Municipality La Trinidad
Barangay Betag
Project Title Clustered Project for BeGH (8 Projects, A-H): A. Improvement of Roads & Sidewalks at BeGH B. Rehabilitation of Oxygen Generator System BeGH La Trinidad, Benguet C. Rehabilitation of Sewage Treatment Plant at BeGH D. Repair of Damages Brought by Typhoon Ompong "Mangkhut" at BeGH E. Repair of Damages of Morgue Building F. Repair of Damages at CT Scan Building G. Repair & Maintenance of Canteen Building H. Repair & Maintenance of Farmer Maternity Building
Project Type Various
Appropriation A. 1,500000.00 B. 1,500000.00 C. 1,760,592.77 D. 1,500,000.00 E. 442,469.13 F. 92,852.76 G. 377,196.19 H. 393,731.81
Bid Amount 7,411,733.37
Contractor QPJ General Eng'g Construction & Supply
Source of Fund A. DOH 2018-11-12A B.DOH 2018-10-12B C. DOH 201
Date Started(YYYY-MM-DD) 0000-00-00
No. of Extensions
Target Completion Date(YYYY-MM-DD) 0000-00-00
Status On going
Remarks Suspended on March 17,2020 due to community quarantine.