Abukot - Nandupit FMRRoad500,000.00497,063.87Vanvin Construction and Supply20% PDF CY 20172020-03-112020-04-17Completed
MankayanCabitenRehabilitation along Baguyos-Maduto FMRRoad1,680,000.001,511,163.93Layad General Engineering Construction & AggregatesSB #03 CY 2019 GF2020-01-292020-10-09Completed1.) Suspended 2/24/20 due to closed access road. 2.) Actual date of completion: September 29, 2020.
TubaPoblacionConstruction of Senior Citizens Multipurpose BuildingBuilding1,500,000.001,498,640.33Ruben Runas Construction20% PDF 2017 & General Fund CY 2017-Non Office2020-02-252020-06-28CompletedSuspended on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine.
BokodEkipImprovement of Poodan Water SystemWaterworks System1,770,000.00N-J ConstructionSB #1, CY 20172020-01-272020-09-24CompletedOriginal target completion date: June 4, 2020.
La TrinidadPoblacionConstruction of Capitol Entrance Rotunda Sculpture and Upgrading of Provincial Jail Electrical SystemSculpture and Electrical System800,000.00727,959.91QPJ General Eng'g Construction and SupplySB #1 CY 2017 & SB #2 CY 20152021-02-242021-04-26CompletedActual date of completion: April 23, 2021.
TubaCamp 3Improvement of Torre - Mangga Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00499,756.02Ampsleo Construction20% PDF CY 20172021-03-142021-05-24Completed
La TrinidadWangalPerimeter fencing of Benguet Sports Complex, Wangal (Phase I) ; Perimeter Fencing of Benguet Sports Complex (Phase II)Fence5,000,000.004,364,128.07SEJ Construction & AggregateGeneral Fund 2017 & General Fund 2018 PGSO2019-01-172019-06-02Completed
KapanganDatakanConstruction of Waiting Shed, Sitio Proper, Datakan, KapanganBuilding500,000.00465,341.63Sandstream ConstructionGeneral Fund 20182018-05-092018-07-26CompletedCompleted on July 19, 2018
KapanganPaykekImprovement of Agro-Eco Park, Lomon, KapanganAgro-eco Park1,000,000.00994,903.94EBTITIWA Gen. Eng'g & Construction ServicesGF 20182019-02-202019-06-23Completed
MankayanSapidImprovement of Marivic to Gravel Pit Road, Sapid Mankayan, BenguetRoad1,000,000.00869,011.93Eugao ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20182018-07-062018-09-03Completed
La TrinidadTawangImprovement of Boted Tawang FMRRoads500,000.00428,947.19Sangin General Construction20% PDF CY 20182018-09-272018-11-05Completed
SablanBagongImprovement of Asham-Cayapes FMR,Roads500,000.00495,499.07Guardians20% PDF 20180000-00-000000-00-00Completed
BakunGambangImprovement of Cagam-is to Ingaan Farm to Market Road, Gambang, BakunRoad Pavement400,000.00399,463.91SRBA General Construction20% PDF CY 20182018-09-282018-10-24CompletedProject Completed on 11-29-2018
BokodEkipConstruction of Footpath from Gwetig going to PoodanRoads500,000.00496,285.09Hillbrand Engineering20% PDF CY 20182018-09-112018-11-17CompletedCompleted with LD
KapanganSaguboConstruction of Comfort Room at Kapangan National High School - Sagubo AnnexBuilding500,000.00487,442.67Vanket Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20182018-09-242018-11-27Completed
BakunAmpusunganRehab of Ay-ay to Cabutotan Farm to Market RoadRiprap1,000,000.00989,445.66Pulicay Grandson's ConstructionSB #1, CY 20182018-10-312018-12-25CompletedOngoing 1 suspension Recommended for suspension to undergo variation Revised Target Date =04/09/2019
BokodEkipConstruction of Dirty Kitchen at the Barangay Health Sub-Station, Sitio PoodanDirty Kitchen500,000.00467,571.82Sangin General Construction20% PDF CY 20182018-10-162018-12-02Completed
BakunSinacbatImprovement of Macbas-Beyeng FMRPCCP1,000,000.00963,919.78Pulicay Grandsons Construction20% PDF CY 20182018-08-042018-08-22CompletedCompleted and usable
TubaTaloy NorteConstruction of BPATS OutpostConstruction of BPATS500,000.00493,924.03Roben B. Runas ConstructionGeneral Fund 20182018-10-312019-01-08TerminatedRecommended for mutual termination
La TrinidadBeckelCompletion of Lamut Elementary School Perimeter Fence, Lamut, Beckel, LTBSchool Fencing1,000,000.00919,626.83Pulicay Grandsons Construction2018 GF- PEO2018-10-100000-00-00CompletedCompleted and usable.
SablanBayabasBulala warehouse ground improvement, Agri-eco farm, BulalaGround Improvement1,500,000.001,219,979.84Anas Construction20% PDF 20182018-10-052018-12-28Completed
MankayanCabitenConstruction of Clipper Foot Bridge Las-igan, Cabiten, Mankayan, BenguetFoot bridge250,000.00247,483.74Baldas Construction20% PDF - 20182018-11-142018-12-15Completed
La TrinidadBeckelRoad improvement of Pagal Barangay RoadRoads2,000,000.001,996,542.78On Top Construction20% PDF 20182018-10-152019-01-22Completed
BokodBobok-BisalConstruction of Comfort Room at JapasComfort Room500,000.00489,469.46Summerlin Construction and Development Corporation20% PDF 20172018-12-122019-02-13Completed
MankayanTabioImprovement along Mankayan - Bato Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,980,000.00Donato - Sakiwat Construction (Jerome Stephen Sakiwat)20% PDF CY 20182018-10-102019-01-31CompletedCompleted
TubaTadianganImprovement along Yagyagan - Ampusa Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,703,160.60Sapdoy Enterprise (William W. Sapdoy)20% PDF CY 20182018-11-192019-04-20CompletedUpdate as of July 11, 2019 On-going with liquidated damages
ItogonDalupiripImprovement of Access Going to Mt. Pigingan, Dalupirip, Itogon, BenguetPathway Improvement500,000.00499,481.49SRBA General ConstructionGF 2018 - Tourism2018-12-122019-02-18CompletedCompleted
La TrinidadWangalExtension of Benguet Indigenous People Building, Wangal, La TrinidadExtension of Building1,000,000.00945,246.45On Top ConstructionGeneral Fund 20182018-11-142019-02-19Completed
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Power House Benguet Cold Chain Project La Trinidad, BenguetPower house Construction500,000.00489,486.03Akip Construction & EnterpriseGeneral Fund 20182018-11-292019-03-28Completed
AtokPoblacionCompletion of Banayakew Multi-Purpose Building, BanayakewBuilding800,000.00797,830.20Four Brothers ConstructionGeneral Fund 2018-Tourism2019-01-172019-04-14CompletedCompleted
BakunGambangImprovement of Alam-am - Nasyotean FMR, GambangConstruction of PCCP1,000,000.00998,472.71Drichloui ConstructionGeneral Fund 20182019-01-172019-03-11Completed
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Basketball Court at PasidayBasketball court400,000.00392,505.00BABECOR BUILDERSGeneral Fund CY 2018 and General Fund Non Office CY 20152018-12-122019-01-29Completed
BokodPoblacionConstruction of fence at Bulo Elementary SchoolFence850,000.00808,381.57SRBA General ConstructionSB #1 - SEF 20182018-11-102019-01-25Completed
SablanBayabasConstruction of Reception Building and CR with Lavatory, Bulala Agri-Eco Farm, BulalaBuilding3,000,000.002,670,039.96AnasGeneral Fund 20182019-01-222019-06-04CompletedCompleted
KapanganBeleng BelisConstruction of Multi-purpose cottage, Proper Beleng BelisCottage1,687,000.001,668,004.27Norbano BuildersSB #1, CY 20182019-02-142019-05-17CompletedOngoing with LD
ItogonTudingRehabilitation of canal and ripraping along upper Mangga - Luneta RoadCanal and Riprap500,000.00498,011.72ARJY Construction20% PDF 20182019-02-112019-03-27CompletedInspection was done on March, 26, 2019
La TrinidadBaliliRehabilitation of footpath with drainage at Mamaga, Balili, La Trinidad (starting from Guinodan's Residence)Footpath500,000.00449,202.75Hillstone BuildersLDRRMF 20182019-02-032019-04-06CompletedInspection was done on March 19, 2019
KapanganBalakbakConcreting of Entrance Road at Governor Bado Dangwa Agro - Industrial School Main and Balakbak E/S, KapanganRoad Concreting500,000.00463,939.29EBTitiwa Gen Engineering and Construction ServicesGeneral Fund 20182019-03-042019-03-29Completed
KapanganKapangan CentralCompletion / Finishing of the basement of the garage / warehouse at Kapangan, BenguetCompletion of building300,000.00296,674.01Family circle constructionGF 20182019-03-252019-04-30Completed
La TrinidadPicoImprovement of POCNA RoadRoad Pavement and Riprap1.,500,0001,429,481.76Malco Construction22018 SB #22019-01-072019-03-09CompletedCompleted and Geotag on October 3, 2019
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Comfort Room with Lavatory (Cold Chain) at Wangtal,La Trinidad,BenguetCR construction1,615,000.001,544,829.13Four Brothers ConstructionGeneral Fund-20182019-03-252019-08-19Completed
ItogonLoacanRehabilitation of Loacan Elementary School Building, ItogonBuilding Repair1,000,000.00859,414.48Reko ConstructionGF-LDRRMF0000-00-002019-04-22Completedcompleted
SablanBayabasConstruction of Agri-Eco Farm Cottages at Bulala Agri-Eco Farm,Bulala,BayabasConstruction of Building5,000,000.004,492,161.42Anas ConstructionGeneral Fund-20182019-03-252019-11-02Completed
SablanPappaCompletion of Barangay Hall at PappaCompletion of Building800,000.00798,709.10Anas ConstructionGeneral Fund-20182019-03-252019-07-06Completed
BakunGambangRepair of Bagtangan Elementary School, Bakun - 3 classrooms at Gambang, Bakun900,000.00899,240.88Drichloui ConstructionN/A2019-01-292019-05-23CompletedCompleted
La TrinidadPoblacionConstruction of Material Recovery Facility, Capitol, LTBMRF210,000.00209,538.29Four Brothers ConstructionGeneral Fund 20182019-02-262019-03-13CompletedCompleted
BokodKaraoConstruction of Gweling to Santaan / Busok WaterworksWaterworks1,800,000.001,682,839.51Summerlin Construction and Development Corporation20% PDF CY 2017 & SB#1 CY 20182019-06-242019-10-04Completed
TubaSan PascualConstruction of Comfort Room and LavatoriesBuilding2,000,000.001,805,273.54Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionGeneral Fund 20182019-07-102019-10-26CompletedProject Engineer: John Pilay QC: Jaypee Cayamdas Geotagged by JC
KabayanBallayConstruction of Flood Control at Kubo-BallayFlood Control250,000.00248,656.88YKL-LHAT General Construction20% PDF 20182019-08-272019-10-02Completed
TublayAmbassadorImprovement of Nalseb-Los-oc Barangay Road.Road Pavement 1,000,000.00 20% PDF948,153.25Sangin20% PDF 20182019-07-102019-08-26CompletedCompleted and Geo-tagged on October 18, 2019
BuguiasAmlimayConcreting of Dagway Box culvert approachRoads200,000.00198,734.67PDF CY 20180000-00-000000-00-00Completed
SablanBayabasImprovement of Nursery Site Access Road at Agri-Eco Farm, BulalaRoad1,500,000.001,342,612.83Anas Construction20% PDF CY 20182019-10-282019-12-03Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement of the Provincial Library BuildingBuilding2,500,000.002,499,000.00Cialmar BuildersGeneral fund (All Offices) 20182019-11-072020-02-22Completed
BuguiasSebangConstruction of slab bridge and improvement along Paneg-an, Tamangan (Lutaan Section) FMRRoad2,000,000.001,942,249.14JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 20182019-10-182020-01-03Completed1.) With extension of 20 calendar days. 2.) Revised target date of completion: January 23, 2020 3.) Actual date of completion: February 13, 2020.
BokodAmbuklaoConstruction of Multi-Purpose Open Gym at SombreroGymnasium4,000,000.003,677,247.89Sharamalle Construction and General Engineering20% PDF 20182019-07-172019-12-11Completed
BokodAmbuklaoConstruction of flood controlFlood control2,000,000.001,681,274.13Hillstone Builders20% PDF 20182019-10-282020-01-01CompletedCompleted on February 12, 2020.
BokodKaraoConstruction of Barangay Health Station at KaraoBuilding2,500,000.002,496,655.84Hillbrand Engineering20% PDF CY 20182019-07-172020-01-20CompletedDate completed: April 26, 2021
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement of Water Works System of Capitol Main Building, Legislative Building and Annexes (Phase I)Waterworks system500,000.00405,430.55Alber and Seven ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20182019-12-022020-02-16Completed
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of a New Automotive Building with Ground Improvement (Phase I)Building4,000,000.003,994,192.43LBJ Construction20% PDF CY 20182019-10-182020-01-10Completed1.) Revised date of completion: February 25, 2020. 2.) Actual date of completion: February 14, 2020.
AtokCalikingInstallation of Semi-Permanent Fence for the Old Cagui-ing Elementary SchoolFence800,000.00783,988.17Sangin General ConstructionSEF 20182020-01-132020-02-18Completed
BuguiasLooImprovement/Widening of Lanas Panayaoan FMR (JCT NHS)Road2,000,000.001,989,255.13JYP General Construction20% PDF 20180000-00-000000-00-00CompletedSuspended until such time that Loo NHS will allow the construction of PCCP within the school compound.
KibunganSagpatConstruction of Comfort Room at Sagpat ProperComfort Room500,000.00499,903.17Akip Construction and EnterpriseGeneral Fund CY 20180000-00-000000-00-00Temporarily suspendedSuspended on November 12, 2019 due to awaiting for the implementation of the additional slope protection on the project site.
SablanPoblacionConstruction of Multi-purpose Building at Sitio SabdangBuilding2,000,000.001,840,062.35HGW=3 Engineering & Construction20% PDF - 20180000-00-000000-00-00Temporarily suspendedSuspended on July 17,2019 due to site problem.
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Laboratory Building at Itogon District HospitalBuilding1,500,000.001,469,255.6420% PDF CY 20180000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 12, 2021
MankayanTabioConstruction of Quarantine Checkpoint/Outpost (Mankayan) MadaymenBuilding1,500,000.001,439,473.97BTCJR Construction & Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20182020-03-052020-11-30CompletedSuspended on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine.
TublayCapongaImprovement of Paoad Elementary SchoolRiprap with railings1,500,000.001,438,010.32Skalyndra Construction and SupplySEF 20182020-08-202020-12-02CompletedActual date of completion: October 7, 2020
TubaSan PascualConstruction of Apni - Colon Waterworks SystemWaterworks System500,000.00490,262.26Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20182020-09-022020-11-18Completed
La TrinidadAmbiongImprovement of Ambiong Elementary School Perimeter FencingFencing500,000.00444,344.70Efler Construction and EnterpriseSEF CY 20182021-01-042021-03-16Completed
MankayanTabioGround Improvement for Senior High School at Tabio National High School, LepantoGround Improvement3,390,046.10General Fund CY 20180000-00-000000-00-00Completed
La TrinidadAmbiongImprovement of Ambiong Elementary School Open GymnasiumOpen Gymnasium1,000,000.00894,766.57Efler Construction and EnterpriseSEF CY 20182021-04-222021-06-28CompletedActual date of completion: June 7, 2021
KapanganPudongConstruction of Toplac Barrio SchoolSchool Building2,200,000.002,152,797.24Bolos Engineering & ConstructionSEF CY 20182020-10-052021-05-24CompletedActual date of completion: June 10, 2021.
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of PDRRM Office Building (Phase II)Building7,015,208.34LDRRMF 20180000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: July 13, 2021
KabayanPacsoRepair of Asokong Pacso Elementary SchoolClassrooms900,000.00894,016.29Four Brothers ConstructionSEF 20182019-02-042019-05-21Completed
BokodAmbuclaoConstruction of Lower Minac Flood ControlFlood Control1,000,000.00999,174.78BLDY Eng'g & ConstructionLDRRMF2019-01-312019-04-12CompletedCompleted with LD
La TrinidadBahongConstruction of Retaining Riprap along upper Sadag Provincial Road (near Comiles Residence)Riprap1,500,000.001,310,809.96MACGAT ConstructionSB #1, CY 20172019-02-052019-09-04CompletedCompleted with Liquidated Damages (LD).
La TrinidadBetagConstruction of Extension of Provincial Water Analysis Laboratory (Phase II)Building Repair1,000,000.00994,721.65Hillstone BuildersGeneral Fund 20182019-02-012019-05-22Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionConstruction of Annex Building (Phase I); and Construction of Annex Building Capitol (Phase II)Building43,000,000.0042,888,888.88Jomarcann General ConstructionSB #4 CY 2017; GF CY 2018; and SB#1 CY 20182019-02-202020-04-04CompletedActual date of completion: March 17, 2020.
TubaTwin PeaksCompletion of Open GymnasiumGymnasium500,000.00496,529.74BABECOR BUILDERS20% PDF CY 20172019-02-072019-03-22CompletedFinal inspection was made on March 11, 2019
TubaSan PascualConstruction of Quarantine Checkpoint/Outpost at San Pascual, TubaConstruction of Building1,500,000.001,493,793.02Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20182019-03-042019-08-30CompletedRevised target date of completion from July 12, 2019 to August 30, 2019.
BakunGambangImprovement of Liwang - Bolbolo Farm to Market Road, BagtanganRoad3,000,000.002,995,980.71Apaklo Kin Construction & Eng'g ServicesSB #3, CY 20192020-03-222020-09-27Completed1.) Original target date of completion: June 25, 2020; Suspended due to community quarantine; 2.) Date resumed: June 24, 2020.
TubaSan PascualImprovement of Native Pig Multiplier FarmNative Pig Multiplier1,000,000.00995,754.32Roben B. Runas ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20182019-02-072019-04-18Completed
AtokPaoayFencing of the Beng. Kochi Sisterhood Park at Haight's PlaceFence1,000,000.00997,807.51Four Brothers ConstructionGF 20170000-00-000000-00-00Temporarily suspendedSuspended due to the inappropriate program of work (From hollow blocks to square bar/interlinks)
BokodNawalRehabilitation of Nawal Elementary School Waterworks SystemWaterworks System315,000.00315,000.00N-J Construction20% PDF 20182019-01-312019-03-12Completed
SablanBayabasPerimeter fencing at Agro-Eco farm (Phase IV)Fence1,000,000.00998,878.53Anas Construction20% PDF CY 20182019-02-112019-04-06Completed
TubaTadianganRehabilitation along Yagyagan-Ampusa Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00998,351.19Anas Construction20% PDF 20192019-04-022019-05-09Completed
BokodPitoRehabilitation of Pilpiloy Waterworks System at Pito, Bokod, BenguetWaterworks450,000.00449,204.24BLDY Engineering and ConstructionN/A2019-02-262019-04-07Completed
BokodPitoConstruction of Administrative Building with Comfort RoomBuildingHillbrand EngineeringN/A2019-04-130000-00-00Completed
KapanganKapangan CentralRepair & Repainting of the Hospital Main Building (door jambs,ceilings,etc.,including damaged roofs) at Central,Kapangan,BenguetBuilding repair1,500,000.001,436,891.33Haight's ConstructionGeneral Fund 20192019-06-112019-09-01Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionInstallation of Razor Barbed WireFencing400,000.00387,716.64Haight's ConstructionGeneral fund 2019, PGO-Jail2019-06-072019-07-05Completedcompleted with slippage
SablanBananganRehabilitation of Calot - Wassit FMRRiprap600,000.00509,335.28Anas ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20192019-07-102019-08-18Completed
SablanBayabasConstruction of Waiting Shed at CalamayWaiting shed200,000.00176,394.89Anas ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20192019-07-122019-08-14Completed
BuguiasAmgaleygueyConstruction of Sagandoy Elementary SchoolSchool Building2,020,075.002,000,809.37Mel-soc ConstructionSB #1, SEF 20182019-03-152019-08-30Completed
KibunganPalinaRepair of Palina Elementary School Building, Palina Kibungan, BenguetSchool Repair (Building)1,100,000.001,070,610.25LBJ Construction20% PDF 20192019-07-032019-10-15CompletedCompleted and geo-tagged on Oct. 15, 2019 by JC
KabayanBallayImprovement of Indaoac - Tinaleb - Barangay RoadRoad1,500,000.001,494,020.10Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20192019-07-122019-09-22Completed
TubaCamp 6Construction of Flood Control along Bued River Riverside Camp 6Flood Control2,500,000.002,227,206.94Boyet Builders 20% PDF 20192019-06-272019-09-17CompletedCompleted and geo-tagged on October 25, 2019 by JC
TubaTabaan NorteImprovement of along Pugo-Balangabang Provincial RoadRoad Pavement 5,000,000.004,894,504.23Remnant Builders20% PDF 20192019-07-122019-10-28CompletedCompleted and geo-tagged by JC on November 14, 2019.
BuguiasBuyacaoanImprovement of Tagpaya Peggueyna Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00917,475.95Tepanlu Construction and SupplyGeneral Fund 20192019-10-312020-02-11Completed1.) With suspension. 2.) Revised target date of completion: February 11, 2020.
BuguiasNatublengCompletion of Police Substation and Tourism Information / Assistance CenterBuilding500,000.00496,463.14On Top ConstructionGeneral Fund 20192019-10-302019-12-24Completed
BuguiasLooRehabilitation of J207 Becaeg-Kitongan Farm to Market RoadRoad800,000.00796,609.39On Top ConstructionLDRRMF Trust Fund CY 20192019-10-192019-11-24Completed
BuguiasAmgaleygueyImprovement of Km. 73 Amgaleyguey Proper Barangay RoadRoad500,000.00483,653.18Ebtitiwa General Engineering and Construction Services20% PDF CY 20192019-07-222019-11-08Completed
BuguiasLooConstruction of Alakan flood control, Dagdag-Nagubgubbang sectionFlood control3,000,000.002,976,103.78BTCJR Constrution & Engineering Services20% PDF 20192019-07-222019-09-16Completed
KabayanEddetConstruction of Retaining Wall & Widening of Sharp CurveRetaining Wall500,000.00499,847.08Vanvin Construction and supplySB #1 CY 20192019-10-312019-12-12Completed
KabayanGusaranConstruction of Flood Control with Spillway at Basil, AsokongFlood Control6,000,000.005,994,086.16Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF 20192019-06-072019-10-18Completed
KabayanPacsoRoad opening - PacsoRoad opening500,000.00498,369.66Jamil Sean constructionSB #1 CY 20192019-10-212019-11-24Completed
KabayanPoblacionConstruction of Abapang Cotcot Access RoadRoad800,000.00797,992.64Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20192019-10-212019-12-04Completed
SablanBayabasRehabilitation of Tamaan - Bayabas Farm to Market RoadRoad1,200,000.001,010,903.44Anas Construction20% PDF CY 20192019-10-282019-12-29Completed
La TrinidadBaliliRehabilitation of footpath and drainage canal along Gungabon Residence, Mamaga, BaliliFootpath and Canal1,000,000.001,000,000.00Rigne ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20192019-10-212020-01-12CompletedActual completion: December 27, 2019
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Panig-an - Bot-oan Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00497,070.10JYP General ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20192019-11-012019-12-03Completed
MankayanBedbedRehabilitation of Mankayan - Bedbed Provincial RoadRoad3,000,000.002,994,075.80Cliff Construction and AggregatesLDRRMF CY 20192019-10-232020-02-04Completed
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Panig-an - Tamangan, Sebang Farm to Market Road (Longilong Section)Road1,000,000.00996,794.09On Top ConstructionSB #3, CY 20192020-01-022020-02-10CompletedActual date of completion: February 29, 2020.
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Pasbol - Impugong Farm to Market RoadRoad2,500,000.002,440,462.25JYP General ConstructionSB #1 CY 20192019-10-282020-02-03Completed
La TrinidadBahongImprovement along Bahong - Sadag Provincial RoadRoad4,000,000.003,900,818.14Efler Construction and Enterprise20% PDF CY 20192019-07-172020-01-08Completed
BuguiasPoblacionRehabilitation of Retaining Wall along Walayan-Naybo-Padang FMRRoad1,000,000.00977,253.35ICO Construction ServicesLDRRM Trust2019-12-062020-01-19Completed1.) Revised target date of completion: February 3, 2020. 2.) Actual date of completion: February 22, 2020.
BuguiasCatlubongImprovement of Ponopon - Lusab Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00997,017.77On Top ConstructionSB #3 CY 20192020-01-312020-03-10Completed
KabayanAdaoayImprovement of Lt. Alisandro Marquez Barangay CenterBuilding500,000.00498,891.45Vanvin Construction and SupplySB #1, CY 20192020-03-112020-05-03Completed
MankayanCabitenCompletion of Multi-Purpose Building at CamanpagueyBuilding500,000.00496,285.01Baldas ConstructionSB #1, CY 20192020-01-022020-02-17Completed
KabayanGusaranImprovement of Bakbakan - Akikian Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00981,387.80Vanvin Construction and SupplySB #3 CY 2019 & 20% PDF CY 20192020-01-092020-03-02Completed1.) Revised target date of completion is: March 17, 2020; 2.) Actual date of completion is: March 17, 2020;
KabayanPacsoCompletion of Barangay Hall ExtensionBuilding500,000.00499,218.89Vanvin Construction and SupplyGeneral Fund 2019-12-202020-02-27CompletedActual date of completion: February 27, 2020.
BuguiasBuyacaoanConstruction of Gusadan Creek Flood ControlFlood Control1,000,000.00996,581.0620% PDF 20192020-01-022020-03-06Completed
SablanPoblacionConstruction of Multi-Purpose Gym, at Poblacion Elementary School, Sablan, BenguetGym4,000,000.103,918,154.10Anas Construction20% PDF CY 20192020-02-222020-07-21Completed
ItogonTudingRehabilitation of Tuding - Manga - Luneta RoadRoad1,000,000.00994,775.75ICO Construction ServicesLDRRMF Trust Fund 20192020-02-112020-04-08Completed
BuguiasSebangConstruction of Waterworks System for Bacasen - Wakit Elementary SchoolWaterworks System1,500,000.001,469,598.00JYP General ConstructionSEF 20192020-01-292020-03-29Completed
KapanganBalakbakConstruction of Balakbak Elementary School Comfort Room and Wash StationComfort Room500,000.00464,097.45Vanvin Construction and SupplySNAP Benguet & SB #1 CY 20192020-03-092020-09-01Completed1.) Suspended on March 17, 2020 due to COVID; 2.) Date resumed: July 20, 2020.
BokodNawalConstruction of Slope Protection along Nawal FMRSlope Protection600,000.00535,000.00N-J ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20192019-11-182020-09-24Completed1.) Original target date of completion: December 21, 2019; Suspended due to ongoing DPWH widening project; 2.) Date resumed: August 22, 2020.
BuguiasBuyacaoanConstruction of concrete pavement along Peggueyna FMRRoad1,000,000.00917,371.40Tepanlu construction & SupplySB # 01- CY 20192019-10-312020-09-18Completed1.) Suspended on November 19, 2019; 2.) Resumed on March 5, 2020; 3.) Suspended again on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine; 4.) Resumed on September 12, 2020; 5.) Actual date of completion: September 16, 2020.
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Insalong - Lower Naybo - Bengad Farm to Market RoadRoad3,000,000.002,986,585.76MXC ConstructionSB # 03- CY 2019 & 20% PDF2020-03-232021-05-05Completed1.) Original Target Date of Completion: June 28, 2020; 2.) Suspended on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine; 3.) Date Resumed: January 28, 2021.
La TrinidadPuguisImprovement of Kibungan Village FMRRoad500,000.00433,591.68Sangin General Construction20% PDF - 20190000-00-000000-00-00TerminatedTerminated as of Jan 30, 2020.
KabayanBallayImprovement along Akikian-Lindawan (Besocol) FMRRoad1,000,000.00998,974.16Jamil Sean ConstructionSB #03 CY 20192020-04-242020-10-12Completed1.) Suspended on March 17, 2020 due to community quarantine; 2.) Date resumed: September 4, 2020; 3.) Actual date of completion: October 12, 2020.
KapanganGadangRehabilitation of Gadang FMRRoad1,200,000.001,035,919.04EKC Construction & Aggregates20% PDF CY 20190000-00-000000-00-00TerminatedProject lapsed, recommended for termination.
MankayanBaliliImprovement of Mogao-Dimoyog FMRRoad1,000,000.00999,711.82ZMC General ConstructionSB #03 CY 2019 - 20% PDF 0000-00-000000-00-00TerminatedRecommended for termination due to blacklisting.
MankayanBulalacaoSchool perimeter riprapping at Balili National High School-Cabacab annexRiprap750,000.00744,554.41Layad General Engineering Construction & AggregatesSEF CY 2019 SB# 022020-03-172020-08-22Completed1.) Suspended on March 19,2020 due to community quarantine. 2.) Resumed on July 11, 2020. 3.) Completed on August 1, 2020.
MankayanBulalacaoImprovement of Caew (Posdo)- Bulalacao FMRRoad2,000,000.001,994,060.48Sharamelle Construction and EngineeringSB #03 CY 2019 20% PDF2020-03-232020-11-19Completed1.) Suspended on March 23, 2020 due to community quarantine; 2.) Resumed on October 4, 2020.
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Flood Control at Sitio Lower SipitanFlood Control2,000,000.001,996,324.30Apaklo Kin Construction & Eng'g Services20% PDF CY 20192020-07-122020-09-12Completed
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Giweng - Kimpit - Amlimay Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00996,969.98MXC ConstructionSB #3, CY 20192020-07-302020-09-18CompletedOriginal target completion date: September 4, 2020.
BuguiasBaculungan SurImprovement of Paneg-an - Obanga Farm to Market RoadRoad2,000,000.001,998,496.70JYP General Construction20% PDF & SB #3, CY 20192020-09-102020-11-10Completed
MankayanBaliliSchool Perimeter Riprapping at Dagadag Elementary SchoolRiprap747,644.76Baldas ConstructionSEF CY 20192020-07-152020-09-08Completed
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Pasbol - Motyokna Farm to Market RoadRoad2,000,000.001,998,752.18JYP General ConstructionSB #3, CY 20192020-09-082020-11-22Completed
La TrinidadPuguisImprovement of Kibungan Village Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00499,226.72Layad General Engineering, Construction & Aggregates20% PDF, CY 20192020-08-262020-09-13CompletedActual date of completion: September 8, 2020.
KabayanBatanRehabilitation of Lower Batan Farm to Market RoadRoad2,000,000.001,954,768.10QPJ General Engineering Construction and SupplyLDRRMF Trust Fund2020-08-142020-10-08CompletedActual date of completion: September 23, 2020.
TublayBaayanReconstruction of Barangay Health StationBuilding Repair1,500,000.001,498,349.99Emnar Construction and Engineering ServicesSB #1, CY 20192020-08-182020-11-11Completed
KibunganBadeoImprovement of Badeo School Ground and FencingGround Improvement and Fencing500,000.00498,348.80JMLP BuildersSEF2020-02-272020-10-12Completed1.) Original target date of completion: June 23, 2020. 2.) Actual date of completion: October 4, 2020.
TubaAnsaganConstruction of Concrete Drainage Canal at Evelio Javier Memorial National High SchoolCanal500,000.00499,472.85Aroboan Construction and SupplySEF2020-09-112020-10-20Completed
KabayanGusaranConstruction of Flood Control at GusaranFlood Control3,000,000.002,976,943.08Vanvin Construction and SupplySB #3, 20192020-08-312020-12-11Completed
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Two-Storey Palpaltogan Child Development Center and Multi-Purpose HallBuilding1,500,000.001,479,825.73Layad General Engineering, Construction and AggregatesSEF0000-00-000000-00-00Completed
TubaSan PascualImprovement of the Access Road at the Benguet Animal Learning Site and Farm TourismRetaining Wall2,000,000.001,997,033.51Roben Runas ConstructionSB #1, CY 20192020-08-312020-11-15Completed
KabayanKabayan BarrioConstruction of Elbag to Kinapol FootbridgeFootbridge1,000,000.00999,385.12Botjack ConstructionSB #3 CY 20192020-09-072020-12-22CompletedOriginal target date of completion: November 20, 2020
BuguiasLooImprovement of Modayan Becaeg Kitongan Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00997,900.51Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20192020-09-282020-11-19Completed
KabayanTawanganImprovement of Aw-awa to Ankatit Farm to Market RoadRoad1,500,000.001,498,514.47Jamil Sean ConstructionSB #3 CY 2019 & 20% PDF2020-09-022020-12-04Completed
BakunGambangImprovement of Sookan - Gambang Farm to Market RoadRoad4,000,000.003,996,710.43Drichloui ConstructionSB #3 CY 20190000-00-000000-00-00Completed
TublayCentral TublayImprovement of Tublay School of Home Industries Extension GroundsGround Improvement2,000,000.001,927,613.70Apwaltz Construction Services and SuppliesGeneral Fund 20192020-09-182021-01-12Completed
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Drainage Canal at the Benguet Sports CenterCanal3,000,000.002,898,610.53MXC ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20192020-09-082021-03-04CompletedActual date of completion: March 3, 2021.
KabayanTawanganImprovement of Nanhabitan - Kapalan Farm to Market RoadRoad1,500,000.001,498,432.82Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20192020-09-022021-03-04Completed
KabayanPacsoCompletion of One-Storey Building for Asokong Pacso Elementary SchoolBuilding800,000.00798,540.12Botjack ConstructionSEF CY 20192021-01-112021-03-29Completed
KibunganMadaymenRehabilitation of Halsema - Madaymen Provincial Road Pakpakitan SectionRoad5,000,000.004,998,499.78LBJ ConstructionLDRRM - Trust Fund CY 20192021-01-172021-07-26Completed
KapanganBeleng-BelisCompletion of Beleng-Belis Barrio School Multi-Purpose CottageBuilding Improvement500,000.00486,226.76Balangcod ConstructionPDF CY 20192021-03-172021-05-07CompletedActual date of completion: April 30, 2021.
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement along Bolo-Tocdo Farm to Market RoadRoad2,000,000.001,991,835.89MXC Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-02-072021-04-05CompletedActual date of completion: April 4, 2021.
BuguiasAmlimayImprovement of Gagahaw - Kimpit Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00988,665.54Wacaden Construction20% PDF CY 20192021-02-232021-04-17CompletedActual date of completion: April 2, 2021.
TubaCamp 4Construction of Catwalk Shed at Evelio Javier Memorial National High SchoolCatwalk Shed300,000.00299,881.01Ampsleo ConstructionSEF 20192021-03-142021-05-24Completed
KabayanAdaoayConcreting of Pavement along Upper Adaoay Farm to Market RoadRoad494,094.04SEF CY 20190000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 14, 2021
MankayanColaloConstruction of School Building at Ampontoc Elementary SchoolBuilding1,000,000.00997,205.59Ampsleo ConstructionSEF 20192021-01-242021-05-06CompletedOriginal target date of completion: April 24, 2021.
SablanKamogFencing of Michael G. Angel Elementary SchoolFencing500,000.00499,450.43General Fund CY 20190000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: March 30, 2021
TubaTadianganImprovement of Kanggas Bridge and Construction / Restoration of Abutment, Slope Protection WallSlope Protection Wall2,376,363.32MAK-JAY ConstructionSB #3, 2019 & 20% PDF 20192021-03-122021-04-25CompletedActual date of completion: April 25, 2021
KibunganSagpatConstruction of Four-Seater Water Sealed Comfort Room for Saddle Elementary School Comfort Room1,000,000.00983,414.07JMLP BuildersSEF CY 20192021-01-112021-05-05CompletedActual date of completion: May 5, 2021.
KabayanTawanganConstruction of WaterworksWaterworks System500,000.00498,814.65Chrishua Construction Services20% PDF CY 20192021-03-162021-05-08CompletedActual date of completion: May 7, 2021
La TrinidadTawangConstruction of Open Gymnasium at Tawang Elementary SchoolGymnasium4,000,000.003,988,033.91SEF - SB #2 CY 2019 0000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate of completion: May 21, 2021
MankayanBaliliSlope Protection and Fencing at Balili National High SchoolSlope Protection and Fencing1,500,000.001,499,433.08Eugao ConstructionSB # 3 CY 20192021-05-052021-08-05CompletedDate completed: June 7, 2021
BuguiasBangaoConstruction of Open Gymnasium at Bangao Elementary SchoolOpen Gymnasium6,000,000.005,978,554.88On Top ConstructionSEF 2019 SB #22021-01-142021-05-26CompletedActual date of completion: May 19, 2021
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Shed (Gym) at Dalicno Elementary SchoolShed1,080,000.001,078,742.18Renton Engineering ServicesGeneral Fund 2018 & SB #3 CY 20192021-03-282021-07-04CompletedActual date of completion: July 4, 2021
SablanBananganConstruction of Multi-Purpose BuildingBuilding3,000,000.002,980,423.32Anas ConstructionSB #3 CY 2019 General Fund2021-05-262021-10-24On going
KapanganSaguboConstruction of an Open Gymnasium at Sagubo Elementary SchoolOpen Gymnasium6,000,000.005,994,481.93SB #2, SEF 20190000-00-000000-00-00On goingDate completed: July 20, 2021
SablanBagongConstruction of Riprap along Bito - Cayapes Farm to Market RoadRoad300,000.00289,490.06Bolos ConstructionLDRRMF Trust Fund CY 20172020-02-042020-03-12Completed
BuguiasBangaoImprovement of Cotcot - Bolinaca Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00498,486.44On Top ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20202020-03-042020-03-31Completed
BakunDalipeyImprovement along Bengdana - Bao-edan RoadRoad1,000,000.00999,360.70Apaklokin Construction & Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20202020-08-102020-09-18Completed
BakunDalipeyImprovement along Sayangan - Toplao Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00994,736.70NAIR Construction and Engineering20% PDF CY 20202020-08-102020-09-18Completed
BuguiasSebangImprovement Suyong - Malmalbeng Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00997,858.50On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-07-162020-09-10CompletedOriginal target date of completion: August 26, 2020
AtokPaoayImprovement of Paoay Barangay HallBuilding650,350.13Vanvin Construction and SupplyGeneral Fund CY 20202020-08-102020-09-18Completed
BokodBilaConstruction of Concrete Pavement at Balangabang Degiw Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00499,231.41Sherfelias Construction20% PDF, CY 20202020-08-102020-09-18Completed
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Sidewalk with Railings and Fence along Stockfarm Road (near PDRRMO and Allied Building)Sidewalk1,500,000.001,487,235.57MXC ConstructionLDRRMF Trust Fund2020-07-302020-12-14CompletedActual date of completion: October 7, 2020.
BuguiasBaculongan SurImprovement of Obanga - Dekan - Lengaoan Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00484,521.36JNA Construction and Supply20% PDF, CY 20202020-09-182020-10-18CompletedActual date of completion: October 10, 2020.
TubaCamp 6Construction and Installation of Waterworks System at Golden Eagle TollgateWaterworks system700,000.00699,514.73AMPSLEO Construction20% PDF 20202020-08-202020-10-24Completed
MankayanColaloImprovement of Bonie - Salingay Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00998,864.38DIPAS Builders20% PDF, CY 20202020-09-092020-10-15Completed
BuguiasNatublengConcreting of Apanberang ABB - Upper Patkiaw RoadRoad1,000,000.00997,139.82Potpotan General Construction20% PDF, CY 20202020-08-312020-10-31Completed
BuguiasLooSchool Improvement of Pan-ayaoan Elementary School, Pan-ayaoan, LooRiprap and Footpath1,000,000.00996,305.07On Top ConstructionSEF CY 20202020-08-242020-10-03Completed
TubaPoblacionConstruction of Erosion ControlErosion Control1,000,000.00998,413.59Roben Runas Construction20% PDF, CY 20202020-08-302020-10-30Completed
SablanBagongConcreting of Footpath with Railings along Bito to Tofil FootpathFootpath500,000.00495,894.56Bolos Engineering and ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20202020-09-072020-10-04Completed
La TrinidadAlapangConstruction of Flood Control at Alapang Proper (Sagubo Area towards Ogas Area)Flood Control1,000,000.00999,069.99Anitos Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-09-032020-11-06Completed
MankayanGuinaoangConstruction of Riprap (9 meters high by 45 meters long) on the Side of Guinaoang National High School GymnasiumRiprap1,000,000.001,000,000.00Apwaltz Construction Services and SuppliesSEF CY 20202020-09-082020-11-08Completed
La TrinidadTawangConstruction of footpath with railings near Bautista Area to Boted, TawangFootpath with railings500,000.00464,986.70QPJ General Engineering Construction and SupplyGeneral Fund CY 20202020-10-072020-11-30CompletedActual date of completion: November 14, 2020.
BuguiasAmgaleygueyImprovement of Junction 204 - Aguday Amgaleyguey RoadRoad500,000.00496,877.1720% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00Completed
TublayDaclanImprovement of Malanac-Shekdan RoadRoad1,000,000.00990,037.27Anas Construction20% PDF 20202020-10-132020-12-10Completed
MankayanBedbedRehabilitation of Longlong-Payeo RoadRoad1,000,000.00997,512.55Layad General Engineering Construction and Aggregates20% PDF CY 20202020-09-112021-01-03Completed
MankayanBedbedConstruction of Concrete Pavement along Degway-Payeo RoadRoad1,000,000.00998,471.88Layad General Engineering Construction and Aggregates20% PDF CY 20202020-09-112020-12-23Completed
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement of JPMR-BPLS-PUGO-CUDAL-LAMMANGAN-JFMR OCDL (Tupinaw Section)Road1,000,000.00997,315.14Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00Completed
BuguiasLooImprovement of JPMR - LANAS - TABA-AO Sumilalaw JPMR BPLS (Upper Togtogyon Section)Road1,000,000.00997,315.14Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-11-062020-12-31Completed
MankayanBaliliImprovement of Pasna-an - Ayosep Community / Barangay RoadRoad1,000,000.00996,234.41Baldas ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20202020-09-112020-11-02Completed
TubaCamp 3Improvement of eroded portion beside Philex Mines Elementary SchoolRiprap1,000,000.00984,980.83Ampsleo Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-10-182021-01-05Completed
BakunPoblacionInstallation of hand railings going to Mt. Kabunian, BakunRailings400,000.00398,652.93Pulicay Grandson's ConstructionGeneral Fund 20202020-12-162021-01-22Completed
TubaCamp 6Construction of shed with railings from EJMNH to Gusaran, Camp 6, TubaShed with railings2,000,000.001,825,830.92Rigne General ConstructionGeneral Fund 20202020-10-012020-12-07Completed
BuguiasAmgaleygueyImprovement of JFMR - NMS Baso RoadRoad1,500,000.001,488,112.14BTCJR Construction and Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20202020-12-212021-01-31CompletedActual date of completion: January 17, 2021.
BuguiasAbatanImprovement of Hospital Canal at Northern Benguet District HospitalCanal500,000.00499,088.71Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-12-092020-12-28Completed
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement of Pugo Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00995,230.24On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-10-152020-12-26Completed
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Panig-an Tamangan Farm to Market Road (Suyong Section)Road1,000,000.00995,418.23On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-11-162021-01-03CompletedActual date of completion: January 12, 2021.
TubaAnsaganConstruction of 8x8 water tank with 25 rolls 3/4" hose pipe Waterworks500,000.00496,729.78Mandiit Construction Services20% PDF CY 20202020-11-222021-01-09Completed
La TrinidadAlnoImprovement / Rehabilitation along Alno-Tuel-Balway Provincial RoadRoad2,000,000.001,949,511.08Sandstream ConstructionLDRRMF CY 20202020-09-142020-12-24CompletedActual date of completion: January 18, 2021
BakunAmpusonganImprovement of Riverside Sawmill Access RoadRoad600,000.00599,315.32Apaklo Kin Construction & Engineering ServicesPDF CY 20202020-12-092021-01-24Completed
BuguiasBaculungan SurImprovement of Man-asok Kaula-an to Sabeng Anito Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00995,950.18On Top ConstructionPDF CY 20202020-12-232021-01-31Completed
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Open GymImprovement of Gym500,000.00496,813.50Wacaden ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20202020-12-022021-01-16Completed
MankayanPoblacionConstruction of Panad Multi-Purpose Building, Panad West (Phase II)Building1,000,000.00995,976.66Eugao ConstructionPDF CY 20202020-12-172021-02-19CompletedActual date of completion: February 1, 2020.
BuguiasLooConstruction of Pusong Flood ControlFlood Control500,000.00496,991.66Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-12-282021-02-02Completed
BuguiasLooImprovement of Togtogyon, Loo Road Section Farm to Market RoadRiprap1,000,000.00996,742.79Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-12-292021-02-16Completed
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Permanent Fence of Alicay-Segundo Elementary SchoolFence500,000.00499,137.35SRBA General ConstructionSEF CY 20202021-01-112021-02-21Completed
KibunganPalinaRoad Opening at Batbato - Nay-a Access RoadRoad Opening2,000,000.001,999,892.66LBJ Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-09-282021-02-25CompletedActual date of completion: February 19, 2021.
AtokPaoayFencing within the Benguet-Kochi Sisterhood ParkFencing1,000,000.00998,511.06Haight's ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20202020-12-222021-02-11CompletedActual date of completion: February 10, 2021.
BakunBaguConstruction of Catwalk Shed at Dio-alan Elementary SchoolCatwalk Shed600,000.00599,599.08Kankaloi ConstructionSEF CY 20202021-01-212021-03-24CompletedActual date of completion: February 22, 2021.
BakunAmpusonganRoad Opening from Damoag to Palag-angRoad Opening1,000,000.00998,923.38Pulicay Grandson's Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-01-082021-03-06CompletedActual date of completion: March 3, 2021.
TubaTabaan SurConstruction of Box Culvert at Punas Creek, Andolor, Tabaan SurBox Culvert, Grouted Riprap, PCCP, and Railings1,000,000.00996,593.60CAMROCK Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-10-142021-03-11CompletedActual date of completion: March 8, 2021.
AtokTopdacConstruction of Footbridge at Taytay, CadianFootbridge800,000.00797,385.79Vanvin Construction and SupplyGeneral Fund CY 20202021-01-182021-03-19Completed
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement of JFMR LPK - Pugo - Lengat RoadRoad1,000,000.00995,920.17On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-11-162021-03-15Completed1.) Original Target Date of Completion: December 27, 2020; 2.) Date Suspended: January 7, 2021; 3.) Date Resumed: March 9, 2021; 4.)Actual Date of Completion: March 15, 2021
TubaTabaan SurImprovement along Camp 1 - Indaoac - Twin Peaks Provincial RoadRoad8,000,000.007,994,119.08Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-11-262021-03-30CompletedOriginal Target Date of Completion: February 26, 2021.
TubaCamp 6Construction of Pathway ShedShed1,000,000.00991,555.69Botjack ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20202021-02-172021-03-30Completed
BuguiasLooImprovement of Lanas - Pan-ayaoan Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00499,049.56TWO M Construction20% PDF CY 20212021-03-042021-04-17CompletedActual Date of Completion: April 1, 2021.
MankayanPacoCompletion of San Roque Child Development CenterBuilding Improvement1,500,000.001,497,754.27Malco Construction20% PDF 20202020-12-292021-04-20CompletedActual date of completion: April 15, 2021.
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Paneg-an - Tamangan Farm to Market Road (Camanlanga Section)Road1,500,000.001,497,547.82Pulicay Grandson's Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-12-292021-04-22CompletedActual date of completion: April 19, 2021.
MankayanBedbedConstruction of Lepaak River SpillwaySpillway500,000.00499,146.52Dipas Builders20% PDF CY 20202020-09-112020-10-11Completed
TubaNangalisanConstruction of Lower Lasilas Waterworks System (Pumping Station)Waterworks System100,000.0099,832.03Ampsleo Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-03-142021-05-24Completed
MankayanTabioImprovement of Posdo 1 & 2 Domestic WaterworksWaterworks System2,000,000.001,995,623.56Eugao Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-03-042021-05-23CompletedDate completed: May 5, 2021.
TubaTwin PeaksConstruction of Dalabi Waterworks SystemWaterworks System500,000.00499,087.41Ampsleo Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-03-142021-04-20Completed
KapanganBeleng-BelisConcreting of Poliang - Lasilas - Tawang Farm to Market AccessFootpath1,000,000.00995,613.31JMLP BuildersSan Roque Power Corporation2020-08-192020-12-22Completed
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Dada Slope ProtectionSlope Protection4,000,000.003,996,845.46High Plain ConstructionLDRRMF CY 20202021-01-252021-04-16Completed
KabayanPacsoConstruction of Dampeg - Mankew Farm to Market RoadRoad2,000,000.001,982,236.84General Fund 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 20, 2021
KapanganDatakanRehabilitation of Salejo Bridge, AsoBridge1,000,000.00966,965.56LDRRMF 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: March 18, 2021
BokodPitoConstruction of Flood Control at PilpiloyFlood Control800,000.00791,963.2420% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: March 11, 2021
KabayanKabayan BarrioConstruction of Waterworks System from Pikaw Spring Farm to TumolWaterworks System1,000,000.00998,203.4920% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: March 27, 2021
KabayanBallayConstruction of Sidewalk with Railings along Tinaleb Elementary SchoolSidewalk with Railings600,000.00599,282.43SEF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: March 25, 2021
KapanganKapangan CentralImprovement / Repair / Construction / Extension of Kapangan District Hospital FacilitiesBuilding Repair2,386,120.54DOH - CHD - CAR0000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 23, 2021
La TrinidadWangalPerimeter Fencing at Bahay Pag-asaFencing1,500,000.001,498,888.80General Fund CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 21, 2021
ItogonLoacanImprovement of Doteng Loacan Municipal RoadRoad2,000,000.001,994,029.1320% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: May 3, 2021
KabayanPoblacionRehabilitation of Six (6) Sources of Potable Water and PipelinesWaterworks System1,795,428.25LDRRMF - Trust Fund0000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 26, 2021
SablanBayabasConstruction of Waiting Shed along Sitio CoploWaiting Shed200,000.00195,912.05General Fund CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 10, 2021
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Balili National High School Gymnasium (Phase I)Gymnasium2,000,000.001,995,000.00Donato - Sakiwat Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-01-142021-03-31CompletedDate completed: April 30, 2021
TubaCamp 1Construction of Diversion Road at Taroy Ligay Farm to Market RoadRoad Opening2,000,000.001,932,540.53BTCJR Construction and Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20202020-12-212021-05-12CompletedActual date of completion: April 27, 2021
BakunDalipeyCompletion of Multi-Purpose HallBuilding1,000,000.00999,000.21PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate of completion: May 17, 2021
BokodPitoImprovement of Geweng to Prospek Farm to Market Road at AnoplesRoad2,000,000.001,989,937.3120% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: April 19, 2021
KibunganMadaymenImprovement / Rehabilitation along Halsema - Madaymen Provincial RoadRoad3,495,517.50LDRRMF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: 2021
ItogonItogonConstruction of PowerhousePowerhouse800,000.00789,993.58Alber and Seven ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20202020-12-292021-04-26Completed1.) Original target date of completion: March 9, 2021; 2.) Actual date of completion: April 26, 2021.
BokodAmbuklaoInstallation of Handrailings along the Critical Sections of Aloo - Eli Pathway at Sitio BangaoHandrailing348,999.65General Fund CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate of completion: May 19, 2021
MankayanBaliliImprovement of Classroom Building of Ayosep Elementary SchoolBuilding500,000.00498,505.51General Fund CY 20200000-00-002021-04-18CompletedDate of completion: May 23, 2021
BuguiasCatlubongImprovement of Ambanglo - Mansoyosoy - Catlubong Farm to Market RoadRoad5,000,000.004,994,340.29NORJOHN Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-02-082021-03-27CompletedActual date of completion: April 20, 2021
KabayanDuacanConstruction of CICL and VAWC Refugee CenterBuilding1,000,000.00996,801.46General Fund CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate of completion: May 18, 2021
SablanSablanImprovement along Sablan - Sablan Old Presidencia Provincial RoadRoad4,000,000.003,995,547.21HGW=3 Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20202020-09-082021-04-11Completed1.) Original target date of completion: September 8, 2020; 2.) Date suspended: September 8, 2020; 3.) Date resumed (partial): December 26, 2020; 4.) Date to resume construction activities: February 15, 2021.
KabayanEddetReconstruction of Datuan FootbridgeFootbridge2,000,000.001,993,294.95General Fund CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00Completed2021
SablanBayabasConstruction of Slope Protection (various sections), Eco Farm, BulalaSlope Protection3,000,000.002,950,078.66Anas ConstructionGeneral Fund 20202021-01-252021-07-15CompletedActual date of completion: June 22, 2021
TublayCapongaFencing and Improvement of Public Comfort RoomComfort Room1,000,000.00997,107.98Ebtitiwa General Engineering and Construction ServicesGeneral Fund CY 20202021-03-162021-07-16CompletedActual date of completion: June 24, 2021
BuguiasLengaoanImprovement of CTS-73 Daldal-Akipan-Lengaoan JFMR (Akipan Section)Road1,000,000.00997,973.96Almond Engineering & Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-02-242021-07-07CompletedActual date of completion: June 21, 2021.
TubaTubaImprovement along Pugo - Balangabang Provincial RoadRoad5,000,000.004,935,091.7020% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00Completed2021
BuguiasBuyacaoanImprovement of J204 Bekes - Dontog - Sibugan - Lusong - Magmagaling J207 Access RoadRoad1,000,000.00997,651.05Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-04-112021-06-13CompletedActual date of completion: June 21, 2021.
BokodDaclanDrilling and Installation of Deepwell Water Source System at Dennis Molintas District HospitalDeepwell Water Source System300,000.00294,790.95SB #1 CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00Completed2021
TublayTublayImprovement / Rehabilitation of Tublay Gate - Tublay Presidencia Provincial RoadRoad1,500,000.001,495,529.75Dipas BuildersLDRRMF 20202021-05-112021-07-01CompletedActual date of completion: June 29, 2021
La TrinidadWangalImprovement of the Provincial DRRM BuildingBuilding500,000.00498,903.83LDRRMF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: July 13, 2021
KibunganSagpatConcreting along Sapdaan - Amog Farm to Market RoadRoad1,500,000.001,496,890.1420% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: July 1, 2021
BakunSinacbatOpening of Makbas to Tenglawan Farm to Market Road (Phase II)Road Opening1,000,000.00996,222.2820% PDF CY 20200000-00-000000-00-00On goingDate completed: July 12, 2021
BakunDalipeyImprovement along Sipitan - Palidan Provincial RoadRoad5,000,000.004,998,998.36High Plain Construction20% PDF CY 20202021-05-132021-10-19On goingUpdate as of July 21, 2021
KapanganDatakanImprovement / Rehabilitation of Datakan - Labueg - Lomon Provincial RoadRoad1,500,000.001,497,918.35LDRRF CY 2020000-00-000000-00-00On going2021
MankayanColaloRehabiltation of Colalo Main Waterworks SystemWaterworks System500,000.00499,439.5320% PDF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: May 5, 2021.
MankayanTabioConstruction of Road Rail Guard along Lengyatan - Belentian Barangay RoadRoad Rail Guard500,000.00498,015.40Baldas ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 20212021-04-132021-05-17CompletedDate completed: May 12, 2021
BuguiasBangaoRepair of Viewdeck 250,000.00248,828.50SEP JR Construction and Supplies TradingGeneral Fund 20212021-04-262021-05-25CompletedActual date of completion: May 10, 2021
TubaCamp3Construction of Slope Protection, Mangga - Balayon Farm to Market RoadSlope Protection1,000,000.00959,966.60BABECOR Builders20% PDF CY 20212021-04-192021-06-27CompletedActual date of completion: May 28, 2021
BuguiasBaculungan SurImprovement of Obanga Balintag - Deckan Farm to Market Road (Pua Section)Road1,000,000.00996,192.9820% PDF CY 20212021-05-122021-06-23CompletedActual date of completion: May 27, 2021
BuguiasLooImprovement of Lanas - Taba-ao Nataeg Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00996,105.10Tangayab Construction Services20% PDF CY 20212021-05-232021-06-25CompletedDate completed: June 8, 2021
BuguiasNatublengConstruction of Grouted Riprap between Natubleng Elementary School and Sinipsip National High School - Natubleng ExtensionGrouted riprap2,000,000.001,997,762.04BGZ Construction Services20% PDF CY 20212021-03-182021-06-28CompletedActual date of completion: May 31, 2021.
BokodKaraoCompletion of Barangay Health StationBuilding500,000.00498,999.94General Fund CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: June 2, 2021
BuguiasBaculungan NorteImprovement of Lamagan Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00985,000.00JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 20212021-05-242021-07-17CompletedDate completed: June 8, 2021
BuguiasAbatanConstruction of Retaining Wall and Relocation of Septic Tank - Northern Benguet District Hospital (NBDH), Retaining wall2,000,000.001,997,762.04Potpotan General Construction20% PDF CY 20212021-03-022021-04-12CompletedDate completed: June 8, 2021
TubaTwin PeaksImprovement of Kaipilan - Dalabi Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00999,377.50Ampsleo Construction20% PDF CY 20212021-04-292021-06-10CompletedActual date of completion: June 10, 2021
BuguiasBuyacaoanImprovement of Bekes - Gudogudan Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00996,879.04Tangayab Construction20% PDF CY 20212021-05-232021-07-12CompletedActual date of completion: June 28, 2021.
BuguiasAbatanImprovement of Senior Citizen's BuildingBuilding Improvement1,000,000.00997,848.97Norjohn ConstructionGeneral Fund 20212021-04-212021-06-01CompletedActual date of completion: June 21, 2021.
MankayanColaloConstruction of Drainage Open CanalDrainage Open Canal1,000,000.00999,357.5020% PDF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00Completed2021
TubaAnsaganImprovement of Banyol - Lubas Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00989,042.93SEP JR Construction & Supplies Trading20% PDF CY 20212021-05-202021-07-13CompletedActual date of completion: June 24, 2021
TubaPoblacionImprovement of Pula - Poblacion RoadRoad2,000,000.001,993,921.52Sapdoy Enterprises20% PDF CY 20212021-06-132021-10-02On going2021
KibunganPoblacionConstruction of Ambalideng Flood ControlFlood Control3,000,000.002,998,998.23High Plain Construction20% PDF CY 20212021-05-132021-11-10Completed
BakunDalipeyImprovement of Copcopit Farm to Market RoadRoad2,000,000.001,999,000.0020% PDF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00Completed2021
BakunDalipeyImprovement of Bangelelaw Farm to Market RoadRoad1,000,000.00999,700.0020% PDF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00Completed2021
BakunDalipeyImprovement of Yabyaboan to Copcopit Farm to Market RoadRoad2,000,000.001,999,555.0520% PDF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00Completed2021
SablanPoblacionImprovement of Matal-og Kayapa Farm to Market RoadRoad500,000.00481,230.9520% PDF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate of completion: June 26, 2021
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Slope Protection at Cabacab Elementary SchoolSlope Protection1,500,000.001,496,233.81SEF0000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: July 1, 2021
MankayanGuinaoangRehabilitation / Improvement along Guinaoang - Suyoc - Gambang Provincial RoadRoad2,000,000.001,999,007.69Rocky 5G BuildersLDRRMF CY 20212021-06-032021-08-15CompletedDate completed: July 12, 2021
BuguiasBaculungan SurImprovement of Obanga - Deckan Farm to Market RoadRoad5,000,000.004,999,967.19Dicay Construction Supply and Services20% PDF CY 20212021-06-162021-09-10CompletedDate completed: July 8, 2021
BuguiasBangaoImprovement of Bangao Elementary School GroundSchool Ground1,500,000.001,493,630.82SEP JR Construction & Supplies TradingSEF CY 20212021-05-172021-07-15CompletedDate completed: July 8, 2021
KibunganMadaymenConstruction of Comfort Room at Camilo Lucaben Elementary SchoolComfort Room500,000.00498,014.42SEF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00CompletedDate completed: July 9, 2021
BakunSinacbatRehabilitation of Mataliktik to Dalingoan Farm to Market RoadRoad1,200,000.001,199,199.8820% PDF CY 20210000-00-000000-00-00On goingDate completed: July 12, 2021
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of Ground and Construction of Basketball Court, Upper Camp, AmpucaoGym1,500,000.001,460,036.04Babecor BuildersGF CY 20192019-11-282020-01-10Completed
MankayanTabioImprovement along Mankayan Bato Provincial RoadRoad Improvement5,000,000.004,885,222.88Layad Gen. Engineering, Construction & Aggregates20% PDF 20192019-11-252020-01-19Completed
BuguiasBad-ayanImprovement along Bad-ayan - Manhuyhoy Provincial RoadRoad Improvement5,000,000.004,880,004.03JYP General Construction20% PDF 20192019-10-232020-01-28Completed
TubaTadianganConstruction of Police Outpost and Tourism Information and Assistance Center at Tadiangan, TubaConstruction of Building1,500,000.001,495,954.42SAPDOY Enterprises2015 GF & 20% PDF 20152019-01-312019-05-19CompletedCompleted
TubaCamp 1a.) Reconstruction of Public Market Building, Klondykes, Camp 1; b.) Construction of Market (additional) Camp 1, TubaBuilding Repair2,165,000.002,162,703.44roben runas construction/roben runas20% PDF CY 2015 & 20% PDF CY 20162016-06-272017-04-28CompletedClustered project (different fund & titles) a) reconst of Public Market Bldg Klondykes @ Camp , Tuba; b) const of market (add'l) @ Camp 1, Tuba
TublayTublay Centrala) Construction of Tanibao Footbridge; b) Construction of Tanibao Foot Bridge (Additional)Bridge500,000.00497,716.60Pulicay's Grandson Construction20% PDF - 2016 & SB No. 1 - 20172018-05-092018-06-16CompletedCompleted = 07/10/2018
KapanganBalakbakConstruction of Barangay Health Station (Phase III and Additional)Building1,500,000.001,494,818.89Balangcod ConstructionGeneral Fund CY 2017 20% PDF CY 20162018-01-182018-06-11Completed
KabayanEddetConstruction of Eddet Barangay Hall Comfort RoomsBuilding375,000.00366,124.92akiki builders/ ruben aguinseGeneral Fund CY 2015 SB No. 5 CY 20152016-12-012017-04-25CompletedCompleted and usable with liquidated damages
La TrinidadPoblacionConstruction of Provincial Jail MPB at the Capitol CompoundBuilding1,000,000.00989,456.73almond engineering and construction/ rogelio alimoGeneral Fund CY 2015 All Office, SB No. 9 CY 20152016-05-122017-04-10Completed
KapanganPudongCompletion of Barangay Health Station at Pudong, KapanganCompletion of Building800,000.00799,489.84Four Brothers ConstructionSB #2 GF 20152019-02-262019-06-22CompletedCompleted.(Revised target date= 06/24/2019 )
BokodAmbuclaoRehabilitation of Banao FootbridgeBridge600,000.00598,984.13BLDY Eng'g & ConstructionGF (2015 LDRRMF lumpsum)2019-01-312019-03-01Completed
SablanBananganConstruction of Historical Marker at Dakis Viewdeck ,SablanConstruction of Marker100,000.0094,842.46Anas ConstructionSB # 05 - 2015, GF2019-03-252019-04-13CompletedCompleted
La TrinidadBaliliConstruction of Sidewalk Shed-Halsema Road to UCCP Church, Balili, La Trinidad, BenguetRoads and Bridges700,000.00673,514.31SEJ Construction and AggregateSB No. 2 GF CY 20162018-04-252018-07-02Temporarily suspended1) The contractor submitted a letter for suspension due to the site issues 2) Suspended on April 30, 2018 because the BSU management is against the project since part of the structure to be put up will encroach their property. 3) Update as of June 2019
KapanganPudongImprovement of Cabilisan FMRFMR Concreting800,000.00787,011.57SB # 02-2016,GF2018-11-132018-12-22CompletedCompleted .Revised Target Date= 01/05/2019
KapanganGadangConctruction of Concrete Footbridge at Gadang, KapanganConstruction of Footbridge412,000.00390,781.54Four Brothers ConstructionSB # 02-2016, GF012019-02-252019-04-15CompletedCompleted with LD
TubaCamp 4Construction of Flood Control Riverside, Camp 6, TubaRoad Side500,000.00498,446.92Roben Runas ConstructionSB No. 2 & GF CY 20162017-01-262017-03-22Completed
MankayanBulalacaoConstruction of Senior Citizens Building (Phase II), Bulalacao, MankayanBuilding1,500,000.001,480,268.69Sharamalle Construction & Gen. EngineeringSB # 01-2017, GF2018-05-172018-09-23Completed
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Laurencio Fianza NHS Annex TLE Classroom at Bantic, Dalupirip, ItogonClassroom construction1,000,000.00959,434.01SRBA General ConstructionSB # 1-2017, GF2018-12-122019-03-11CompletedCompleted.Revised Target Date = 26/03/2019
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Vermi Compost Shed, Bantic, Itogon, BenguetVermi compost construction220,000.00219,844.18SRBA General ConstructionSB # 1-2017, GF2018-12-022019-02-07CompletedCompleted and Usable.
KibunganTacadangConstruction of Lamagan-Litalit View Deck at Batangan, Tacadang, Kibungan, BenguetConstruction of View Deck600,000.00597,651.04Malco ConstructionSB # 1-2017, GF2018-11-082019-03-31Completed
MankayanSapidImprovement/Extension of Senior Citizen's Multi-Purpose Building Sapid, Mankayan, BenguetSenior Citizen Multi-purpose Building Improvement500,000.00479,777.95Sandstream ConstructionSB # 1-2017, GF2018-11-282019-02-20CompletedCompleted
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement of access road (phase II) at Windy Hill, Central BuyaganRoads1,000,000.00995,600.40BTCJR Construction and Eng'g ServicesSB #2 2018 General Fund PEO2019-06-072019-08-06Completed
KibunganSagpatConstruction of Sagpat Gymnasium, SagpatBuilding2,300,000.00 2,297,806.51Drichloui ConstructionGeneral Fund - Non Office CY 2017, PSBF CY 20162017-08-052017-11-24CompletedAdditional fund: Php 1,500,000.00 under PSBF CY 2016; Has a total ABC of Php 2,300,000.00 Partial accomplishment, Clustered "C" Project - a) const of sagpat gym @ sagpat, kibungan; b) const of gym for sagpat E/S @ Sinagpat, Kibungan (Add'l)
KapanganPaykekRoad upgrading and improvement of Lomon-Sagubo provincial road, Kapangan, BenguetRoad Improvement63,829,590.0059,850,000.00Jomarcann General ConstructionCMGP 20182018-12-182019-08-24Completed
MankayanGuinaoang, Suyoc, GambangRoad upgrading and improvement of Guinaoang - Suyoc - Gambang Provincial Road (Phase II)Road Improvement44,000,000.0039,679,432.27Rodekom General ConstructionCMGP2019-03-252019-10-07CompletedCompleted and usable, Geo-tagged on October 30, 2019.
La TrinidadBeckelInstallation of complete electrical system of Barangay Beckel Senior CitizensElectrical System100,000.0082,901.46Haight's ConstructionSB#1 20182019-02-072019-02-17CompletedInspection was done on March 1, 2019. Electrical wiring was completed but, the there is no connection yet with BENECO Power and electrical post and meter is not yet installed.
BuguiasSebangConstruction of Tamangan - Wakit - Bacasen Primary School Gymnasium, Construction of Bacasen - Wakit Elementary School Gymnasium (Phase 2)Building5,000,000.004,988,781.88JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 2016 SB No. 2 CY 20162016-12-142017-06-15Completedfinal payment - a) const of tamangan-wakit-bacasen P/S gym, sebang (phase I); b) const of bacasen wakit E? gym (phase II) @ sebang
KapanganSaguboRehabilitation of Landing - Bileng FMR at Sitio BilengRaod Improvement600,000.00598,254.54Bolos Eng'g and ConstructionGen. Fund 20192019-11-012020-01-29Completed
TublayDaclanImprovement of Open Gym, Daclan, Tublay, BenguetGym500,000.00497,399.98Right Achor ConstructionSB-03 CY 20190000-00-002020-01-20CompletedProject Engineer: John G. Pilay Quality Control Representative: Harris Bill T. Palangdan
BuguiasBaculungan SurImprovement Along Palinta-Ang-Abbao FMR, Baculungan Sur PCCP1,000,000.00998,136.22On Top ConstructionGF 20192019-11-262020-01-20CompletedProject Engineer: Arthur P. Banasan QC Representative: Engr. Teofilo Lacaden
BuguiasBaculungan SurImprovement along Bad-ayan - Balintag -Deckan - BPI Baculungan Sur, Buguias, Benguet (156 Malsema Creek Riprap) Buguias, BenguetRoad Improvement1,000,000.00998, 136.22Potpotan General ConstructionSB # 3 20192020-01-122020-02-04CompletedProject Engineer: Arthur P. Banasen Quality Control Representative : Engr. Teofilo Lacaden
BakunApusonganOpening and Improvement of Palitay-Kegangan FMR, Ampusongan, Bakun, BenguetRoad Opening800,000.00795,679.85GF 20172020-05-012020-02-10CompletedProject Engineer: Devereux Khyle Heinrich A. Oliano QC: Mosi Geotagged by: JC
SablankamogConstruction of Retaining Wall Along Balluay-Bagong FMR (Peril Section), Bagong, SablanRoad Improvement1,700,000.001,663,341Bolos Eng'g and ConstructionLDRRMF2020-01-012020-10-01CompletedProject Engineer: Santos Asan QC: Engineer Lacaden Geotagged by: JC
SablanBagongConstruction of Foot Path and Railing Stallation along Depuac, Buyagan, Bagong, SablanAlong DepuacFoot path and railing500,000.00497,582.20Bolos Eng'g and Construction20% PDF2019-12-022020-02-11CompletedProject Engineer: Santos Asan QC: Engr. Teofilo Lacaden Geotagged by: J G. C
KapanganCayapesConstruction of Daycare Center, at Cayapes, Kapangan, BenguetConstruction of Building350,000.00329,287.64On Top Construction20% PDF 20122019-01-312019-03-24Completed
TubaTadianganConstruction of Water Distribution Tank at Lower Ampusa, Yagyagan, TubaWaterworks201,408.00200,444.65Anas Construction20% PDF 20132018-10-052018-10-27Completed
La TrinidadBeckelConstruction of Waterworks System, Beckel Community, Beckel, La Trinidad, BenguetWaterworks400,000.00399,252.72Bemeda Construction20% PDF - 20142018-08-162018-11-11Completed
AtokPaoayTirepathing of Togontongao FMRRoads500,000.00498,789.03JCA General Construction and Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20152017-07-042017-10-16CompletedPart of Clustered A projects, - b) completion of pathway shed, adoyunan elem school @ abiang, atok; c) concreting of boneng elem school grounds, boneng, naguey at atok d) tirepathing of tagontongaw FMR
BakunAmpusonganConstruction of Concrete Tirepath along Gayabasan to Dalipey FMRRoads650,000.00647,268.98Reasons Construction20% PDF CY 20152017-01-202017-02-10CompletedCluster "B" a) Control No. 02-16-00009 b) Control No. 02-16-00010 - Reasons Construction contract clusterd b, a)imp of nursery bldg, bagtangan e/s; b)concreting of maudong-baoy pathway; c)const of concrete tirepath along gayabasan-dalipey FMR
BokodDaclanImprovement of Supply Room, DMMHBuilding Repair1,000,000.00 (clustered)Summerlin Construction20% PDF CY 20152017-09-292017-12-28Completedcontract under cluster d: a) const of mrf dmdh; b) imp of supply room, dmdh; c) const of shaded parking for hospital vehicles, dmdh (daclan, bokod)
BuguiasAbatanConstruction of Concrete Pavement of Nakiangan FMR to the Turning PointRoad400,000.00399,759.72hgw=3 engineering & construction/hilbert willie20% PDF CY 20152017-11-292017-12-18CompletedFor Post Inspection
KabayanAdaoayConstruction of Cattle Barn/Shed at AdaoayBarn500,000.00496,858.71solonio construction/ritchie solonio20% PDF CY 20152017-02-202017-04-27CompletedCompleted and usable with underrun
La TrinidadBetagConstruction of Hospital Waste Management FacilityBuilding500,000.00498,974.45almond engineering and construction/ rogelio alimo20% PDF CY 20152016-12-052017-03-22CompletedCompleted with approved Change Order.
TublayCapongaConstruction of PCCP along Tublay Gate - Tublay Presidensia Provincial RoadRoads2,000,000.001,994,077.22balangcod construction/fermin balangcod20% PDF CY 20152016-03-072016-07-26CompletedUsable; 97.97% completed due to underrun of Php 40,448.83 payment of partial accomplishment on the const. pccp along tublay gate-tublay presidencia prov'l road
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Comfort Room at IMHBuilding500,000.00498,500.00Jessie Construction Services20% PDF CY 20152016-07-292016-10-01Completed
La TrinidadWangalImprovement of BTS Building and Entrance GateBuilding1,000,000.00998,487.36Guava Construction / Evelyn F. Balag-ey20% PDF CY 20152016-01-252016-08-27CompletedCompleted - August 27, 2016
ItogonUcabConstruction of Pathway at Sitio MidasRoads200,000.00198,412.30MK Construction20% PDF CY 20152018-01-242018-02-14CompletedCompleted on February 13, 2018
La TrinidadPuguisConstruction of 8x8x10 Water Tank at Paswek, Puguis, La Trinidad, BenguetWater tank200,000.00184,993.94Four Brothers Construction20% PDF 20152019-02-152019-12-03Completed
ItogonLoacanConcreting of Mangga - Luneta Alternate RoadPCCP1,050,000.001,041,056.44WDG Construction20% PDF 20150000-00-000000-00-00Terminated
ItogonTinongdanImprovement of Delivery Room,Laboratory Room,Operating Room ComplexBuilding improvement1,000,000.00946,757.48Boyet Builders20% PDF-20152019-06-272018-08-30Completedcompleted and geotag on October 2, 2019
AtokAbiangCompletion of Pathway Shed at Adoyunan Elementary SchoolBuilding150,000.00149,816.40JCA General Construction and Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20162017-07-042017-08-03CompletedSatisfactorily Completed, Revised target date of completion on August 14, 2017. Part of Clustered A projects, - a) completion of pathway shed, adoyunan elem school @ abiang, atok; b) concreting of boneng elem school grounds, boneng, naguey @ atok
AtokNagueyConcreting of Boneng Elementary School GroundsBuilding200,000.00199,783.04JCA General Construction and Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20162017-07-042017-08-09CompletedPart of Clustered A projects, - b) completion of pathway shed, adoyunan elem school @ abiang, atok; c) concreting of boneng elem school grounds, boneng, naguey at atok d) tirepathing of tagontongaw FMR Clustered A projects, - a) completion of pathway shed, adoyunan elem school @ abiang, atok; b) concreting of boneng elem school grounds, boneng, naguey @ atok
BakunGambangImprovement of Alam-am to Kilong FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,476.59Drichloui Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-042017-05-31CompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunSinacbatOpening of Pidpid - Lamew FMRRoads2,000,000.001,406,158.16FMC Warriors Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-08-222017-03-24Completed70.44% Completed with underrun.
BakunGambangCompletion of Sookan Multi-Purpose BuildingBuilding500,000.00498,425.29drichloui construction/ roy balay-odao20% PDF CY 20162016-11-212017-03-02CompletedCompleted as per plan
BakunAmpusonganCompletion of Multi-purpose GymBuilding2,000,000.001,997,747.29Reasons Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-042017-03-10Completed
BakunGambangImprovement of School Nursery Building, Bagtangan Elementary SchoolBuilding Repair650,000.00647,268.98Reasons Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-01-202017-02-01CompletedCluster "B" - b) 02-16-00010 c) 02-15-00002 Reasons Construction clustered B projects, a)imp of school nursery bldg, bagtangan E/S @ Gambang, bakun; b)concreting of maudang-baoy pathway, pob, bakun; c) const of concrete tirepath along gayabasan to
BakunPoblacionConcreting of Maudang-Baoy PathwayRoads650,000.00647,268.98Reasons Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-01-202017-02-10CompletedCluster "B" a) Control No. 02-16-00009 c) Control No. 02-15-00002 - Reasons Construction
BakunAmpusonganImprovement of Drainage CanalRoad Side150,000.00149,036.24Pulicay Grandsons Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-10-202017-11-12CompletedCompleted as per plan Clustered, construction of catwalk shed from bakun nhs to bakun cs; b) improvement of drainage canal, ampusongan, bakun, benguet
BakunGambangImprovement of Alibacong Child Development CenterBuilding Repair150,000.00149,431.46srba general construction/ ray angluben20% PDF CY 20162017-11-242017-12-26CompletedCompleted as per plan. contract under cluster c: a) imp of kayapa fmr @ kayapa, bakun; b) imp of alibacong child development center @ gambang, bakun Total payment = 542,854.14
MankayanGuinaoangConcreting of Guinaoang Elementary School Access Road, GuinaoangRoads400,000.00 (Clustered)398,690.76malco construction/ malote copite20% PDF CY 20162017-01-252017-02-23CompletedCompleted as programmed and usable, need additional fund clustered H project a)imp of brgy road bedbed, mankayan; b)concreting of guinaoang elem school access road
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Tanod OutpostBuilding200,000.00199,574.93NAIR Construction & Engineering20% PDF CY 20162017-12-132018-01-19Completed1) Cluster "D" - NAIR Construction & Engineering 2) Completed on February 13, 2018 with liquidated damages. cluster d: a) const of tanod outpost, dalipey, bakun; b) imp of alam-am-nasayotean fmr, gambang, bakun
MankayanBaliliConstruction of Old Concrete Perimeter Fence Balili Elementary School, Balili, MankayanBuilding900,000.00888,594.74Eugao Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-06-122017-07-17CompletedCompleted as programmed and usable, need additional fund clustered R project - a)riprapping of biwak gueweng, cabiten; b) const of old concrete perimeter fence balili E/S; c) brgy suyoc FMR Side riprapping @ Mankayan, Benguet
MankayanCabitenConstruction of Cabiten Elementary School StageBuilding800,000.00797,274.51Malco Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-07-292017-09-11CompletedCompleted as programmed and usable, need additional fund
AtokTopdacImprovement of Km. 34-Jappa FMR, Topdac, Atok, BenguetRoads800,000.00798,205.12Hillstone Builders20% PDF CY 20162016-09-192016-11-17Completed
BokodDaclanCompletion of Nutrition and Dietary Facility (Phase II) DMMH, Daclan, Bokod, BenguetBuilding Repair1,000,000.00986,924.79Almond Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-012017-06-28Completedwith Liquidated Damages
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Waterworks System, Dalipey, BakunWaterworks150,000.00149,712.80SRBA General Construction20% PDF - 20162018-10-162018-11-12Completed
BokodBilaImprovement of FMR along Gwiling-Yabo in PalansaRoads100,000.0096,510.62SRBA General ConstructionSB #2 CY 20162018-11-072018-11-18Completed
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Paneg-an - Takadang - Tamangan FMRRoads400,000.00396,839.22JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-022017-01-20CompletedCompleted - January 20, 2017 project under cluster "C": a) improvement of Paneg-an-Takadang-Tamangan FMR in Sebang b) Improvement of Panig-an-Tamangan FMR in Sebang, Bugias
BuguiasBaculongan SurCompletion of Maselselne FootbridgeBridge350,000.00336,682.48on top construction/ thomas palileng20% PDF CY 20162016-11-282017-01-26CompletedProject Completed with underrun. project contract under cluster "B" a) completion of Maselselne Footbridge at Buculungan, Bugias b)construction of Sebseb Flood Control at Buculungan Norte, Bugias, Benguet
BuguiasBaculongan NorteConstruction of Sebseb Flood ControlRoad Side500,000.00499,030.33on top construction/ thomas palileng20% PDF CY 20162016-11-282017-01-26CompletedCompleted - January 20, 2017, Project completed with LD. project contract under cluster "B" a) completion of Maselselne Footbridge at Buculungan, Bugias b)construction of Sebseb Flood Control at Buculungan Norte, Bugias, Benguet
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Pasbol - Motyokna - Mankaet FMRRoads1,000,000.00994,344.87JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-02-122017-01-30CompletedCompleted - January 30, 2017 contract under cluster "B" projects with same funding source but different project titles. a)improvement and extension of makaet-motyokna fmr, sebang buguias benguet. b)improvement of p
BuguiasBaculongan SurImprovement Along Bad-ayan - Obanga (Paing Crossing)Roads1,000,000.00994,153.89JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-022017-02-03CompletedCompleted - February 3, 2017
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement of Sumill - Palaan FMRRoads150,000.00147,183.18Mel-Soc Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-022017-01-10CompletedCompleted - January 10, 2017 clustered a project - a)imp of sumili-palaan FMR; b) const of calamagan-baglaw pathway; c)const of padang-palakad footpath @ buguias, benguet
BuguiasCalamaganConstruction of Calamagan - Baglaw PathwayRoads100,000.0099,560.74mel-soc construction/engr. marveluz patian20% PDF CY 20162016-12-022017-01-05CompletedCompleted - January 5, 2017 clustered a project - a)imp of sumili-palaan FMR; b) const of calamagan-baglaw pathway; c)const of padang-palakad footpath @ buguias, benguet
BuguiasCatlubongConstruction of Padang - Palakad FootpathRoads500,000.00446,075.03mel-soc construction/engr. marveluz patian20% PDF CY 20162016-12-022017-01-20CompletedCompleted - January 20, 2017, deducted PHP 500.00 due to the substandard billboard. clustered a project - a)imp of sumili-palaan FMR; b) const of calamagan-baglaw pathway; c)const of padang-palakad footpath @ buguias, benguet
BuguiasCatlubongImprovement of Bot-oan Elementary School GroundsBuilding1,000,000.00998,800.01Donato Sakiwat Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-022017-03-05CompletedCompleted February 14, 2016, revised target completion date to March 5, 2017
BuguiasAmgaleygueyImprovement of Katodtoda FMR in AmgaleygueyRoads500,000.00497,491.35JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-262017-01-23CompletedCompleted - January 23, 2017
KapanganGadangConstruction of Spelin Hanging Bridge,Suyoc,Gadang,Kapangan,BenguetHanging footbridge construction500,000.00488,954.14Family Circle Construction20% PDF-20162019-06-112019-07-21Completed
BokodDaclanConstruction of Material Recovery Facility (MRF)Building300,000.00299,021.9120% PDF CY 20162017-09-292017-12-08Completed
BokodDaclanImprovement of Supply Room, DMMHBuilding Repair350,000.00 clustered349,039.62summerlin construction and development corp/anton20% PDF CY 20162017-09-292017-11-18Completed cluster d: a) const of mrf dmdh; b) imp of supply room, dmdh; c) const of shaded parking for hospital vehicles, dmdh (daclan, bokod)
BokodAmbuklaoConstruction of Waiting Shed, Bayembeng, BangaoBuilding220,000.00219,517.57AG Chungalan Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-12-282018-01-31CompletedCompleted on January 31, 2018
BokodEkipConcreting of FMR at Ekip, Bokod, BenguetRoads150,000.00149,530.60AG Chungalan Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-08-102017-08-22Completed
BuguiasBaculongan NorteConstruction of Multi-purpose Building (Additional), Baculongan NorteBuilding700,000.00697,712.91On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-02-242017-04-26CompletedCompleted on April 26, 2017
BuguiasAbatanCompletion of Buguias Federation Senior Citizen's Association Multi-Purpose Building, Completion of Buguias Federation Senior Citizen's Association MPB Phase IIBuilding2,000,000.001,994,943.46JYP General Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-022017-05-06CompletedSatisfactorily Completed with LD. Revised target completion date to May 6, 2017 A)completion of buguias federation senior citizen ass'n. multi-purpose bldg. B)completion og Buguias federation ass'n multi-purpose bldg. phase II @ abatan buguias
BuguiasBangaoCLUSTER: Improvement of Halsema - Gulodan FMR at BangaoRoads650,000.00647,365.50On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-07-01CompletedClustered b) Control No.: 02-16-00057 - On Top Construction Completed on July 1, 2017
BuguiasLooConstruction of Loo Elementary School Athletic Oval Retaining WallRoad Side850,000.00691,668.64On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-07-01CompletedCLUSTERED b) Control No. 02-16-00063 c) 02-16-00056- On Top Construction Clustered "H" Projects - a) const of Loo E/S athletic Oval Retaining Wall @ Loo, Buguias; b)impv't of Obanga Day Care Center Grounds @ Baculungan Sur, Buguias
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Asinan Creek and Hot SpringSwimming Pool650,000.00647,365.50On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-06-25CompletedClustered a) Control No.: 02-16-00054- On Top Construction Completed on June 25, 2017
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement of Lam-ayan FMRRoads600,000.00597,602.63On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-06-16CompletedClustered b) Control No.: 02-16-00059 - On Top Construction Completed on June 16, 2017
BuguiasAmlimayConstruction of Tonglo Domestic Water SupplyWaterworks System200,000.00199,549.02On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-10-102017-11-20CompletedRevised target completion date to November 24, 2017
BuguiasAmlimayExtension/Improvement of Damang - Besbes FMRRoads500,000.00498,630.47On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-10-102018-04-06CompletedCompleted and post inspected on April 4, 2018
BuguiasAmgaleygueyConstruction of Riprap along Nansabatan - Baso FMRRoad Side400,000.00392,397.32Bosongan Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-07-12Completed
BuguiasLooConstruction of Baybay FootbridgeBridge850,000.00691,668.64On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-11-292017-12-20CompletedCLUSTERED- a) Control No.: 02-16-00055 C) 02-16-00056 - On Top Construction
BuguiasCatlubongImprovement / Extension of Abatan - Gatiley Luboy FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,545.97ICO Construction20% PDF CY 20162019-10-282020-01-04CompletedTemporarily suspended November 6, 2017 pending issuance of CNC from DENR.
BuguiasPoblacionOpening of Lower Naybo - Benged FMR, CayabyabRoads1,000,000.00994,871.00Hillstone Builders20% PDF CY 20162018-02-082018-04-23Completed75% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 746,153.25 as of April 30, 2018
BuguiasAmlimayImprovement of Guioeng - Kimpit FMRRoads500,000.00498,493.72On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-10-202017-12-16CompletedCompleted on December 16, 2017
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of riprap at PLDT-Cruz roadRoads1,000,000.00934,718.25Aljune Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-01-172017-03-12Completed
ItogonGumatdangConstruction of Orengao-Muyot FootbridgeBridge500,000.00498,700.82Compass Rose Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-09-052017-11-30Completed
KabayanBallayImprovement along Bagto - Bacanganga FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,833.65Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-092017-02-19Completed
KabayanGusaranConstruction of Shed, Barangay GroundBuilding1,500,000.001,498,460.05Solonio Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-232017-03-25Completed
KabayanGusaranConstruction of Culture and Arts Building at Kamora National High School (Phase 2)Building1,000,000.00998,456.85Solonio Construction20% PDF CY 20161016-12-232017-04-19Completed
KabayanBallayImprovement of Tongotong FMRRoads1,500,000.001,498,452.59Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-02-072017-04-06Completed
KabayanBallayImprovement of Dinamili - Bolagabog Takitak FMRRoads1,070,000.001,068,618.02Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-01-242017-02-15Completed
KabayanBashoya) Construction (Extension/Continutation) of FMR along Palansa - Pinanshay b)Widening and Construction of FMR access along Palansa - Pinanshay Roads450,000.00448,282.14Solonio Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-04-112017-05-13Completed
KabayanBallayImprovement along Besocol FMRRoads500,000.00498,434.20Akiki Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-02-022017-03-06Completed
KabayanBallayTirepathing of Upper DumipayasRoads100,000.0099,629.81Akiki Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-02-022017-02-16Completedproject contract cluster "D" a)tirepathing of upper dumipayas ballay, kabayan b)const. of tirepath along kubo-tinaleb fmr ballay,kabayan both located @ ballay, kabayan, benguet
KabayanBallayConstruction of Tirepath along Kubo - Tinaleb FMRRoads100,000.0099,779.04Akiki Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-02-072017-02-19Completed contract cluster "D" a)tirepathing of upper dumipayas ballay, kabayan b)const. of tirepath along kubo-tinaleb fmr ballay,kabayan both located @ ballay, kabayan, benguet
KabayanLusodImprovement of Baay - Ballay - Lusod FMR (Proper Lusod Section)Roads980,000.00977,333.68Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-06-21CompletedCLUSTERED Control No.: b) 02-16-00085 - Jamil Sean
KabayanBallayImprovement along Lower Taaw FMRRoads980,000.00977,333.68Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-06-20CompletedCLUSTERED Control No.: a) 02-16-00084 - Jamil Sean Construction
KabayanGusaranConstruction of Sub-ClinicBuilding800,000.00780,677.67Solonio Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-312017-09-06CompletedCompleted and usable with underrun and liquidated damages.
KabayanBashoyConstruction of Tirepath along Nandupit Junction along Dumamay FMRRoads250,000.00249,138.69Solonio Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-06-26CompletedCompleted and usable with underrun and liquidated damages
KabayanTawangana) Tawangan - Lusod National High School Ground Levelling with Riprap and Retaining Wall b) Riprap and Leveling of Lusod-Tawangan National High School GroundsRoad Side1,500,000.001,497,764.31Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20160000-00-000000-00-00Completedcontract a)riprapping & improvement of Lusod-Tawangan national high school grounds @ tawangan, kabayan, benguet B)riprap of lusod-tawangan national high school ground @ tawangan kabayan be
KabayanBallayImprovement of Dinamili - Tinaleb FMRRoads500,000.00499,310.05Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-08-272017-09-12CompletedClustered L projects - b) imp of tinaleb - naybo FMR @ Ballay, Kabayan; c) imp of tinaleb - pangawan FMR @ Ballay, kabayan
KabayanBallayImprovement along Taaw - Kubo FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,449.99Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-07-052017-08-03Completed
KabayanBallayImprovement of Tinaleb - Naybo FMRRoads500,000.00499,204.00Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-07-052017-07-26Completed
KabayanBallayImprovement of Tinaleb - Pangawan FMRRoads500,000.00499,268.46Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-07-052017-08-01CompletedClustered L projects - b) imp of tinaleb - naybo FMR @ Ballay, Kabayan; c) imp of tinaleb - pangawan FMR @ Ballay, kabayan
KabayanEddetConstruction of Eddet Elementary School StageBuilding800,000.00781,833.25Akiki Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-10-272018-02-13CompletedCompleted on February 27, 2018
KapanganSaguboConstruction of steps, Sagubo Elementary School, Kapangan, BenguetBuilding200,000.00197,364.78Balangcod Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-12-052017-01-02Completed
KapanganKapangan CentralConstruction of Gymnasium for KNHS (additional)Building5,000,000.00Family circle construction/Marcos P. Luma-ang20% PDF CY 20162017-06-242017-01-19Completedpayment of partial accomplishment of clustered projects a)const. of a gymnasium in kapangan central national high school, central kapangan, beguet b)const. of a gymnasium for kapangan national high school.
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Multi-Purpose Shed for Horse Back Riding Area, Children's ParkBuilding950,000.00941,181.63On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-04-302017-07-20CompletedCLUSTERED b) Control No.: 02-16-00110 - On Top Construction
KibunganTacadangImprovement of Batangan Elementary School BuildingBuilding500,000.00499,129.60akip construction and enterprises/ bobby wayan20% PDF 20162016-12-122017-01-29Completed
KibunganLuboConstruction of Cottage in Lubo Elementary School, Kibungan, Benguet (additional)Building Repair1,000,000.00983,075.85Akip Construction and Enterprise20% PDF CY 20162017-01-272017-05-23Completed
La TrinidadBetagImprovement of EQA Laboratory at BeGHBuilding Repair137,000.00 (clustered)136,679.82ICO Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-12-052017-12-30Completedcontract under cluster g: a) concreting of shilan-jappa brgy road, shilan, la trinidad; b) imp of eqa laboratory, begh, la trinidad
La TrinidadLubasImprovement of Sidewalk along Proper LubasRoad Side950,000.00 (clustered)941,181.63On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-05-302017-06-24CompletedCLUSTERED a) Control No.: 02-16-001016 - On Top Construction contract under cluster "O" projects - b)imp of sidewalk along proper lubas, L Trinidad; c)const of covered canal @ upper bayabas, pico, LTB
La TrinidadWangalImprovement of School Building at Benguet Technical School1,000,000.00989,788.28Leo Heirs Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-11-282017-03-30Completed
La TrinidadAmbiongConstruction of Footbridge at Lanas Creek, TakinanBridge300,000.00298,341.17Pulicay Grandson's Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-11-222018-02-02CompletedInput the accurate coordinates
La TrinidadPuguisFinishing of Waiting Lounge at CTS PuguisBuilding200,000.00133,766.05JURICMARC CONSTRUCTION20% PDF CY 20162018-10-012018-11-08Completed
SablanBalluayCompletion of Building: Sablan National High SchoolBuilding Repair700,000.00698,860.09Guardian Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-12-132018-03-13CompletedCompleted on February 27, 2018
TubaTaloy SurConcreting of Extension of Palina Balinsuay FMR, Taloy SurRoads500,000.00499,134.04Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-11-202017-02-27Completed
TubaTadianganConstruction of Flood control at AltaverdeRoad Side250,000.00248,774.61anas construction/ dionisio anas20% Project Development Fund - 20162016-12-202017-01-27CompletedVerify Date
TubaCamp 4Construction of Fire HydrantBuilding1,000,000.00998,602.54Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-11-292017-01-26Completed
TubaCamp 3Construction of Loading PlatformBuilding250,000.00249,316.21roben runas construction/roben runas20% PDF CY 20162016-11-282017-01-29CompletedFor validation of amount (JC) contract,construction of loading platform antamok camp 3 located at camp 3 tuba benguet
TubaTabaan SurConstruction of Water Works System500,000.00roben runas construction/roben runas20% Project Development Fund - 20162016-12-152017-01-22Completed
TubaCamp 3Opening of Agpay FMRRoads2,000,000.001,997,961.9120% PDF CY 20162017-04-032017-06-24Completed
KibunganSagpatImprovement along Kibungan Junction - Sagpat Provincial RoadRoads2,000,000.0020% PDF CY 20162017-02-122017-06-04CompletedCompleted on June 4, 2017
La TrinidadShilanImprovement along Shilan - Sagpawe Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00997,649.30Drichloui Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-01-192017-03-26CompletedCompleted on March 26, 2017
La TrinidadAlnoConstruction of PCCP along Alno - Pangablan Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00Universal De Leon Construction and Aggregates20% PDF CY 20162017-02-052017-03-06Completed
AtokTopdacImprovement along Mencio Junction - Topdac Provincial RoadRoads1,500,000.001,496,965.37Hillstone Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-11-252017-02-17Completed
AtokCattuboImprovement along Tulodan - Sayangan Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.0020% PDF CY 20162017-02-122017-03-13Completed
TublayTublay CentralConstruction of PCCP along Tublay Gate - Tublay Presidencia Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00bosongan construction/jun-jun wag-e20% PDF CY 20162017-02-122017-03-14Completed
ItogonPoblacionImprovement of Diversion Road from Batuang - Poblacion Carantes Road (Provincial Road)Roads1,000,000.00995,075.16Babecor Builders20% PDF CY 20162017-11-162017-03-02CompletedCompleted on March 2, 2017
ItogonUcabImprovement of Tram - Ucab Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00wdg construction and supply/winson galangco20% PDF CY 20162017-08-142017-10-31CompletedCompleted on October 27, 2017
MankayanTabioImprovement along Mankayan - Bato Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00998,000.00Donato Sakiwat Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-08-092017-09-30CompletedCompleted on September 30, 2017
TubaTaloy SurImprovement of Pugo - Balangbang Vehicular BridgeBridge1,500,000.001,494,076.30Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-07-112018-02-17CompletedCompleted on February 15, 2018
KibunganSagpatImprovement along Sagpat - Sapdaan Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00985,062.20Drichloui Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-08-252017-08-25CompletedCompleted on August 25, 2017
TublayDaclanConstruction of PCCP along Bangho - Asin Provincial RoadRoads2,000,000.001,997,729.86hillstone builders/ hudson depolio20% PDF CY 20162016-06-272016-08-05Completed99.50% completed due to under run and also with liquidated damages.
SablanPoblacionImprovement along Sablan - Sablan Old Presidencia Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00999,599.5220% PDF CY 20162016-06-272016-11-19Completed
La TrinidadWangalImprovement along Wangal - Banengbeng Provincial RoadRoads3,500,000.003,490,046.70Cliff Construction and Aggregates, Junifer Bosleng20% PDF CY 20162016-07-042016-12-21Completedwith Liquidated Damages
La TrinidadBeckelImprovement along Beckel - Balangbang Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00998,506.66Sej General Construction and Aggregates, Eric De L20% PDF CY 20162016-07-152016-10-03Completed
BokodDaclanImprovement along Daclan - Bonagan - Tickey - Camanggaan Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00998,455.64Almond Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-282016-11-18Completedwith Liquidated Damages
La TrinidadBahongImprovement along Camp Dangwa - Bahong - Sadag Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00998,282.81EaJr De Leon Construction, Edwardo De Leon Jr20% PDF CY 20162016-08-192016-10-12Completed
KapanganLabuegImprovement of Datakan - Alapang - Camp 66 Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00998,450.22Bolds Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-202016-11-16Completed99.75% completed due to under run
SablanKamogImprovement of PCCP along Calot - Kamog - Pappa Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00873,850.00Anas Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-282016-10-24Completed
AtokTopdacConstruction of Topdac Elementary School CottageBuilding500,000.00499,015.08Hillstone Builders20% PDF CY 20162016-11-292017-02-01Completed
BuguiasCatlubongImprovement of Ponopon-Lusab FMRRoads500,000.00SEJ Construction and Aggregates20% PDF CY 20162016-06-272016-08-06Completed
BuguiasAmgaleygueyImprovement of Polis Kiok RoadRoads100,000.0020% PDF CY 20162016-07-072016-07-17Completed
KapanganKapangan CentralImprovement of Basketball Court at Kapangan Central SchoolBuilding Repair350,000.0020% PDF CY 20162016-06-292016-07-27CompletedCompleted on July 18, 2016
ItogonTudingConstruction of Vehicular Bridge, Mangga-Luneta Bridge3,000,000.00Ico Construction Services/ Jerico A. Palangdan20% PDF CY 20162016-04-182016-07-15Completed
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement of Lagan - Naduguan FMRRoads1,000,000.00997,914.8320% PDF CY 20162016-06-292016-09-24Completed
ItogonLoacanRoad Improvement along Beda FMRRoads1,000,000.00999,271.13WDG Construction and Supply/Winson D. Galangco20% PDF CY 20162016-07-212016-09-22Completed
KabayanTawanganImprovement of Proper Nakilo FMR, TawanganRoads1,000,000.00998,472.2720% PDF CY 20162016-07-202016-09-05CompletedCompleted on September 9, 2016
KabayanAnchukeyImprovement of Upper Agat Rice Field AccessRoads200,000.00448,589.624 Brothers Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-072016-10-01CompletedCluster "A" - 4 Brothers Construction
KabayanAnchukeyConstruction of Tirepath along Anchukey, BaokRoads150,000.00448,589.624 Brothers Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-072016-10-01CompletedCluster "A" - 4 Brothers Construction
La TrinidadBahongConstruction of Flood Control at Tomay CreekRoad Side1,000,000.00998,651.08Illstone Builders, Hudson Depolio20% PDF CY 20162016-06-242016-09-24CompletedCompleted on September 19, 2016
La TrinidadShilanImprovement of Road in Balukas, ShilanRoads1,000,000.00997,882.63Sej Construction & Aggregates, Mr. Eric De Leon20% PDF CY 20162016-06-292016-09-26CompletedCompleted on September 26, 2016
TublayCapongaImprovement of Kapungan FootbridgeBridge150,000.00148,959.19Hillstone Builders20% PDF CY 20162016-09-072016-09-22CompletedCompleted on September 22, 2016
BokodDaclanImprovement of Landing FMRRoads500,000.00498,825.6920% PDF CY 20162016-06-292016-08-03CompletedCompleted on August 15, 2016
KapanganGadangConstruction of BeMONC Building, GadangBuilding250,000.00249,197.6020% PDF CY 20162016-06-292016-08-02CompletedCompleted on August 2, 2016
La TrinidadShilanImprovement of Road at Besil-SafidRoads700,000.00698,212.52Babecor Builders/ Marcos P. Bacoy20% PDF CY 20162016-06-242016-08-08CompletedCompleted on August 8, 2016
TubaTaloy SurImprovement of Tawalan - Andil FMRRoads500,000.00498,987.6820% PDF CY 20162016-06-302016-08-09CompletedCompleted on August 1, 2016
KapanganKapangan CentralImprovement of Padang, Central Foot trailRoads150,000.00148,989.16Balangcod Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-11-092016-11-30CompletedCompleted on November 22, 2016
KibunganMadaymenImprovement of Pakpakitan Elementary SchoolBuilding600,000.00598,479.56Bosongan Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-282016-11-18CompletedCompleted on November 18, 2016
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Perimeter Fence at Wangal NurseryBuilding Repair250,000.00248,847.22Anas ConstructionGeneral Fund - All Offices CY 20162016-09-072016-11-01Completed
La TrinidadPuguisConstruction of Drainage Canal at DSWD-Veterans BuildingRoad Side500,000.00499,393.61Drichloui Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-072016-11-08Completed
ItogonTudingImprovement of Bua-Cemetery RoadRoads500,000.00498,482.03Gacoscos Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-282016-11-03Completed
KabayanAnchukeyConstruction of Tirepath along Anchokey FMRRoads100,000.00448,589.624 Brothers Construction20% PDF CY 20162016-09-072016-10-01CompletedCluster "A" - 4 Brothers Construction
KapanganDatakanConstruction of Foot Bridge at Dassip - Panakbakan - PongayanBridge500,000.00495,070.4220% PDF CY 20162016-07-062016-10-04CompletedCompleted on October 3, 2016
La TrinidadShilanImprovement of Roads in Jappa - ShilanRoads700,000.00696,984.80Hillstone Builders, Hudson Depolio20% PDF CY 20162016-07-182016-10-13CompletedCompleted on October 13, 2016
La TrinidadAlnoConstruction of Concrete Fence at the Southwest Portion of the BeNHS Alno AnnexBuilding Repair150,000.00148,985.30Hillstone Builders20% PDF CY 20162016-09-072016-10-13CompletedCompleted on October 7, 2016
BuguiasAmlimayConstruction of Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall Comfort RoomBuilding500,000.00498,050.39JuricMarc Construction20% PDF CY 20160000-00-000000-00-00Completed
AtokPaoayCluster A: a) Tiling of Wall of the Operating Room / Delivery Room of Atok District HospitalBuilding Repair544,000.00542,563.24Haight's Construction20% PDF CY 20162018-03-122018-06-08CompletedCluster "A" b) Improvement of Emergency Room and Shade at Atok District Hospital c) Improvement / Extension of Stockroom at Atok District Hospital d) Replacement of Roofing Garage and Ramp Located at Atok District Hospital
AtokPaoayCluster A: b) Improvement of Emergency Room and Shade at Atok District HospitalBuilding Repair544,000.00542,563.24Haight's Construction20% PDF CY 20162018-03-122018-06-08CompletedCluster "A" a) Tiling of Wall of the Operating Room / Delivery Room of Atok District Hospital c) Improvement / Extension of Stockroom at Atok District Hospital d) Replacement of Roofing Garage and Ramp Located at Atok District Hospital
AtokPaoayCluster A: c) Replacement of Roofing Garage and Ramp Located at Atok District HospitalBuilding Repair544,000.00542,563.24Haight's Construction20% PDF CY 20162018-03-122018-06-08CompletedCluster "A" a) Tiling of Wall of the Operating Room / Delivery Room of Atok District Hospital b) Improvement of Emergency Room and Shade at Atok District Hospital d) Improvement / Extension of Stockroom at Atok District Hospital
AtokPaoayImprovement / Extension of Stockroom at Atok District HospitalBuilding Repair544,000.00542,563.2420% PDF CY 20162018-03-122018-06-08CompletedCluster "A" a) Tiling of Wall of the Operating Room / Delivery Room of Atok District Hospital b) Improvement of Emergency Room and Shade at Atok District Hospital c) Replacement of Roofing Garage and Ramp Located at Atok District Hospital
La TrinidadBeckelConstruction of Centralized Drainage Canal at BeckelRoad Side200,000.00199,474.44ICO Construction20% PDF CY 20162018-03-092018-04-03Completed100% Completed as of April 3, 2018 with 199,474.44 Total Cost Incurred.
BakunDalipeyConstruction of Catwalk Shed, Talbino Elementary School, Dalipey Bakun BenguetRoad Side150,000.00149,611.63NAIR Construction & Engineering20% PDF CY 20162018-01-172018-02-15CompletedCompleted on February 15, 2018
KapanganBalakbakConstruction of Senior Citizen Building at Balakbak, KapanganBuilding1,500,000.001,480,322.29Balangcod Construction20% PDF CY 20162017-11-202018-04-13Completed1) This project was previously suspended due to RROW Clearance from the DPWH (Date of Resume: 11/20/2017) 2) Completed with liquidated damage
SablanBananganConstruction of Pasalubong Tourist Information Center, Viewdeck BananganBuilding500,000.00469,972.82Anas Construction20% PDF CY 20162018-02-122018-04-09Completed100% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 469,972.82 as of April 30, 2018
BuguiasBuyacaoanImprovement of Northern Benguet District Hospital Kitchen, Bekes, Buyacaoan, Buguias, BenguetImprovement works300,000.00297,067.56AIP Construction20% PDF - 20162018-09-042018-10-08Completed
TubaTabaan SurConstruction of Multi-Purpose Hall, Tabaan Sur, CompletionBuilding Construction500,000.00473,189.08Sapdoy Enterprises20% PDF 20162018-11-192018-12-21CompletedCompleted and usable.
KibunganTacadangConstruction of Footbridge - Bileng 1 in Tacadang, KibunganFootbridge construction350,000.00312,458.03Akip Construction & Enterprise20% PDF - 20162018-11-292019-02-26Completed
KabayanTawanganCompletion of Multi-Purpose Building (Phase II), Tawangan, KabayanConstruction of Multi-Purpose CR, Tiling of Multi-Purpose Building500,000.00499,139.51Akiki Builders20% PDF 20162018-11-292019-02-09Completed
AtokPasdongCompletion of Banayakew Multi-Purpose Building with Watertank & Ground Improvement at Pasdong, Atok, BenguetCompletion of Building800,000.00786,958.74Four Brothers Construction20% PDF 20162019-01-312019-05-09CompletedOngoing with LD; Revised target date= 06/16/2019. 1 suspension
KabayanBallayImprovement of Basketball Court in Besocol, BallayBasketball Court300,000.00298,101.51Four Brothers Construction20% PDF 20162019-01-172019-02-28Completed
SablanBagongConcreting of Barangay Clinic Grounds, Depnac, Bagong, SablanBuilding150,000.00149,272.97Guardian20% PDF 20162019-01-172019-02-24Completed
KabayanPacsoConstruction of Barangay Multi-Purpose Building/Hall Comfort RoomConstruction of comfort room500,000.00499,139.51Akiki Builders20% PDF 20162018-11-290000-00-00Terminated1 suspension. Suspended on December 10, 2018 due to site problem
TublayAmbongdolanConstruction of Teachers Cottage, Langbis Primary School, Ambongdolan, Tublay, BenguetCottage 800,000.00794,510.75Sandstream Construction20% PDF 20162018-11-132018-01-25TerminatedFor Termination
TubaTaloy SurRe-opening and Improvement along Begis-Poyopoy Provincial RoadRoads2,000,000.001,890,093.30Boyet Builders20% PDF 20162019-06-072019-09-12Temporarily suspendedSuspended; Waiting for ECC to be issued by DENR
AtokPoblacionImprovement of Banayakeo-Poblacion Barangay RoadRoads500,000.00498,833.2520% PDF CY 20172017-11-292017-12-23Completed
AtokAbiangImprovement of Guiweng-Boy-otan Barangay RoadRoads500,000.00498,950.5720% PDF CY 20172017-11-292017-12-11CompletedCompleted on December 11, 2017
BakunKayapaImprovement of Kayapa FMRRoads500,000.00498,752.60SRBA General Construction / Ray Angluben20% PDF CY 20172017-11-242017-12-24CompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Catwalk Shed from Bakun National High School to Bakun Central SchoolBuilding500,000.00498,868.74Pulicay Grandsons Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-10-202017-12-23CompletedCompleted as per plan with liquidated damages.
TubaTwin PeaksImprovement / Construction of PCCP along Camp 1 - Indaoac - Twin Peaks Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,989,058.80Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-08-082017-11-14CompletedCompleted on October 30, 2017
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Bolo - Tocdo FMRRoads500,000.00499,257.84ICO Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-10-262017-12-04CompletedCompleted on December 4, 2017
BuguiasBangaoImprovement of Cotcot - Labayan FMRRoads500,000.00498,230.87On Top Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-10-202017-12-02CompletedCompleted on December 2, 2017
BuguiasLooRehabilitation of JNR Modayan - Kitongan FMRRoads500,000.00498,959.21HGW=3 Engineering & Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-10-262017-11-22CompletedCompleted on November 22, 2017 with under run
BuguiasBuyacaoanConstruction of Flood Control at Gusadan (a,b,c,d)Road Side2,400,000.002,365,832.50Kalahan General Construction and Supply20% PDF CY 20172017-08-162017-12-10CompletedCompleted on December 10, 2017
BuguiasLengaoanImprovement of Beling - Paingan FMRRoads500,000.00499,527.9820% PDF CY 20172017-11-292017-12-15CompletedCompleted on December 15, 2017
BuguiasBaculongan SurImprovement along Bad-ayan - Cayapas Road at Lamangan SectionRoads500,000.00499,198.8720% PDF CY 20172017-11-282017-12-27CompletedCompleted on November 27, 2017
BuguiasNatublengConstruction of Lamut Flood ControlRoad Side500,000.00499,151.6420% PDF CY 20172017-11-282017-12-26CompletedCompleted on December 26, 2017
KabayanDuacanImprovement of Bekes - Balangbang FMRRoads500,000.00498,938.88Akiki Builders20% PDF CY 20172017-09-202017-10-16Completed
KabayanTawanganImprovement of Nadaklan - Pangaya FMRRoads500,000.00498,791.99Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-09-182017-10-12Completed
KabayanGusaranConcreting of Adereg - Aponan FootpathRoads200,000.00199,582.81Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-09-182017-11-14Completed
KabayanKabayan BarrioConstruction of Cauliflower Drying Shed, BalabanBuilding500,000.00490,331.90Solonio Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-12-132018-02-13CompletedCompleted on March 20, 2018 with liquidated damages
ItogonLoakanConstruction of waiting shed at Dampingan, frontage of Lipma OfficeWaiting Shed150,000.00146,332.38Aljune Builders20% PDF CY 20172017-10-062017-11-07Completed
ItogonLoakanConstruction of waiting shed at Sabkil (in front of UCCP)Waiting Shed150,000.00146,332.38Aljune Builders20% PDF CY 20172017-10-062017-11-07Completed
ItogonAmpucaoImprovement of Pasiday-Tocod FMR AmpucaoRoads500,000.00496,764.95Aljune Builders / alma domagto20% PDF CY 20172017-12-132018-01-21CompletedCompleted on January 19, 2018 contract under cluster c: a) imp of pasiday-tocod fmr, ampucao, itogon; b) concreting of road portion and canal along upper mangga road, tuding, itogon
ItogonTudingConstruction of Road Portion and Canal along Upper Mangga RoadRoads300,000.00297,044.04Aljune Builders / alma domagto20% PDF CY 20172017-12-132018-01-06CompletedCompleted on January 6, 2018 contract under cluster c: a) imp of pasiday-tocod fmr, ampucao, itogon; b) concreting of road portion and canal along upper mangga road, tuding, itogon
KapanganGadangConcreting of Sitio Namon-ao, Gadang Foot trail Roads500,000.00499,544.4920% PDF CY 20172017-08-152017-11-22CompletedRevised target date completion on November 22, 2017 due to suspension/change order.
La TrinidadPuguisImprovement of Buhao Road in Puguis, La Trinidad, BenguetRoads500,000.00435,095.38SEJ Construction and Aggregates20% PDF CY 20172018-04-032018-04-30Completed10% completed as of April 15, 2018 with 43,509.54 total cost incurred. (-) 3.95% slippage. Completed as of June 1, 2018
KibunganPalinaPerimeter Fencing of Palina Brgy. Health Station and Multi-Purpose Brgy. Hall, Palina, Kibungan, BenguetFence500,000.00498,985.83Lincee General Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-08-172017-09-20Completed
La TrinidadWangalFencing of School Perimeter with Ground Improvement at Benguet Technical SchoolFence800,000.00798,430.16Drichloui Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-10-112018-02-11CompletedCompleted on February 5, 2018.
La TrinidadShilanConcreting of Shilan - Jappa Barangay RoadRoads500,000.00499,021.5020% PDF CY 20172017-05-120000-00-00CompletedCompleted on January 14, 2018
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement of Drainage Canal at Upper Central BuyaganRoad Side500,000.00493,504.94ICO Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-10-262017-12-28CompletedCompleted on January 12, 2018 with liquidated damages.
La TrinidadBetagConstruction of Septic Tank Drainage at BeGH1,000,000.00928,127.33RNAA Builders20% PDF CY 20172018-05-172018-07-20Completed
KapanganTaba-aoConstruction of Concrete Footpath at Ubod, Taba-ao, KapanganFootpath250,000.00249,812.50Random Builders20% PDF 20172018-05-172018-07-04CompletedCompleted 07/17/2018
MankayanPoblacionImprovement of Rural Health Unit (RHU) Building, Poblacion, MankayanBuilding Repair500,000.00494,433.3120% PDF CY 20172017-12-212018-01-28CompletedCompleted on January 22, 2018
SablanBayabasPerimeter Fencing at Agri-Eco Farm (by phase)Fence1,000,000.00998,202.68Aguinsod Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-11-292018-02-06CompletedResumed on August 3, 2018 with a revised target completion date of August 10, 2018
TubaSan PascualImprovement of San Pascual - Bokyagan-Talnag Road, San Pascual, TubaRoads500,000.00498,667.5720% PDF CY 20172017-08-102017-11-13Completed
TubaSan PascualConstruction of Sheep and Goat Sheds, San Pascual, TubaBuilding500,000.00499,264.63Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-07-312017-10-25Completed
TubaTabaan NorteRoad Improvement along Binungbong - Toybongan FMRRoads500,000.00497,168.1120% PDF CY 20172017-07-102017-09-22CompletedCompleted and usable.
TubaNangalisanImprovement of Lasilas Footpath, Nangalisan, TubaRoads200,000.00199,461.83Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-07-312017-09-25Completed
TubaCamp 4Concreting of Liwliw Barangay RoadRoads500,000.00491,730.00Quieges Builders and Enterprise20% PDF CY 20172017-05-072017-07-17Completed
TublayBaayanImprovement of Baayan, Tacarang, Sitio Section, Baayan, TublayRoads500,000.00495,556.84Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-08-312018-02-19Completedcontract under cluster e: a) imp of baayan brgy rd, tacarang, sitio section, baayan, tublay; b) const of ripra/slope protection at moran e/s, tuel, tublay Completed on February 12, 2018. The project was previously suspended due to road sinking along Sayatan - Tacarang Road an on going project of the Municipality of Tublay. Resume on January 6, 2018
TublayTuelConstruction of Riprap/Slope Protection at Moran Elementary School, Tuel, Tublay, BenguetRoad Side500,000.00499,085.45Roben Runas Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-08-312018-02-09CompletedCompleted on February 12, 2018, the project was previously suspended due to the on going project by the DPWH-CAR at the area. Resumed on January 6, 2018
TublayBasilConstruction of Riprap, Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall, Basil, Tublay, BenguetRoad Side500,000.00499,171.75Sangin Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-09-032017-12-27Completed
TublayAmbassadorImprovement of Gongel-Belong Barangay Road, Ambassador, TublayRoads500,000.00498,982.64Sangin Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-11-032017-12-07Completed
TublayTublay CentralConstruction of shed along the Footpath going to Tublay Elementary School and TSHI, Tublay CentralRoad Side250,000.00249,501.1020% PDF CY 20172017-10-042017-11-19CompletedCompleted as programmed and usable
TublayAmbongdolanImprovement of Betwag-Pachel FMR, Ambongdolan, TublayRoads500,000.00498,503.45roben runas construction/roben runas20% PDF CY 20172017-10-042017-11-16Completedcluster s: a) imp of betwag-pachel fmr, ambongdolan, tublay
TublayAmbassadorConstruction of Footpath at Los-ok Diktewan, Ambassador, Tublay, BenguetRoads200,000.00199,411.29roben runas construction/roben runas20% PDF CY 20172017-09-042017-12-04Completedclustered projects: b) const of shed along footpath going to tublay e/s and c) tshi, const of footpath at los-ok-dictewan, ambassador, tublay
MankayanBedbedImprovement / Construction of PCCP along Mankayan - Bedbed Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,980,000.00Donato Sakiwat Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-12-022017-12-04CompletedCompleted on December 24, 2017
TubaTaloy SurImprovement / Construction of PCCP along Begis - Poyopoy Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,875,363.69HDG Construction and Enterprise20% PDF CY 20172017-09-122017-12-26CompletedCompleted on December 16, 2017
KabayanGusaranImprovement / Construction of PCCP along National Road Junction - Diboong - Bangao Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.003,894,790.97Kuatako Construction and General Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-07-312017-09-17CompletedCompleted on September 17, 2017 with PCCP deficiency
BokodDaclanImprovement / Construction of PCCP along Daclan - Bonagan - Tikey Camanggaan Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,995,073.69Summerlin Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-01-132017-09-18Completedwith PCCP deficiency
KapanganSaguboImprovement / Construction of PCCP along Lomon - Sagubo Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,963,666.00Sangin General Construction20% PDF CY 20172017-12-012018-03-30Completedpartial accomplishment: imp/const of pccp along lomon-sagubo provincial road, kapangan as of March 30, 2018
La TrinidadLubasFencing of La Trinidad National High School, LubasFence500,000.00479,663.72SEJ Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-072018-04-13Completed100%Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 479,663.72 as of April 30, 2018
La TrinidadAlapangImprovement of Bahong Dapiting - Alapang BENECO RoadRoads500,000.00494,180.02SEJ Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-072018-03-15CompletedCompleted on October 23, 2018
KibunganMadaymenImprovement of Nangayangan - Masala FMR, MasalaRoads500,000.00495,410.43Pulicay Grandsons Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-072018-03-04TerminatedTerminated for change of title and location
KibunganLuboImprovement of Lubo - Sayangan Barangay Road, LuboRoads500,000.00498,621.53Balangcod Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-072018-04-22Completed1) Completed: April 11,2018 - Total Cost Incurred PhP 498,621 as of April 30, 2018 2)Suspended effective February 7, 2018 awaiting action for the submitted realignment of the project to "Improvement for Madaymen - Namul -acan - Masala FMR" of BLGU - Resumed effective March 20, 2018; Revised Target Completion Date on April 22, 2018
SablanBananganImprovement of Ambacuag, Oring FMRRoads500,000.00494,813.66Aguinsod Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-082018-03-16CompletedCompleted on March 12, 2018
KapanganTaba-aoConstruction of Concrete Footpath at Abiang,Taba-aoRoads250,000.00249,226.81ADL Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-03-012018-04-18Completed
AtokNagueyConstruction of Tirepath along Sawingan to Bua Barangay RoadRoads500,000.00499,312.99Haight's Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-03-122018-05-17Terminated
ItogonTudingRoad Protection along Lower Mangga Road, Tuding (Phase II)Roads200,000.00194,588.7520% PDF CY 20172018-03-262018-05-06Completed
KapanganPaykekImprovement along Lomon Kapangan Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,985,230.94BTCJR Construction and Engineering Services20% PDF CY 20172018-03-082018-09-24Completed22.80% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 1,159,066.19 as of April 13, 2018
BakunAmpusonganImprovement along Ampusongan to Nakanga RoadRoads500,000.00492,754.94Reasons Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-01-312018-03-21Completed
BakunSinacbatImprovement of Ba-ey - Cangaw to Dalingoan FMRRoads1,000,000.00983,388.41Reasons Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-01-312018-03-21CompletedCompleted
KapanganLabuegConcreting of Longboy - Tacal - Busoc FMRRoads500,000.00499,276.82guardian copnstruction/ruben pacheco jr.20% PDF CY 20172018-01-032018-01-30CompletedCompleted on January 29, 2018
ItogonGumatdangRehabilitation of Besil - Narba Footbridge, GumatdangBridge500,000.00484,842.32Aljune Builders20% PDF CY 20172017-10-062017-11-24CompletedCompleted and usable cluster h contracts at itogon : a) rehab of besil-narba footbridge, b)const of waiting shed @ dampingan, c) const of waithing shed @ sakbil
BokodDaclanImprovement of the Linen and Laundry Section, DMMHBuilding Repair340,000.00335,868.75DMCD Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-032018-03-30Completed
KapanganPaykekCompletion of Ricemill Facility Housing and Accessories at Cadtay KapanganBuilding Repair500,000.00493,595.29Vanket Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-122018-04-12Completed100% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 493,595.29 as of April 30, 2018
KibunganBadeoConstruction of Mocgao Day Care Center Building, Badeo, KibunganBuilding1,000,000.00999,787.16Remnant Builders20% PDF CY 20172018-02-182018-06-22CompletedCompleted Revised Target Date of Completion: August 6, 2018
KibunganMadaymenConstruction of Concrete Pavement along Tagapaya-Salong FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,966.63Hillbrand Engineering20% PDF CY 20172018-02-122018-03-26CompletedCOMPLETED: Reported and recommended for no payment since the project was completed prior to the release of the NTP; for termination
La TrinidadAlnoConstruction of Footpath with Railings from Elementary to National High School, AlnoRoads586,000.00585,557.48DMCD Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-142018-04-23CompletedCompleted with slippage on April 23, 2018
TublayTublay CentralImprovement of School Ground at TSHI Extension, Tublay Central , Tublay BenguetBuilding Repair250,000.00249,139.56Sangin Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-03-262018-04-29Completed
KabayanEddetImprovement of Balang-Sokong-Pinanchay-Talukip-Cable FMR, Eddet, Kabayan500,000.00498,398.532017 20% PDF0000-00-000000-00-00Completed
KibunganSagpatImprovement along Sagpat - Sapdaan Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,449,389.20Sangin General Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-02-032018-07-10Completed18.44% Completed with 11.51% Slippage - Total Cost Incurred PhP 308,342.67 as of April 13, 2018.
BokodDaclanConstruction of Stage for Bokod National High School, Ambangeg Campus, DaclanBuilding400,000.00398,844.35Sangin Construction20% PDF CY 20172018-03-232018-05-21CompletedCompleted
KapanganKapangan CentralConstruction of Grouted Riprap,Central,Kapangan (below Barangay Hall),Central,Kapangan,BenguetPCCP,Grouted Riprap500,000.00401,893.04Pulicay Grandsons Construction20% PDF - 20172018-07-042018-08-22Completed
BuguiasBangaoImprovement of Loading Platform-Quarantine Checkpoint Located at Cotcot, Bangao, Buguias, Benguet300,000.00299,476.87On Top Construction20% PDF - 20172018-10-172018-11-26Completed
SablanBagongConstruction of waiting shed, CayapesBuilding Completion of waiting Shed250,000.00249,040.00Guardian ConstructionSB #1, CY 20172018-10-032018-10-28Completed
La TrinidadPuguisConstruction of Irrigation Tank at CTS, PuguisWaterworks System200,000.00194,102.52JURICMARC CONSTRUCTION20% PDF 20172018-10-222018-11-16Completed
La TrinidadBinengImprovement of Sitio Kagiskis Barangay Road at Bineng, La Trinidad, BenguetRoad Pavement500,000.00494,416.30On Top Construction20% PDF 20172018-10-192108-12-15Completed
BuguiasBaculongan SurCompletion of Obanga CDC BuildingBuilding Construction700,000.00694,553.19MACGAT Construction20% PDF 20170000-00-002019-01-15CompletedCompleted, Rough Phase.
TubaTaloy SurConstruction of Additional WatertankWater System200,000.00199,076.72Roben Runas Construction20% PDF0000-00-000000-00-00CompletedCompleted on November 5, 2018
KapanganPudongConcreting Along Alimuyos Foot-trail (Bacatey - ToplacFoo-trail Concreting300,000.00297,754.40Juricmarc Construction20% PDF 20172018-11-132019-02-08CompletedCompleted and usable.
TublayDaclanConstruction of Footbridge at Meril, Daclan, Tublay, BenguetFootbridge construction500,000.00460,452.12Hillstone Builders20% PDF-20172018-12-122019-01-28Completed
KapanganCayapesConstruction of Grouted Riprap in School Boundaries, Cayapes Grouted Riprap500,000.00470,338.76E.B Titiwa General Eng'g & Construction20% PDF 20172018-11-062019-01-02Completed
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of 3rd Floor Roofing and Improvement of Buildings, Benguet Technical School, Wangal, La TrinidadConstruction of Roofing2,500,000.002,213,501.43On Top Construction20% PDF 20172018-11-292019-05-18CompletedOngoing with 45.90% completion as of January 2019
TubaCamp 6Construction of quarantine Checkpoint along Kennon Road, Tuba, BenguetQuarantine Checkpoint Construction400,000.00398,231.09Ruben B. Runas Construction20% PDF 20172018-10-052019-02-15CompletedCompleted and usable
KabayanAnchokeyConstruction of Tirepath Along Anchokey FMR, Abat, AnchokeyTirepath500,000.00498,409.70Four Brothers20% PDF 20172019-01-172019-02-17Completed
KabayanPacsoImprovement of Apanberang-Washington Acess Road, Pacso, KabayanRoad Improvement500,000.00497,478.98Four Brothers Construction20% PDF 20172019-01-072019-02-01Completed
KabayanGusaranImprovement of Farm to Market Road at MaebatCross drainage, Retaining wall, PCCP600,000.00594,802.60Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF 20172018-11-290000-00-00CompletedSuspended effective November 29, 2018 due to closed access road caused uncleared slides on various sections 1 suspension
SablanBalluayImprovement of Balluay - Perrel FMRConstruction of Slope Protection500,000.00497,785.20Guardian Construction20% PDF 20172018-11-292019-01-20Completed1 Suspension Revised Target Date=3/4/2019
KabayanPacsoRoad Opening Pacso, KabayanRoad opening500,000.00498,779.64Akiki Builders20% PDF 20172018-08-310000-00-00Terminated
KibunganMadaymenConstruction of Concrete Pavement along Tagpaya - SalongConcreting of Existing Road1,000,000.00998,966.63Hillbrand Engineering20% PDF 20172018-02-122018-03-26TerminatedReported and recommended for no payment and for termination since the project was already completed
La TrinidadBaliliCompletion of Shed From BSU Horticulture Along CHED, Ogas Store UCCP Church Balili, La Trinidad, BenguetConstruction of Pathway Shed500,000.00499,521.04Haight's Construction20% PDF 20172018-12-052018-01-21TerminatedMutually terminated Recommended for reprogramming
KibunganMadaymenConstruction of Enrique Jose Elementary School Waterworks System, MadaymenWaterworks system800,000.00780,345.86Four Brothers20% PDF - 20172019-01-170000-00-00Completed
BakunKayapaImprovement of Kayapa to Bulisay FMRRoads2,000,000.001,989,002.44SRBA General Construction /Ray Angluben20% PDF 20182018-05-092018-07-18Completed98.92% accomplishment; completed with underrun
BakunPoblacionTirepathing of Limosan-Tenging FMRRoads500,000.00491,624.18Pulicay Grandsons Construction20% PDF 20182018-05-092018-06-15Completed96.04% completed with underrun and liquidated damages.
TubaTwin PeaksImprovement of Bacaog-Bayating to Bawek FMR, Twin PeaksRoad750,000.00737,823.64Sapdoy Enterprises20% PDF CY 20182018-07-092018-08-31CompletedCompleted = 09/20/2018 Revised Target Date of Completion = 10/01/2018 1 suspension
MankayanTabioImprovement of Baguingey to Piled Panad Road,Tabio,Mankayan,BenguetImprovement of Road300,000.00299,506.14Dipas Builders20% PDF - 20182018-09-282018-10-24Completed Completed on 10-23-18
BuguiasAbatanImprovement of Halsema - Upper Nakiangan FMR,Abatan,Buguias,Benguet500,000.00487,603.27NAIR Construction20% PDF - 20182018-09-282018-11-04CompletedCompleted with LD
BuguiasLooImprovement of Loo-Panayaoan FMR, Loo, BuguiasRoad improvement250,000.00247,436.43MACGAT Construction20% PDF - 20180000-00-000000-00-00Completed
TubaCamp 6Improvement of Pathway with Shed Leading to Lower Green Valley to Millsite,Camp 6,Tuba,BenguetImprovement of pathway1,000,000.00997,132.86Roben B. Runas Construction20% PDF - 20182018-08-282018-10-27Completed1 suspension
BokodBilaConstruction of Grouted Riprap along the area of rural Health Center (RHC) Bila,Bokod,BenguetGrouted Riprap300,000.00275,054.88SRBA General Construction20% PDF - 20182018-09-252018-10-27Completedupdate as of January 2019
KabayanBallayImprovement of Ballay liang to taaw FMRRetaining Wall,PCCP2,000,000.001,995,573.59Jamil Sean Construction20% PDF 20182018-10-152019-01-02Completed
KabayanBallayImprovement of Barangay Road at Tinaleb, Ballay, Kabayan, BenguetRiprap road side500,000.00498,901.5620% PDF0000-00-000000-00-00Completed
MankayanBaliliRehabilitation of Water Works System, Balili E/S, Balili, MankayanWaterworks500,000.00498,000.00Donato-Sakiwat Construction20% PDF - 20182018-10-102018-10-12CompletedCompleted as programmed and usable.
BakunAmpusonganImprovement of Ampusongan to Nakanga RoadRoad improvement1,000,000.00975,251.70Pulicay Grandson's Construction20% PDF - 20182018-11-262019-01-09Completed
AtokCalikingConstruction of Barangay Health Station, Km. 24, CalikingBuilding2,500,000.002,494,029.72Drichloui Construction20% PDF 20182019-12-172019-07-01Completed
BakunGambangImprovement of Liwang - Bolbolo FMR, GambangRoads1,000,000.00998,842.86Drichloui Construction20% PDF 20182019-12-172019-03-12Completed
KapanganCubaConcreting of Bocao Foot TrailFoot trail300,000.00246,449.43CJ OLIVIA Construction20% PDF CY 20182019-01-072019-02-01CompletedCompleted and usable, final inspection, March 8, 2019.
La TrinidadWangalImprovement of Access Road and Site Development of Bahay Pag-asa Center WangalRoads5,000,000.004,840,141.38SEJ Construction & Aggregate20% PDF 20182019-01-222019-09-12Completed
TubaAnsaganConstruction of Terterem Flood Control, Ansagan, ProperFlood control1,200,000.001,197,007.12Reasons Construction20% PDF 20182019-01-172019-04-15Completed
TubaTadianganImprovement of Gymnasium at Tadiangan, TubaConstruction of Gym500,000.00456,152.44Four Brothers Construction20% PDF 20182019-01-172019-02-27CompletedCompleted and usable
BuguiasAbatanImprovement of Hospital Building and Annexes:Construction of Dental Room with Annexes,Construction of Gen. Expert Room,Abatan,BuguiasBuilding improvement1,800,000.001,796,551.23AIP Construction20% PDF-20182019-03-252019-05-14Completed
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of footbridge at Sitio LimingalingFootbridge2,000,000.001,995,102.84HGW=3 Eng'g & Construction20% PDF 20182019-03-012019-07-01CompletedCompleted with underrun.
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of PCCP with Drainage Canal at Provincial Housing Project,Phase II,WangalPCCP Construction2,000,000.001,977,778.29Pulicay Grandson's Construction20% PDF-20182019-03-252019-07-12Completed
La TrinidadAmbiongConstruction of Concrete Perimeter Fence (Phase II) to Enclose the Ambiong Elementary SchoolFence200,000.0020% PDF CY 20172017-12-020000-00-00CompletedOn-going with 85.08% accomplishment as of January 8, 2018 with liquidated damages.
KibunganMadaymenConstruction of PCCP along Tagpaya-Matikid FMR, Madaymen, KibunganRoad Pavement1,500,000.001,491,631.22Pulicay Grandson Construction20% PDF 20182018-11-262019-01-09CompletedCompleted with LD & Under run
BuguiasAmgaleygueyCompletion of Km. 73 Multi-Purpose Hall, AmgaleygueyBuilding1,500,000.001,445,578.04Drichloui Construction20% PDF 20182019-06-072019-10-12Completed
BuguiasBaculungan SurImprovement along Bad-ayan - Manhuyuhuy Provincial RoadRoads5,000,000.004,996,085.79Drichloui Construction20% PDF - 20182019-01-172019-05-06CompletedCompleted on June 24, 2019 with liquidated damages
MankayanSuyocRehabilitation of Gueday Waterworks System, Suyoc, MankayanWaterworks800,000.00797,192.20MALCO Construction20% PDF - 20182019-01-292019-03-19Completed
TublayAmbassadorConstruction of Barangay Health Station at Ambassador, Tublay, BenguetConstruction of Building2,232,705.96Elfer Construction and Enterprise20% PDF - 20182019-07-122019-10-31Completed
La TrinidadBinengImprovement along La Trinidad - Capitol - Bineng Provincial roadRoad5,000,000.004,612,561.80Sangin Gen. Construction20% PDF 20182019-03-272019-08-25Completed- Completed as of October 4, 2019. - 6 sections
KabayanGusaranConstruction of PCCP Along National Road JCT - Diboong - Bangao Provincial Road at KabayanRoad4,369,493.26Solonio Construction (Ritchie Solonio)20% PDF 20182019-01-312019-05-23TerminatedTerminated due to site problem. Contract terminated as of June 28, 2019
MankayanGuinaoangSlope Protection at Ambabag - Poy-oc FMR, Guinaoang, Mankayan, BenguetSlope Protection1,000,000.00997,631.5420% PDF 20180000-00-000000-00-00Completed
BakunGambangImprovement of Sookan-Gambang Barangay Road, GambangRoads1,000,000.00998,412.58Drichloui Construction20% PDF 20192019-06-072019-07-21CompletedImages taken on June 18, 2019
BuguiasLooSlope Protection and Improvement of Panayaoan - Loo Barangay RoadRoads1,000,000.00996,764.96HGW=3 Engineering and Construction20% PDF 20192019-06-072019-07-15Completed
BuguiasBuyacaoanImprovement of Bekes - Bayoyo FMR, BuyacaoanRoads500,000.00498,537.66Macgat Construction20% PDF 20192019-06-072019-07-05Completed
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Posel-Demang FMR, Poblacion, BuguiasRoads500,000.00498,916.90Macgat Construction20% PDF 20192019-06-072019-07-07Completed
TublayAmbassadorConstruction of PCCP,Coroz-Tabeo-Sto. Nino E/S Extension,Ambassador,Tublay,BengeutConstruction of PCCP2,000,000.001,994,961.86Tagel Construction20% PDF - 20192019-06-072019-08-14Completedcompleted
La TrinidadBahongRehabilitation along Bahong-Sadag Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00873,983.67SEJ Construction20% PDF 20192019-06-072019-07-16Completed
La TrinidadBeckelImprovement along Beckel - Balangbang Provincial RoadRoad5,000,000.004,981,598.22 Drichloui Construction (Roy M. Balay-odao)20% PDF 20192019-06-112019-11-09Completed
AtokCattuboImprovement along Tulodan - Sayangan Provincial RoadRoad5,000,000.004,974,491.08Efler Construction and Enterprise20% PDF 20192019-06-272020-10-15Completed1.) Suspension recommended effective June 27, 2019 pending the issuance of ECC; 2.) Actual date of completion: November 16, 2020.
BakunKayapaConstruction of Box Culvert at Kayapa-Bulisay FMR, Kayapa, Bakun1,200,000.001,189,781.43SRBA General Construction20% PDF 20192019-07-052019-08-21Completed
La TrinidadWangalGround Improvement and Completion of Indigenous BuildingBuilding 500,000.00496,075.33On Top ConstructionSB # 2 20202020-01-022020-02-12CompletedProject Engineer: Ceasar Wacay Geotagged by: J G. C
La TrinidadWangalRepair of PEO Building, Wangal, La Trinidad, BenguetBuilding Repair1,000,000.00997,587.97LBJ Construction2018 20% PDF2020-01-102020-02-14CompletedProject Engineer: Porter B. Camsol Geotagged by: Jeffrey G. Cabato
La TrinidadWangalImprovement of PEO Building/Extension Phase II (Planning ROW, Survey Section & Motor-pool DivisionBuilding6,500,000.006,446,093.50LBJ ConstructionGSO-20192020-01-102020-02-14CompletedProject Engineer: Porter B. Camsol Geotagged by: JC
TublayCapongaConstruction of Perimeter Fence at Palew ESPerimeter Fence500,000.00James Palangdan20% PDF 20172020-12-012020-10-10Completed
TublayBasilRehabilitation of Danis Water Works System, Basil TublayWater Works800,000.00798,440.00FMCwarriors ConstructionSB-No.1-20192020-01-092020-02-28Completed
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Multi-purpose Building at WangalBuilding2,000,000.001,939,644.41JCA Construction anfd Engineering Services20% PDF CY 2016 General Fund CY 20152017-07-180000-00-00Temporarily suspendedSuspended effective July 18, 2017 due to site problem. 1 suspension. Mutual Termination on process.
La TrinidadTawangConstruction of Senior Citizen's Building at Barangay TawangBuilding1,600,000.001,589,777.37Leo Heirs Construction20% PDF CY 2015 , SB No. 2 CY 2015 CCO - 20% PDF2016-11-282017-04-17CompletedBased from the picture taken on May 18, 2018, the building is not yet physically completed.
La TrinidadAmbiongImprovement of Gulon Road at AmbiongRoads1,800,000.001,699,101.63Drichloui Construction20% PDF CY 2015, SB No. 5 CY 20152017-01-122017-04-10Completed
TubaTadianganConcreting of Hydro 2-Absay Footpath at Tadiangan460,000.00458,565.68Roben Runas ConstructionSB No. 05 & GF 20152017-01-242017-03-10CompletedCluster "H" a) Control No. 08-16-00013 - Roben Runas Construction
BakunAmpusonganConstruction of Multi-purpose Building (Additional)Building4,500,000.004,496,765.54Reasons ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 2015 & 20% PDF CY 20162017-02-152017-09-15CompletedCompleted as per plan.
KabayanBallayImprovement of Inuman WWS, BallayWaterworks system150,000.00149,420.46Four BrothersSB #2 - 2015 & 20%PDF-20162019-01-172019-02-08Completed
TubaTabaan Nortea.) Construction of Parasipis Health Station (Phase II); b.)Construction of Barangay Health Station (Additional) Parasipis Tabaan Norte, TubaBuilding939,000.00937,348.97Roben Runas Construction20% Project Development Fund - 2015 & SB #2 GF-20162017-01-262017-10-07Completed
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Beyeng Barrio SchoolBuilding1,110,000.001,108,766.89Reasons Construction20% PDF CY 2016 SB No. 1 20172017-11-242018-02-21Completed1)Completed on February 20, 2018 2) 20% PDF CY 2016 (PhP 1,000,000.00) SB No. 1 CY, GF (PhP 110,000.00)
TubaSan PascualEstablishment of Provincial organic swine and poultry farm, San Pascual, Tuba (Construction of Phase I-Storage Building for feeds, supplies and tools for organic / native swine demo farm)Building400,000.00399,750.85Ruben Runas Construction20% PDF 2016 & SB # 1 20172019-01-172019-03-17CompletedCompleted (rough finishing)
KapanganBalakbaka) Fencing of Heritage Park Balakbak Elementary School, Kapangan; b) Fencing of Heritage Park Balakbak Elementary School, Kapangan - AdditionalFencing312,000.00301,400.17Four Brothers Construction20% PDF 2017 & SB# 1 20172019-01-172019-02-05Completed
BuguiasLengaoanConstruction of Gymnasium at Lengaoan - Waking Elementary SchoolBuilding5,000,000.004,996,492.54Almond Engineering and Construction20% PDF CY 2016 PSBF CY 20162016-09-132017-06-09CompletedCompleted on June 9, 2017
BuguiasLooConstruction of Taba-ao Waterworks System at PatpatWaterworks System100,000.0099,638.81SB No. 2 CY 20142017-11-222017-12-18CompletedFor post inspection
TubaSan PascualConstruction of Piggery BuildingBuilding1,600,000.001,460,043.43Queges Builders and Enterprise20% PDF 20142019-06-072019-10-01TerminatedSuspended due to site problem. Terminated as of February 03, 2020.
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Sinacbat Public Toilet with Shower RoomBuilding500,000.00499,131.17FMC Warriors ConstructionSB No. 4 CY 20152016-11-092017-01-26CompletedCompleted as per plan.
BuguiasLooImprovement of Lanas - Taba-ao - Nagutikan FMRRoads150,000.00149,663.94SB No. 2 CY 2016 GF2017-11-222017-12-21CompletedCompleted on December 21, 2017
BuguiasCatlubongConstruction of Bekes-Palakad Tirepath at Bekes-PalakadRoads500,000.00499,298.45Mel-Soc ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152017-02-152017-04-14CompletedRevised target completion date on April 16, 2017. Deducted PhP 500.00 due to substandard billboard.
BuguiasBuyacaoanCementing of Tirepath at DuntogRoads300,000.00298,864.29SB No. 5 CY 20152017-11-222017-12-12CompletedCompleted on December 12, 2017
BuguiasAmgaleygueyConcrete Tirepathing of Dangwa FMR at GuiweRoads300,000.00298,819.22SB No. 5 CY 2015 GF2017-11-222017-12-15CompletedCompleted on December 15, 2017
BokodEkipImprovement of Multi-Purpose Hall Pethal, Ekip, BokodBuilding Repair1,700,000.001,693,780.68Aroboan ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152017-08-032017-12-26CompletedCLUSTERED b) Control No.: 01-15-00052 - Aroboan Construction 85.21% completed with LD
KabayanEddetConstruction of Eddet Waterworks SystemWaterworks System1,000,000.00971,114.35SB No. 5 CY 20152017-02-032017-06-09CompletedCompleted and usable with underrun and liquidated damages.
KabayanBatanImprovement of Batan FMRRoads150,000.00148,665.424 Brothers ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152017-02-072017-03-04Completed
KabayanPoblacionImprovement of Poblacion Barangay HallBuilding Repair1,000,000.00998,467.63Akiki BuildersSB No. 5 CY 20152017-08-312018-02-06Completed90.00% Completed with liquidated damages - Total Cost Incurred PhP 898,621.05 as of March 2018; post-inspected on January 15, 2018
KabayanBashoyImprovement of Day Care Center, Pulag, BashoyBuilding Repair800,000.00793,116.38Aroboan ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152017-11-022017-11-24CompletedCompleted on February 22, 2018
KibunganMadaymenConstruction of Masala Day Care Center, Madaymen, KibunganBuilding800,000.00769,760.80SB #2 CY 20152016-12-122017-02-24Completed
ItogonAmpucaoEstablishment of Botanical Garden at AmpucaoGarden150,000.00149,553.31MK ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20152017-07-062017-07-20Completed cluster c: a) concreting of bito-pasiday fmr (phase II) in apmucao, itogon; b) establishment of botanical garden at ampucao, itogon
KapanganKapangan CentralConstruction of Garage and Warehouse, KMCH, Kapangan, BenguetBuilding1,000,000.00958,435.44Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20152017-12-052017-01-31Completed
KapanganCubaConstruction of Multi-Purpose Building, Cuba, Kapangang, BenguetBuilding500,000.00499,330.024Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152017-10-312017-12-08Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement of Benguet Museum BuildingBuilding improvement1,000,000.00996,883.81Haight's ConstructionSB No. 03 CY 2015 GF2017-12-012018-04-19Completed1) Completed March 21, 2018 2) This project was suspended on December 1, 2017 to January 17, 2018
La TrinidadBeckelImprovement of Barangay Road at PagalRoads150,000.00149,457.32SEJ ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 2015 GF2017-08-312017-09-15Completed75.43% Completed with under run.
La TrinidadBetagImprovement of Walkway at Benguet General HospitalBuilding Repair500,000.00499,797.53Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20152017-10-062017-11-21Completed
La TrinidadBetagImprovement of Benguet General Hospital BuildingBuilding Repair265,000.00264,706.34Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20152017-10-062017-11-16Completed
MankayanCabitenConstruction of Waiting Shed at Poked Las-igan, Cabiten, MankayanBuilding350,000.00348.476.08Baldas ConstructionSB No. 05 CY 20152017-01-232017-02-26CompletedCluster "G" b) Control No. 03-15-00028 c) 02-16-000122 - Baldas Construction
SablanBayabasConstruction of Multi-Purpose Building at BayabasBuilding1,200,000.001,187,446.89Anas ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152017-08-152017-12-29Completed
KapanganGaswilingCompletion of Barangay Health StationBuilding200,000.00 (Initial appropriation) family circle construction/marcos luma-angSB No. 5 CY 2015, SB No. 5 CY 2015 General Fund2016-06-292016-07-28Completed
ItogonTudingConstruction of Day Care Center (Phase II), LucnabBuilding990,000.00Ico Construction Services/ Jerico A. PalangdanSB No. 5 CY 20152016-03-282016-07-15Completed
BuguiasAbatanConstruction of Concrete Riprap along Gal-udan - Abatan Access RoadRoad Side150,000.00149,154.47Mel-Soc ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152016-08-292016-09-15Completed
TubaTaloy SurImprovement of Poyopoy Elementary School GroundBuilding1,000,000.00998,513.80SB No. 5 CY 20152016-06-302016-09-12CompletedCompleted - September 3, 2016
TublayAmbassadorInstallation of PVC Pipes for Sewerage SystemWaterworks System230,000.00228,665.67Hillstone BuildersSB No. 5 CY 20152016-09-072016-10-04CompletedCompleted on September 29, 2016
BuguiasLooPuputak - Beka Road Construction1,000,000.00997,839.84SB No. 5 CY 20152016-06-272016-08-04Completed
KapanganLabuegConstruction of Barangay Hall (Additional), LabuegBuilding400,000.00498,484.43Bolos Construction Engr. Edgar BaclawadSB No. 5 CY 20152016-06-292016-08-18CompletedCompleted on August 16, 2016
KapanganLabuegConcreting of Canal along Longboy - Tacal FMRRoads300,000.00298,961.72Guardian Construction, Ruben Pacheco Jr.SB No. 5 CY 20152016-07-062016-08-09CompletedCompleted on August 9, 2016
KapanganTaba-aoConcreting and Installation of handrails along Carel - Balete - Debeng Foot Trail at Daclan, Taba-ao200,000.00198,418.11Balangcod Construction/Fermin D. BalangcodSB No. 5 CY 20152016-07-062016-08-06CompletedCompleted on August 6, 2016
KapanganGadangCementing of Mangingeb to Bial Residence Footpath Trail, Namat-ican GadangRoads300,000.00299,131.56Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152016-11-092016-12-13CompletedCompleted on November 25, 2016
KabayanBatanConstruction of Bajeng Waterworks System, BatanWaterworks system200,000.00199,203.85Four BrothersSB #5 - 20152019-01-172019-02-22Completed
BakunBaguImprovement of Benggekan Road, BaguRoads500,000.00498,656.58FMC Warriors ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152016-08-262016-10-10CompletedCompleted on October 10, 2016
BokodAmbuklaoImprovement of Ambuklao Elementary StageBuilding Repair200,000.00199,822.924 Brothers ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152016-09-072016-10-11CompletedCompleted on October 6, 2016 (Backstage only)
KibunganSagpatConstruction of Flood Control at SagpatRoad Side500,000.00494,062.73Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 20152018-02-092018-03-21CompletedCompleted on March 21, 2018
KapanganCayapesWidening and Improvement of FMR from Barangay Central (Sagubo Junction) to CayapesImprovement of road900,000.00889,477.12Family Circle ConstructionSB # 5 20152019-01-312019-04-03Completed
TubaCamp 6a.)Construction of Footbridge at Riverside, Camp 6, Tuba; b.)Construction of Footbridge at Riverside, Camp 6, Tuba (additional), Camp6, Tuba, BenguetFootbridge364,073.42Juricmarc Constructiona.)SB#05CY2015 b.)SB#0120172018-09-242018-11-11Temporarily suspendedSuspended as of September 24, 2018. 1 suspension
AtokAbiangImprovement of Banangan-Lower Abiang FMRRoads750,000.00747,848.77RNAA BuildersSB No. 2 CY 20162017-05-302017-07-14Completed
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Footpath at Sinacbat to BoliboRoads150,000.00149,678.48NAIR Construction & EngineeringSB No. 2 CY 20162017-07-132017-08-01CompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunSinacbatConstruction of Galvanized Water Tank at Bakun National High School - ExtensionWaterworks System50,000.0049,475.73Sandstream ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-06-072017-06-20CompletedCompleted as per plan.
ItogonLoakanConstruction of waterworks system of purok II, Barangay LoakanWaterworks System500,000.00469,564.76SB No. 2 CY 20162017-01-202017-03-07Completed
BakunPoblacionConstruction of School GymnasiumBuilding5,000,000.004,994,877.86Reasons ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162016-12-042017-06-25CompletedCompleted as per plan.
BakunGambangConstruction of Kil-ingan Communal Forrest Nursery at YagoBuilding200,000.00199,830.67Sandstream ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-11-032017-11-30CompletedCompleted with underrun.
BakunGambangImprovement of Waterworks System at Cagam-isWaterworks System300,000.00299,618.13Sandstream ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 2016 2017-10-102017-11-09Terminated
BuguiasSebangRepair of Alapang - Lengaoan FootbridgeBridge300,000.00298,961.49On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 2016 GF2017-01-272017-03-06CompletedCompleted on March 6, 2017
MankayanTanegTaneg Road Opening, Baayan, Sabian, MankayanRoads500,000.00498,379.76Eugao ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 2016 GF2017-07-132017-08-19Completed
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Pasbol - Ibisan in SebangRoads300,000.00298,492.57SEJ ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-212017-03-07CompletedCompleted on March 7, 2017
BuguiasCatlubongImprovement of Ponopon - Lusab FMR (Additional)Roads500,000.00498,422.34SEJ ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-202017-03-20CompletedCompleted on March 20, 2017
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Padang - Naytoyab FMRRoads2,000,000.001,996,610.78SB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-062017-03-18CompletedCompleted on March 18, 2017
BuguiasBaculongan NorteRoad Improvement at Pugo - Yuko-an SectionRoads800,000.00797,766.47On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-222017-03-28CompletedCompleted on March 28, 2017
BuguiasPoblacionConstruction of Pavement at Bolo - Tocdo - FMR at PoblacionRoads1,000,000.00998,367.80SB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-062017-03-15Completed
BuguiasCatlubongImprovement of Mansoysoy - Ambanglo FMRRoads1,000,000.00983,659.40SB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-082017-05-05CompletedProject Completed with underrun and Liquidated Damages
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement along Puo - Apunan - Ketang FMRRoads500,000.00498,409.27On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-152017-09-22CompletedCompleted on September 22, 2017
BuguiasAmgaleygueyConstruction of Tirepath Junction Polis - Akiki FMRRoads500,000.00498,356.70On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-07-132017-08-07CompletedCompleted on August 7, 2017
BuguiasAmgaleygueyConstruction of Basketball Court at Sagandoy Elementary School (Phase 2)Building250,000.00249,375.79On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-07-132017-08-16CompletedCompleted on August 16, 2017 with liquidated damages
BuguiasLooConstruction of Balakbak - Magubgubang Flood Control at PusongRoad Side500,000.00497,261.70SB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-152017-09-22CompletedCompleted on September 22, 2017
BuguiasBangaoRoad Improvement at MacascasaRoads500,000.00498,779.85SB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-152017-09-26CompletedCompleted on September 26, 2017.
BuguiasBangaoConstruction of Pavement at Amdodon FMR, Tinapan SectionRoads300,000.00298,871.62SB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-152017-09-26CompletedCompleted on September 26, 2017.
BuguiasCalamaganTirepathing at PalonsayRoads400,000.00398,762.11SB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-162017-09-12CompletedCompleted on September 12, 2017
BuguiasCalamaganConstruction of Comfort Room for Calamagan Elementary SchoolBuilding400,000.00398,656.11SB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-162017-09-25CompletedRevised project completion date to September 25, 2017
BuguiasSebangImprovement of Panig-an - Butiki - Tamangan FMRRoads500,000.00497,738.63On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-152017-09-09CompletedCompleted on September 9, 2017 Clustered E1 Project, a)imp of panig-an - butiki - tamangan FMR, Buguis (Add'l) @ Sebang, Buguias, Benguet
BuguiasAmlimayImprovement of Dagway - Toplac Waterworks SystemWaterworks System300,000.00298,846.30On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-11-222017-12-30CompletedCompleted on December 30, 2017
BuguiasPoblacionConstruction of Kiosk at PoblacionBuilding50,000.0049,895.65On Top ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-11-222017-12-13CompletedCompleted on December 13, 2017
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of Sabyatan - Tocdo - Nilawitan FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,880.18ICO ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-11-222018-02-21CompletedCompleted on January 21, 2018
BuguiasBangaoRoad Improvement at Camanggaan, NatugtuganRoads500,000.00994,871.00ICO ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 2016 GF2017-11-222018-03-05CompletedCompleted on February 26, 2018
BuguiasBaculongan NorteGround Improvement of Bano-oy Elementary SchoolSchool Grounds500,000.00499,681.84SB No. 2 CY 20162017-11-222017-12-30CompletedCompleted - December 30, 2017 For post inspection
BuguiasPoblacionConstruction of 2 Classroom Building for Enggay - Willie Primary SchoolBuilding1,900,000.001,897,574.88HGW=3 Engineering & ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 2016 PSBF2017-10-262018-04-12Completed1) Revised target completion date April 12, 2018
KabayanBallayImprovement of Unnoy - Taaw FMRRoads1,000,000.00998,412.97SB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-082017-04-19Completed
KabayanTawanganImprovement of Lusod - Tawangan National High School Road at TawanganRoads400,000.00398,896.13Jamil Sean ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-03-012017-03-23Completed
KabayanBatanRehabilitation of Penged Waterworks SystemWaterworks System500,000.00498,463.25Sangin General ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-012017-03-09CompletedCompleted and usable with liquidated damages
KabayanBallayImprovement of Bagto - Akikian FMR at BallayRoads300,000.00299,755.22Jamil Sean ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-06-292017-07-24Completed
KabayanBallayConstruction of Riprap along Tinaleb FMR at BallayRoad Side500,000.00498,925.57Jamil Sean ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-06-292017-07-24Completed
KabayanGusaranImprovement of Road at Bangao - GusaranRoads500,000.00498,012.50Solonio ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-01-242017-02-15Completed
KabayanGusaranConstruction of Footpath at Tekeng - Mogaben, Gusaran, KabayanRoads250,000.00249,293.80Akiki BuildersSB No. 2 CY 20162017-10-172017-11-23Completed95.00% Completed with liquidated damages - Total Cost Incurred PhP 236,829.11 as of March 2018; Post-inspected on January 5, 2018
KabayanGusaranConstruction of Footpath at NaysuyocRoads250,000.00248,894.33Akiki BuildersSB No. 2 CY 20162017-10-172017-11-26Completed
KabayanAdaoayConcreting of Pathway along Adaoay National High School, BinadoRoad Side300,000.00299,277.47Akiki BuildersSB No. 2 CY 20162017-10-172017-11-24Completed
KabayanTawanganImprovement of Lubban - Hahagod FMRRoads200,000.00195,916.00SB No. 3 CY 20162017-11-222017-12-09Completed
KabayanAdaoayExtension of COMPAC at AdaoayBuilding Repair500,000.00490,331.90SB No. 4 CY 20162017-11-222018-02-10Completed
KapanganBeling-BelisCompletion of Day Care Center Beling-BelisBuilding500,000.00496,905.80Balangcod Construction, Fermin BalangcodSB No. 2 CY 20162016-12-052017-02-17CompletedCompleted as planned
KapanganLabuegImprovement of Longboy-Tacal Road in Labueg, Kapangan, BenguetRoads700,000.00683,463.85RNAA BuildersSB No. 2 CY 20162017-05-302017-07-19Completed
KapanganCayapesConstruction of Footbridge, Pilo, CayapesBridge300,000.00299,270.77Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-10-312017-12-05CompletedContract under cluster e: a) const of footbridge at pilo, cayapes, kapangan; b) const of multi-purpose building at cuba kapangan (add'l)
KibunganSagpatConstruction of Senior Citizen Building, Sagpat, KibunganBuilding1,200,000.001,157,715.09RNAA BuildersSB No. 2 CY 20162017-12-012018-05-09Completed1) Duration-158.20 Calendar Days 2) 100.00% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 1,157,715.09 as of May 2018
KibunganTacadangRehabilitation of Pingew FootbridgeBridge350,000.00348,997.60Akip Construction and EnterpriseSB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-072017-04-28Completed
ItogonAmpucaoSlope protection-Sinco, AmpucaoRoad Side1,000,000.00995,765.87MK ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-102017-10-06Completed
ItogonAmpucaoConcreting of Bito-Pasiday FMR (Phase II)Roads250,000.00248,984.80MK ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-07-062017-07-16Completedcontract under cluster c: a) concreting of bito-pasiday fmr (phase II) in apmucao, itogon; b) establishment of botanical garden at ampucao, itogon
ItogonLoacanConstruction of footpath with railings at Anteg-inRoad Side200,000.00198,042.52BEMADA ConstructionSB No. 2 CY GF2017-11-302018-01-07CompletedCompleted on January 5, 2018 contract under cluster c: c) const of footpath with railings at anteg-in, loacan, itogon
La TrinidadTawangImprovement of Tawang ViewdeckBuilding Repair300,000.00298,685.78Universal De Leon Construction and AggregatesSB No. 2 CY 20162017-02-142017-04-14CompletedWriting were found on the viewdeck
La TrinidadPuguisImprovement of Guadayan RoadRoads1,200,000.001,197,228.88RNAA BuildersSB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-242017-10-24Completed
La TrinidadAmbiongConstruction of Perimeter Fence of Ambiong Elementary SchoolFence200,000.00194,660.84Universal De Leon Construction and AggregatesSB No. 2 CY 20162017-07-102017-08-14CompletedCompleted with liquidated damages
La TrinidadTawangImprovement of Cruz - Tawang RoadRoads500,000.00498,997.47Universal De Leon Construction and AggregatesSB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-262017-09-18Completed
La TrinidadTawangImprovement of Road from Barangay Hall to CemeteryRoads500,000.00498,200.82SB No. 2 CY 20162017-01-242017-05-04Completed
La TrinidadBeckelConstruction of Senior Citizen's Building (Phase II)Building800,000.00798,088.41ICO ConstructionSB No. 5 CY 2015, GF2017-11-222018-02-13Completed1) Completed 2) Suspended January 31, 2018 - March 21, 2018 3) Revised target date of completion = April 2, 2018
La TrinidadPoblacionCompletion of Fencing Jail Perimeter at PGO JailFence200,000.00198,259.06SB No. 2 CY 20162017-01-242017-03-30Completed
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement of School Ground at La Trinidad Central SchoolSchool Grounds400,000.00397,079.36RNAA builders, Roy k. KepesSB No. 2 CY 20162017-01-202017-02-16Completed
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Senior Citizen's Multi-Purpose Building, Poblacion BakunBuilding1,000,000.00979,019.15Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162018-01-172018-04-23Completed
BakunPoblacionImprovement of Bagiw Foottrail Phase IRoads300,000.00294,988.55Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162018-01-312018-03-17CompletedCompleted on March 17, 2018 with underrun
BuguiasPoblacionImprovement of the School Ground of Buguias Central School in Poblacion, Buguias, BenguetBuilding Repair500,000.00498,469.92SEJ ConstructionSB No. 3 CY 20162017-02-132017-04-10Completed
KapanganKapangan CentralConstruction of Barangay Hall, Central KapanganBuilding1,500,000.001,391,622.12Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162018-01-182018-05-04Completed
La TrinidadBeckelRoad Improvement - Sapsing and Beckel (Phase II)Construction of PCCP and drainage canal500,000.00498,933.68SEJ Construction and AggregatesSB No. 2 CY 20162017-08-180000-00-00Temporarily suspended1) Suspended Aug. 18, 2017; The Barangay officials and end users had requested for the mutual termination of this project to pave way for the preparation of a new program of work. 2) Update as of June 2018
TubaCamp 4Road Opening and Construction of Grouted Riprap Retaining Wall at Lalab, Camp 4, Tuba,BenguetRoad Opening and Construction of Grouted Riprap Retaining Wall700,000.00663,590.25Sapdoy EnterpriseSB # 3 - 20162018-11-192019-04-11Completed1 suspension
SablanBalluayImprovement of Talwan - Peril FMRRoads800,000.00799,495.18Guardian Construction20% PDF CY 20162019-03-132019-04-28CompletedOngoing, 70% completed
BakunPoblacionImprovement of Bagiw FootbridgeBridge280,000.00279,601.60Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20172017-11-292018-02-22Completed1) Cluster "G" Pulicay Grandsons Construction 2) Completed on February 22, 2018.
BakunPoblacionImprovement of Bagiw FoottrailRoads500,000.00466,458.38Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20172017-11-292018-02-22Completed1) Cluster "G" Pulicay Grandsons Construction 2) Completed on February 6, 2018
La TrinidadBetagImprovement of Betag Road (Passing by INC Church)Roads2,000,000.001,997,181.97Buganheirs Engineering ConstructionSB No.1 CY 2017 GF2017-12-010000-00-00CompletedCompleted on June 26, 2018
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Corridor and Upper Bleachers for the Multi-Purpose Gym at Benguet Sports CenterBuilding Repair416,000.00414, 225.50RNAA BuildersSB No. 1 CY 20172018-02-092018-03-03CompletedCompleted on February 23, 2018
BokodKaraoImprovement of Poblacion to Karao FMR Located at KaraoRoads1,500,000.001,444,887.92Summerlin ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20172018-03-062018-05-05CompletedCompleted with revised target completion date of May 20, 2018
BokodKaraoImprovement of Boligueng Turning Point, Karao RoadPCCP & Slope Protection1,500,000.001,444,394.44Summerlin ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20172018-03-062018-05-08Completed1) Suspended as of March 6, 2018 and resumed on April 18, 2018; 2) Suspended again on July 16, 2018; 3) Resumed on November 7 ; 4) Completed w/ LD;
MankayanColaloConstruction of Quarantine Checkpoint at Colalo, Mankayan, BenguetBuilding550,000.00544,195.35EUGAO ConstructionSB No. 2 20172018-05-172018-07-21Completed
KabayanBallayGround Levelling and Construction of Retaining Wall at Ballay Elementary School Coumpoundconstruction of retaining wall1,000,000.00947,269.92Jamil Sean ConstructionSB # 1 20172019-01-172019-02-28Completed
BokodEkipConstruction of Comfort Rooms, Bokod National High School, Poodan, Ekip, BokodBuilding1,000,000.00997,519.22Hillbrand EngineeringSB No. 1 CY 20172018-03-072018-07-28Temporarily suspended2 suspensions Suspended as of March 6, 2018; Resumed on September 5, 2018. Revised Target Date of Completion January 8, 2019 Awaiting for the endorsement of the Mayor of Bokod for resumption.
AtokPaoayConstruction of Kochi-Benguet Sisterhood Park Waterworks SystemWaterworks System509,000.00508,651.11Haight's ConstructionSB No.1 CY 20172018-01-172018-03-13Completed
AtokCalikingImprovement of Sayet-Ammey Farm to Market RoadRoads500,000.00498,930.13Sangin General ConstructionSB No.1 CY 20172018-02-072018-03-16Completed
BuguiasBangaoConstruction of Vegetable Processing CenterBuilding3,200,000.003,197,341.64AIP ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20172017-12-112018-03-31CompletedRevised target date of completion: 07/09/2018 2 suspensions
KapanganGaswilingConstruction of Riprap Retaining Wall for Gaswiling BeMONCRoad Side509,451.36Pulicay Grandsons ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 2017, GF2018-01-182018-03-05CompletedCompleted on March 5, 2018
SablanBagongRepair and Painting of Gonzales Elementary School LibraryBuilding Repair490,000.00481,966.07Guardian ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20172018-01-172018-04-20Completed
BokodEkipConstruction of Pangis Footbridge in Ekip, BokodBridge495,000.00491,886.32Vanket Engineering and ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 20172018-02-012018-03-22CompletedCompleted
MankayanSuyocConstruction of FMR Riprap, Suyoc, MankayanRiprap500,000.00459,828.97A.L Sagandoy ConstructionSB No. 1 20172018-08-202018-10-10Completed
BuguiasBuyacaoanConstruction of Salingao to Ikip Flood Control (Batbatoan Section)Flood Control Construction1,000,000.00984,989.21Juricmarc ConstructionSB no. 2-20172018-11-132019-01-20Completed
KapanganBalakbakConstruction of Comfort Room at the Heritage Park, Balakbak, KapanganConstruction of Comfort Room500,000.00496,141.26Precious Gold BuildersSB # 1 - 20172018-12-122019-02-05CompletedCompleted, final inspection, March 8, 2019.
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Four Bathrooms (2 Male Bathrooms, 2 Female Bathrooms) and Laundry Area with Water Tank at Benguet Bahay Pag-asa Center La Trinidad, BenguetConstruction of Bathroom1,000,000.00980,600.88NAIR Construction & EngineeringSB # 1-20172018-11-142019-01-25CompletedCompleted and usable.
ItogonTinongdanConstruction of Ambowet Footbridge at Sitio DomolposFootbridge300,000.00278,837.14YKJ - LHAT General ConstructionSB #1 20170000-00-000000-00-00CompletedCompleted and usable.
TublayDaclanImprovement of Alukip Barangay RoadRoads500,000.00469,127.16Hillstone Builders20% PDF 20170000-00-002019-11-04CompletedCompleted
La TrinidadBetagImprovement of Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase II), BeGH, Betag, La Trinidad, BenguetImprovement of Sewage1,000,000.00926,479.29AKIP Construction and Enterprise20% PDF 20172018-08-082019-03-06Completed1 suspension
ItogonLoacanCompletion of Perimeter Fence at Loacan National High SchoolPerimeter Fence150,000.00149,829.00YKJ-LHAT General ConstructionSB #1 20172019-03-282019-04-29CompletedCompleted
BokodAmbuklaoDevelopment of Historical Sites and Prospective Tourist Destinations of Barangay Ambuklao, Bokod, BenguetMarker500,000.00499,369.6420% PDF 20182018-10-152018-11-15Completed
KibunganMadaymenConstruction of concrete pavement along Tagpaya-Salong FMRRoads2,500,000.002,487,572.46HGH=3 Eng'g & ConstructionSB#02 20182019-02-062019-05-09Completed
ItogonTinongdanImprovement of the Hospital Building and Cottages at Itogon District Hospital at Itogon,BenguetBuilding improvement2,500,000.002,315,652.47Tepanlu Construction and SupplySB # 01-20192019-06-112019-09-29Completed
MankayanBulalacaoConstruction of Concrete Pavement along Halsema Junction-CotCot-Bulalacao FMR, Bulalacao, MankayanConcrete Pavement600,000.00564,070.49Nair Construction & EngineeringSB #1 CY 2017 GF2018-08-102018-09-18Completed
ItogonTinongdanA) Construction of Garage and Morgue and OPD CR; B) Construction of Hospital Morgue Garage, Outside Male and Female CR; C) Upgrading of Facility, IDHConstruction of Building1,800,000.001,777,685.59WDG ConstructionSB # 2 - 2014 / 20% PDF-20152018-09-062018-06-09CompletedCompleted and usable.
BuguiasNatublengConstruction of Natubleng E/S Open Gym (Phase 1), Construction of Gym (Additional) Natubleng E/S, Construction of Gymnasium at Natubleng E/SBuilding5,000,000.004,996,971.65SB No. 4 CY 2015 GF, 20% PDF CY 2016, SEF CY 20162016-07-082017-03-24CompletedCompleted on March 27, 2017
La TrinidadPoblacionImprovement/ Installation of Roofing for the Third Floor of the Warehouse (DILG Office)Improvement of Building300,000.00268,914.28Hillstone BuildersLDRRMF Trust fund2019-01-312019-02-20Completed
BuguiasAmgaleygueyConstruction of Divsersion Canal and Open Tank Protected by Gabion835,000.00LDRRMF CY 20132017-11-222017-12-30CompletedFor Post Inspection
BakunGambangConstruction of Slope Protection as Batanes Primary SchoolRoad Side900,000.00897,860.48Drichloui ConstructionLDRRMF CY 20152017-08-042017-12-10CompletedCompleted as per plan
BuguiasBangaoRehabilitation of Bailey Bridge, LapalapBridge330,000.00328,640.98On Top ConstructionLDRRMF CY 20152017-01-272017-02-24Completed
BakunPoblacionRehabilitation/Improvement of Poblacion Canal System2,903,000.00LDRRMF CY 2015 Trust Fund2016-04-112016-07-02CompletedCompleted on July 18, 2016 with liquidated damages
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Concrete Drainage Canal & Footpath at Wagangan, Poblacion, Bakun350,000.00347,319.86NAIR Construction and EngineeringLDRRMF CY 2016-Trust Fund2018-06-262018-08-11Completed
BuguiasLooConstruction of Retaining Wall and Restoration of Concrete Pavement along Lanas- Taba-ao Farm to Market RoadRoad700,000.00673,225.02Drich Loui ConstructionLDRRMF 20162018-07-252018-09-16Completed
ItogonViracRehabilitation along Baguio - Balatoc Provincial RoadRoads8,016,454.94Compass Rose Builders/ Daniel T. SibeliusLDRRMF Trust Fund2016-07-212017-05-13CompletedCompleted on June 6, 2017 with liquidated damages
KapanganPudongImprovement of Cadtay - Pudong Provincial RoadRoads1,000,000.00996,861.13Balangcod Construction, Fermin D. BalangcodLDRRMF CY 20162016-04-062016-07-19Completedwith under run and Liquidated Damages
KapanganSaguboImprovement along Lomon - Sagubo Provincial RoadRoads3,000,000.002,996,978.82Bolos Engineering & Construction, Edgar B. BaclawaLDRRMF CY 20162016-04-262016-08-05CompletedWith under run and liquidated damages
KapanganPaykekImprovement along Lomon - Paykek Provincial RoadRoads2,000,000.001,989,500.32Balangcod Construction, Fermin D. BalangcodLDRRMF CY 20162016-04-062016-09-05Completed99.047% completed due to under run
TublayAmbassadorImprovement along Labey - Lacamen Provincial RoadRoads2,000,000.001,997,799.27Leo Heirs Construction/ Emmanuel S. LeoLDRRMF CY 20162016-04-182016-09-26Completedwith Liquidated Damages
MankayanGuinaoangConstruction of Retaining Wall at GuinaoangRoad Side767,000.00748,224.05Sharamelle Construction and General EngineeringLDRRMF CY 2016 Trust Fund2018-03-282018-05-24CompletedCompleted on May 19, 2018, with 748,224.05 total cost incurred.
BakunPoblacionConstruction of Drainage Canal and Riprap at BacungRoadside350,000.00346,675.11SRBA General ConstructionLDRRMF 20162018-06-292018-09-03Completed
La TrinidadBinengImprovement along Capitol - Bineng Provincial RoadRoads1,500,000.001,498,460.84SEJ ConstructionLDRRMF CY 20172017-12-202018-03-10Completed82.09% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 1,230,086.50 as of March 2018
MankayanTanegConstruction of Vehicular Bridge at Sitio Kil-inganBridge9,265,000.009,171,622.06Compass Rose BuildersLDRRMF CY 20172017-12-012018-05-17CompletedSuspended on March 5, 2018 due to change order (inclusion of pedestrian lane). Resumed on April 30, 2018. And Actual Date of Completion is May 16, 2018.
ItogonViracImprovement of Kias - Padcal - Philex Provincial RoadRoads1,500,000.001,497,811.06ICO ConstructionLDRRMF CY 20172018-02-092018-04-23Completed36.42% Completed with 8.51% slippage- Total Cost Incurred PhP 545,502.79 as of April 13, 2018
La TrinidadWangalImprovement/ Upgrading of PDRRM Equipment Shed Multi-purpose warehouseImprovement of Building523,653.80Hillstone BuildersLDRRMF CY 20172019-01-312019-03-19Completed
ItogonAmpucaoRehabilitation of Manganese Elementary School BuildingBuilding Repair400,000.00388,622.94Aljune BuildersLDRRMF Trustfund2018-03-122018-04-22Completedcompleted on April 18, 2018
TubaTwin PeaksImprovement along Camp1, Indaoac, Twin Peaks Provincial RoadRoad Side Improvement1,000,000.00944,702.23Sapdoy Enterprise / William W. SapdoyLDRRMF2018-07-182018-11-20CompletedCompleted as Planned.
TublayAmbongdolanConstruction of Riprap at Pungayan - Betwag FMRRiprap830,000.00795,230.04Akip Construction and EnterpriseLDRRMF-20182019-06-072019-07-25Completed
KibunganSagpatA.) Improvement along Kibungan Junction - Sagpat Provincial Road; B.)Rehabilitation along JNR Sagpat-Sapdaan Provincial RoadRoads3,000,000.002,467,119.09Balangcod ConstructionLDRRMF 2018 and 20192019-06-072019-08-21Completed
KapanganDatakan, Labueg, and LomonRehabilitation along Datakan-Labueg-Lomon Provincial RoadRoads4,000,000.003,971,017.91Balangcod ConstructionLDRRMF2019-06-072019-10-19CompletedBrief description of project: Road concreting, removed and replaced PCCP, grouted riprap, gabion, and retaining wall; - 1 suspension (August 7-29, 2019); - Date completed: September 27, 2019
MankayanGuinaoang, Suyoc, and TanegConstruction of Two Terraced Retaining Wall along Guinaoang-Suyoc-Taneg Provincial RoadRetaining Wall1,600,000.001,466,826.83Dicay Construction Supply and ServicesLDRRMF, Trust Fund2019-04-020000-00-00Completed
La TrinidadPicoConstruction of Drainage Canal at Lower Capjaran - Obudan, Km. 4Canal700,000.00685,168.88Hillstone BuildersLDRRMF, Trust Fund2019-06-072019-08-03Completedcompleted
AtokCalikingRehabilitation along Jose Mencio Provincial Road (section not covered by PRDP)Road6,000,000.005,838,541.52 Almond Engineering and Construction (Rogelio D. Alimondo)LDRRMF TF 20192019-06-272020-02-14CompletedCompleted as of February 26, 2020.
ItogonBalatocRehabilitation along Baguio - Balatoc - Itogon Provincial RoadRoad500,000,000.004,180,653.53 A.L. Sagandoy Construction (Agapito L. Sagandoy)LDRRMF TF 20192019-06-272019-09-13Completedby JC
BuguiasBaculongan NorteImprovement of Bano-oy Elementary School of Baculongan Norte, Buguias780,000.00778,462.79PSB No. 9 CY 20152016-02-040000-00-00Completed
BuguiasPoblacionCompletion of Gymnasium for Stage and Bleachers of Buguias Central School in Central Buguias (Additional)Building780,000.00778,176.94Random BuildersPSBF CY 20152017-05-302017-09-08CompletedRevised target completion date to October 1, 2017.
KibunganLuboConstruction of Cottage in Lubo, Kibungan, Benguet (additional)Building1,000,000.00983,075.85Cabuguisan BuildersPSBF CY 20152017-01-272017-05-23Completed
MankayanTabioConstruction of Building Phase II for Lepanto National High School, Palatong Annex in Palatong Mankayan (additional)Building1,200,000.001,185,000.00Donato Sakiwat ConstructionPSBF CY 20152017-03-222017-07-13CompletedNeed additional fund
BokodEkipReconstruction of Naswak Elementary School Teacher's CottageBuilding Repair1,000,000.00998,383.49PSBF CY 20152016-06-292016-10-07CompletedSuspended on August 12, 2016 to September 5, 2016
SablanBayabasConstruction of Multi-Purpose Building (Phase II), Agri-Eco FarmBuilding1,000,000.00935,010.68Anas Construction20% PDF CY 2015 2018-09-032018-12-08Completed
BuguiasAbatanCompletion of School Building for Abatan Elementary SchoolBuilding500,000.00497,530.17On Top ConstructionPSBF CY 20162017-11-222017-12-31CompletedFor post inspection
KapanganSaguboRehabilitation of Tadayan Elementary School in Pudong, Kapangan, Benguet500,000.00Balangcod Construction, Fermin BalangcodPSBF-20162017-02-162017-06-13CompletedRepair of tadayan elem school in pudong, kapangan
KapanganPudongRepair of Tadayan Elementary School in Pudong, Kapangan, BenguetBuilding Repair900,000.00897,070.68Balangcod ConstructionPSBF CY 20162017-01-272017-08-01Completed
KapanganPaykekConstruction of Sabagit Footpath, Cadtay, Paykek, KapanganRoads200,000.00198,553.86Balangcod ConstructionSB No. 2 CY 20162017-10-072017-12-03CompletedContract under cluster l: a) construction of sabagit footpath, cadtay, paykek, kapangan
La TrinidadBeckelRehabilitation of Lamut Elementary SchoolBuilding Repair500,000.00498,659.31ICO ConstructionPSBF CY 20162017-02-082017-03-30Completed99.84% Completed with under run.
BakunGambangCompletion of School Building for Tingbaoen - Galisen Elementary School at Gambang, BakunCompletion of Building500,000.00495,289.88SRBA Gen. ConstructionPSBF CY 20162019-01-302019-04-12CompletedCompleted with LD
TublayAmbassadorRepair of Dorencio Elementary School (Coroz Elementary School) Building in Ambassador, TublayBuilding Repair700,000.00698,956.09Leo Heirs ConstructionPSBF CY 20162017-01-280000-00-00Completed
MankayanBulalacaoCompletion of Caew Elementary School BuildingBuilding611,000.00603,251.03PSBF CY 20162016-07-202016-10-28Completed
MankayanGuinaoangImprovement of Ambabag FMRRoads500,000.00488,554.05Malco ConstructionPSBF CY 20162016-09-192016-11-02Completed
BakunBaguImprovement of Barbarit Primary School BuildingBuilding Repair400,000.00399,293.84Apaklo ConstructionPSBF CY 20162018-02-272018-05-27Terminated
ItogonDalupiripRehabilitation of Fianza Memorial National High School Waterworks SystemWaterworks System285,000.00284,070.62SFF EnterprisePSBF CY 20172018-01-242018-03-04CompletedCompleted on March 2, 2018
ItogonDalupiripConstruction of Stage at Lawigen Elementary SchoolStage500,000.00497,126.57Compass Rose BuildersPSBF 20172019-02-072019-04-10CompletedCompleted and Usable
SablanPoblacionRepair of Damaged HE and Industrial Arts Building, Walk Shed and Flag Pole of Palali Elementary School in Palali, SablanBuilding Repair800,000.00739,910.16HGW=3 Engineering & ConstructionSB No. 1 CY 2017-PSB, SB No. 1 CY 2017- GF PEO2018-01-172018-04-01CompletedCompleted on March 28, 2018
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Multi-Purpose Gymnasium at the Benguet Sports Center (Phase VII), Wangal, La Trinidad4,993,676.18Anitos construction / marty manayosTrust Fund 2015 DILG Pamana2016-03-220000-00-00CompletedPartial accomplishment (86.67..%)of his contract due on const. of multi-purpose gymnasium at benguet sports center (phase IV),wangal,la trinidad
BuguiasLooLoo Farm to Market RoadRoads1,000,000.00994,514.262015 SP Res. No. 15-377 Trust Fund2017-02-082017-03-15Completed
BakunDalipeyOpening/Improvement of Dagadangan-Copcopit RoadRoads32,000,000.0031,982,382.30MAKJAY Construction and Bakun ConstructionPAMANA 20152015-10-082018-07-17Terminated1) 85.94% completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 27,587,513.54 2) Project terminated for default as of December 2018 3) Length - 4312 meters
KabayanTawanganImprovement of Talabing - Tinoc Road, TawanganRoads12,000,000.009,439,087.18Cabuguisan BuildersPAMANA 20162017-01-242017-05-17Terminated1) 44.6821% completion which is equivalent to Php 4,202,384.37 2) Project terminated for default
KibunganSagpatOpening from Bokes-Saddle to Lasilas, Tawang towards Badeo, Kibungan, BenguetRoads10,000,000.006,999,999.99Cabuguisan BuildersPAMANA 20162017-02-152018-04-21Terminated1) Ongoing; Original Target Completion date: April 21, 2018 2) Suspension Order No. 1 Effective February 15, 2017 due to procurement of ECC and Tree Cutting Permit; Resumer Order No. 1: March 30, 2017. 3) Suspension Order No. 2 effective March 30, 2017 due to on-going project implemented by MLGU. 4) Suspension Oder No. 3 effective August 31, 2017 awaiting for the relocation of BENECO POST and for the action of the concerned office regarding the query of the contractor regarding the COA-AOM. 5) Resume order No. 3 issued and received on April 23, 2018 6) Completed 16.4% w/ -2.34% slippage - Total Cost Incurred PhP 1,148,036.40 - as of May 2018 7) for termination as directed by DILG
MankayanCabitenConcreting of Cabiten - Kamantaki Road at Cabiten, MankayanRoads20,000,000.0019,979,773.81Rocky 5GPAMANA 20162017-01-232018-09-02Terminated1) 58.19% completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 11,626,938.36 2) Project terminated for default
KabayanTawanganLeveling and Improvement of Tawangan Elementary School Ground, Tawangan KabayanSchool Improvement, Ground Leveling and Riprap300,000.00299,375.02Akiki BuildersSB No. 2, 20162018-07-032018-08-04Completed
TublayTublay CentralConstruction of Gymnasium at Tublay School of Home Industries in Tublay Central, TUBLAYBuilding2,000,000.00Hillstone Builders/ Hudson W. DepolioPSB CY 20152016-03-212017-02-13Completedpayment of projects. a)cons.of tublay central gymnasium @ tublay central.b)cons,of gymnasium @ TSHI in tublay central,tublay benguet.
KapanganSaguboRehabilitation of Amponget Barrio School in Sagubo, Kapangan (additional)Building Repair500,000.00496,736.13Bolos Engineering and ConstructionSEF CY 2016 MOOE2017-02-162017-06-13CompletedFor additional Funding
ItogonGumatdangRehabilitation of Gumatdang Elementary School Building in Gumatdang, ItogonBuilding Repair800,000.00797,762.30Compass Rose BuildersSpecial Education Fund 2016 MOOE2018-01-172018-05-21CompletedCompleted as of May 23, 2018
BakunKayapaConstruction of Water Works System for Cadsi-Amoy Elementary School in Kayapa, BakunWaterworks System400,000.00399,369.29SRBA General ConstructionSEF CY 2016 CO2018-02-012018-03-10CompletedCompleted on March 5, 2018
La TrinidadBeckelConstruction of Gymnasium for Beckel Elementary School in Beckel, La Trinidad (additional)Building1,000,000.00998,433.41SEF CY 20162016-03-220000-00-00Completed
MankayanBulalacaoCompletion of Ca-ew Elementary School Building in Bulalacao, MankayanBuilding611,000.00603,251.03SEF CY 20162016-07-060000-00-00Completed
TubaTadianganImprovement of Kiwas Elementary School in Tadiangan, TubaBuilding Repair460,000.00458,565.68Roben Runas ConstructionSEF CY 20162017-01-030000-00-00CompletedCluster "H" b) Control No. 0203-15-00028 - Roben Runas Construction
AtokTopdacConstruction of School Building for Ja'pa Elementary School in Topdac, AtokBuilding800,000.00794,982.99Sangin General ConstructionSEF CY 20162017-01-170000-00-00Completed
AtokCattuboConstruction of two-storey building for Calasipan Elementary School at CalasipanSchool Building 3,293,218.003,277,624.12Camrock constructionSEF 2018 SB #12019-02-082019-10-05CompletedCompleted and Geo-tagged on October 17, 2019.
TublayAmbassadorConstruction of Gymnasium for Pontino Elementary School in Ambassador, Tublay (additional)Building2,600,000.002,533,797.22Pecdasen BuildersSpecial Education Fund SB #1 CY 20182020-03-032021-01-15Completed
BokodPitoConstruction of Basketball Court for Pilpiok Elementary School in Pito, BokodBuilding 500,000.00498,681.86SEF CY 20162016-06-222016-08-24Completed
KabayanKabayan BarrioGround Improvement of Kamora National High SchoolBuilding Repair500,000.00499,012.86SEF CY 20162016-06-220000-00-00Completed
MankayanPoblacionConstruction of Shed for Lepanto National High School in Mankayan (additional)Building1,000,000.00998,253.80SEF CY 20162016-06-200000-00-00Completed
KapanganSaguboConstruction of Gymnasium for Kapangan National High School (additional)Building2,000,000.001,997,536.35Balangcod Construction, Fermin BalangcodSEF CY 20162016-06-130000-00-00Completed
AtokAbiangOpening of Kisset - Moding FMR, AbiangRoads500,000.00497,456.46SANGIN Gen. Construction20% PDF CY 20162018-05-092018-06-16Temporarily suspendedTemporarily suspended pending issuance of CNC by DENR
AtokAbiangCompletion of Sub-Clinic, Bocao, AbiangBuilding300,000.00299,344.47Drichloui Construction20% PDF CY 20162018-05-092018-06-19Completed
ItogonDalupiripBantic Water Works SystemsWaterworks system830,223.32Compass Rose Builders20% PDF 20160000-00-002019-08-04Completed
KapanganDatakanRepair of Datakan Elementary School Building in Datakan, Kapangan, BenguetBuilding600,000.00598,836.96Vanket Engineering and ConstructionSEF CY 20172017-10-202018-01-13CompletedCompleted on January 12, 2018
La TrinidadPoblacionRepair of Benguet National High School Slope Protection and DrainageRoad Side500,000.00499,282.24ICO ConstructionSEF CY 20172017-11-222018-01-08CompletedCompleted on January 26, 2018 with liquidated damages
La TrinidadPoblacionRepair of Buyagan Elementary School BuildingBuilding Repair150,000.00149,414.85Ico Construction Services, Jerico PalangdanSEF CY 20172017-11-222017-12-05Completedcontract under cluster h: a) repair of benhs slope protection and drainage, wangal; b) repair of buyagan e/s building , poblacion, la trinidad
TublayBaayanRepair of Baayan Elementary School Annex BuildingBuilding Repair600,000.00598,868.65Sangin General ConstructionSEF CY 20172018-03-082018-04-14CompletedCompleted on May 8, 2018, with 598,868.65 total cost incurred.
La TrinidadWangalRepair of SPED Center Slope Protection in WangalRoad Side500,000.00447,067.71Guardian ConstructionSEF CY 20172018-01-172018-03-02Completed1) Completed 2) Suspended effective February 27, 2018 pending preparation and approval of Change Order No. 01
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Covered Court for Regional Science High School, Wangal, La Trinidad BenguetBuilding1,500,000.001,498,400.95SEJ ConstructionSEF CY 20172018-02-272018-06-04Completed
TubaAnsaganConstruction of Fence at Ansagan E/SConstruction of Fence300,000.00293,987.62FMC WarriorsSEF-20172018-11-292018-12-31Completed
KabayanBallayConstruction of Fence at Ballay Elementary School, Ballay, KabayanFence500,000.00478,538.53Haight's ConstructionSEF 20172018-09-052018-07-06Terminated
La TrinidadShilanRepair of Pagal Elementary School, La Trinidad, 3 ClassroomsSchool Building8000,000.00760,127.37On Top ConstructionSEF2018-11-142019-02-17CompletedCompleted and usable.
BokodPitoRepair of Galsa Elementary School, Bokod - 3 Classrooms at Pito, Bokod, BenguetBuilding Repair900,000.00895,000.00SEF - 20182019-04-122019-07-08Completed
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of Walk with Shed for Manganese E/S Ampucao, Itogon, BenguetWalk Shed250,000.00249,379.50ICO ConstructionSEF 2016, SB #30000-00-002018-09-13Completed
ItogonViracRehabilitation of Drainage Canal along Baguio - Balatoc - Itogon Provincial RoadRoad Side980,000.00914,851.61ICO ConstructionSLRF CY 20152017-04-202017-06-28Completed
SablanKamogRehabilitation of Drainage Canal along Calot - Kamog - Pappa Provincial RoadRoads1,960,000.001,630,161.50Anas ConstructionSLRF CY 20152017-04-012017-07-14Completed
La TrinidadShilanRehabilitation of Drainage Canal along Shilan - Sagpawe Provincial RoadRoad Side1,960,000.001,939,172.69ICO ConstructionSLRF CY 20152017-09-052017-11-05Completedwith liquidated damages
La TrinidadWangalRehabilitation of Drainage Canal along Buyagan - Wangal Banengbeng Provincial RoadRoad Side2,438,073.402,433,059.07Cliff ConstructionSLRF CY 20152017-04-202017-07-23Completedwith liquidated damages
TubaTwin PeaksRehabilitation of Drainage Canal along Camp 1 - Indaoac Twin Peaks Provincial RoadRoad Side1,960,000.001,944,471.91Bosongan ConstructionSLRF CY 20152017-04-102017-06-28Completed
La TrinidadBahongRehabilitation along Bahong - Sadag Provincial RoadRoads2,340,000.002,336,209.07EaJr De Leon Construction/ Edwardo De Leon Jr5% Calamity Fund 2015 and LDRRMF 20152016-01-262016-07-08CompletedCompleted with Liquidated damages equivalent to 6,429.48
La TrinidadAmbiongConstruction of of Open Gymnasium Phase II Ambiong Elementary SchoolGym4,000,000.003,985,900.38NORBANO BUILDERSGF 20172019-03-072019-12-11CompletedBy J G. C
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Comfort Rooms With Lavatory (Cold Chain)Building1,500,000.001,544,829.13Four Brothers ConstructionGF 20182019-02-030000-00-00Completedby JC
KibunganMadaymenConcrete Pavement Along Madaymen-Daopyongo-Sagangasang FMRRoad Pavement and Riprap500,000.00499,825.34Akip Construction and EnterpriseSB 20192019-12-112019-02-12CompletedGeotagged by J G. C
ItogonLabilABConstruction of one-room kinder School Building LabilabSchool Building1,200,000.001,122,566.12Reko General KonstructGF 20182019-12-102019-09-12CompletedCompleted, Geotagged by JG. C
ItogonTudingConstruction of Covered Court Phase II AMPHS Bua, Tuding, Itogon, BenguetGymnasium 3,000,000.002,831,065.49AMSLEO Construction GF 20180000-00-002019-12-12CompletedGeottagged by J G. C
KibunganMadaymenRoad Upgrading and Improvement of Halsema - Madaymen Provincial Road Phase IIRoads45,244,985.0045,209,140.69KVC ConstructionCMGP DILG2018-01-232018-12-01Completed
KapanganBoklaoanRoad Upgrading and Improvement of Amburayan Boneng Provincial RoadRoads43,839,963.5343,839,963.53JOMARCANN General ConstructionCMGP DILG2017-11-212019-01-12CompletedCompleted on April 17, 2019 with liquidated damages and underrun
KapanganSaguboRehabilitation along Landing Waterworks System2,930,046.44292,974.94bolos engineering & construction/edgar baclawadDOE-ER2016-07-062016-08-09Completed
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of Multi-Purpose Gymnasium at the Benguet Sports Center (Phase VIII)Building4,000,000.003,996,782.34SNAPB 2015 Trust Fund2016-06-272016-10-24Completed
MankayanGuinaoangImprovement and Upgrading of Guinaoang - Suyoc Gambang Provincial RoadsRoads56,838,685.9156,800,660.75Anitos Construction / STAY Construction JVKALSADA - DILG 20162016-04-092017-07-27Completed79.43% Completed - Total Cost Incurred PhP 45,116,764.83 as of April 13, 2018
La TrinidadBeckelConstruction of Slope Protection at BeckelRoad Side8,013,000.006,884,529.85APB ConstructionPRDP 20162017-06-072017-12-01CompletedCompleted on March 23, 2018 with liquidated damages and under run
La TrinidadAlnoConstruction of Slope Protection at AlnoSlope Protection1,763,000.001,750,578.83Rocky 5G BuildersPRDP 20162017-05-222017-07-22Completed1) Completed June 30, 2018 with liquidated damages 2) Suspended on December 1, 2017 due to Variation Change Order No. 2.
La TrinidadAlapangConstruction of Slope Protection at AlapangSlope Protection4,086,000.004,075,139.89Rocky 5G BuildersPRDP 20162017-05-222017-11-16CompletedCompleted September 6, 2017
AtokCalikingImprovement of Jose Mencio FMRRoads202,336,809.93202,336,809.93Northern Builders/ Jomarcann Gen. Construction (JV)PRDP2017-04-052019-02-17CompletedOngoing with -9.793% Slippage as of 06/21/2019.(Slippage might change due to revised s-curve due to time extension # 03.).Revised Target Date = 08/31/2019 # Actual completion date: August 14, 2020.
BakunBaguConstruction of Slope Protection, Bagu, Bakun, BenguetSlope Protection15,500,000.0015,469,306.39FB Bantales Engineering ConstructionPRDP 2017-10-112018-02-23CompletedCompleted on February 21, 2018 with 2 suspensions
KabayanBatanImprovement of KM 49 - Ambakian FMRRoads203,655,000.00198,182,697.03FIAT CONSTRUCTION SERVICESPRDP2017-05-102018-11-30Terminated1) On-going with 15.29% accomplishment - Total Cost Incurred PhP 30,302,134.38 as of March 2018 with 9.35% slippage 2) Suspended as of November 15, 2017 for the preparation of Variation Order. 3) Still suspended as of October 2018
BakunAmpusonganConstruction of Consolidation FacilityBuilding3,222,000.003,217,564.23Reasons Construction and SuppliesGOP,PLGU,DA-PRDP-TRUST FUND2017-12-262018-07-13CompletedCompleted and usable
MankayanGuinaoang-SuyocImprovement and road upgrading of Guinaoang-Suyoc-Gambang Provincial roadRoad11,500,000.0011,491,647.77 Buganheirs Eng'g & Construction (Allan Fuchigami)PRDP2019-03-252019-06-07Temporarily suspendedSuspended as of June 7, 2019
La TrinidadPuguisImprovement along Pico - Stockfarm Provincial RoadRoads6,994,870.60jca general construction and engineering servicesPCF DILG 20152016-07-212017-04-06Completedwith under run
La TrinidadWangalConstruction of PDRRMF Office Building Located at WangalBuilding4,000,000.003,994,112.23Remnant BuildersPerformance Challenge Fund (PCF) 20162017-12-052018-04-04CompletedCompleted on May 24, 2018 with 3,994,112.23 total cost incurred
KibunganMadaymenImprovement and Upgrading of Halsema - Madaymen Provincial RoadRoads53,390,374.20Stay ConstructionPNRDP 2016 Trust Fund2016-04-092017-06-13Completedwith under run and liquidated damages
ItogonAmpucaoConstruction of of Multi-Purpose Open Gym at Simpa, Ampucao (Phase II), ItogonGYM4,000,000.003,674,744.90Jessie Construction Services20% PDF 20182019-03-042019-11-28Completedwith suspensions
KapanganLomonConstruction of Slope Protection at the Municipal RoadRoad Improvement1,000,000.00996,600.76Family Circle ConstructionLDRRMF 20192019-09-302020-02-20CompletedProject Engineer: Dianne Joy B. Sangiao Geotag by: JC
MankayanSuyocConstruction of Retaining Wall Along Suyoc-Gambang Road, Mankayan, Bengeutconstruction of retaining wall2,943,206.25Malco ConstructionCSR-ABOITIZ FUND 20172018-12-202019-02-24CompletedCompleted and usable.
AtokNagueyConstruction of Flood Control Along Sip-sip Naguey Provincial Road, AtokFlood Control2,000,000.001,996,258.09REMNANT BuildersLDRRMF TF - 20182019-03-042019-06-12CompletedCompleted